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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 September 2014

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* Humanoid Robot Nao Learns to Drive Its Own Car >>
* Google Just Bought The Company That Created A Tremor-Stabilizing Spoon >>
* Computers trained to understand music >>

* Apple Watch Is A Luxury Item, And That’s How Apple Will Make It A Success >>
* Science Museum unveils design for ‘world’s foremost’ mathematics gallery >>
* T-Mobile’s makes big push to Wi-Fi calling. >>

* This New Drone Sensor Can Scan a Whole City at Once >>
* Vinod Khosla Doesn’t Like Eggs, But Loves Machine Learning >>

* Assembly Complete for NASA’s First Orion Crew Module Blasting off Dec. 2014 >>
* IBM’s proposal for an internet of things architecture using Bitcoin’s block chain tech >>

* Lasers could make hard drives faster, simpler and higher density >>
* Algorithm tested aboard the ISS analyzes the rotation of objects in space >>
* Researcher tracks photons to develop unprecedented quantum technology >>

* Being watched? clothing has stealth pockets for mobile so you can go off radar >>
* Wireless experts tap unused TV spectrum >>

* First graphene-based flexible display produced >>
* How Google’s Autonomous Car Passed the First U.S. State Self-Driving Test >>
* European Project Aims to Build World’s Most Powerful Neutron Source >>

* Apple Watch’s Wristful of Sensors and MEMS >>
* A Mystery of the Early Universe –“The Missing Element” >>
* Robot Bartender to Set Sail On Cutting-Edge Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship >>

* 10 Apps That Are The Next Best Thing To Being In Space >>
* Microsoft’s working to make Xbox games stream right to your browser, report claims >>

* Betting $41 Million On Robotic Baby Gear >>
* SpaceX and Boeing Battle For US Manned Spaceflight Contracts >>
* Largest Pirate Bay Proxy & More Blocked By UK ISPs >>

* Applause for Google Hangouts lets you give live broadcasts a thumbs up >>
* The Disrupt SF 2014 Battlefield Finalists Are Alfred, Partpic, PatternEQ, Shipstr, Stack And >>
* Star Wars spaceships spied by photographer pilot >>

* Stack’s Smart Sensor-Packed Light Bulbs Run Autonomously, No App Interactions Required >>
* AT&T’s network core is growing up to serve watches, IoT >>
* Gillmor Gang LIVE 09.09.14 >>

* Intel developing sensor chips for wearables, robots >>
* Sharing Your Heartbeat Over Apple Watch Is the New Sexting >>
* FOVE Uses Eye Tracking To Make Virtual Reality More Immersive >>

* WD Announces 8TB, 10TB Helium Hard Drives >>
* The Era of Artificial Hearts Has Begun >>
* Stanford engineer aims to connect the world with ant-sized radios >>

* Self-Driving Cars Face Serious Roadblocks, Experts Say >>
* Satellite Links Help Speed Up Cancer Screening >>
* Laniakea: Our Home Supercluster of Galaxies >>

* “Loading” Symbols Take Over Internet In Net Neutrality Protest >>
* Researchers achieve highest resolution ever with X-ray microscopy >>
* Shattering DNA may have let gibbons evolve new species >>

* ’1 in 5 chance’ Ebola will spread to the US in September >>
* Ancient Egyptians documented animal extinctions >>
* NFC: How It Works, And Why Apple’s Adoption Of It Will Upend The Payments Industry >>

* The era of radical concrete >>
* Google worker lived a year on campus >>
* China is building islands in the South China Sea >>

* Why Apple Devices Will Soon Rule Every Aspect of Your Life >>
* The Apple keynote in 11 minutes >>
* How Apple Is Invading Our Bodies

* Between Google and Apple, the smartwatch wars are over before they’ve even begun >>
* Apple Is About To Open Up A Whole New World Of Shopping From Your iPhone >>
* Apple Watch Will Need Charging Every Day >>

* The Physics of Wireless Charging >>
* ‘Solid’ light could compute previously unsolvable problems >>

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