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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 September 2014

* Google’s latest object recognition tech can spot everything in your living room >>
* Tomorrow, Apple Will Officially Kill The Credit Card >>
* ‘Minority Report’ TV series gets pilot order at Fox >>

* Join us tomorrow for Apple’s iPhone 6 and iWatch event >>
* Facebook Videos Hit 1 Billion Daily Views >>
* New Autonomous 3D Robotics Drone Follows You Wherever You Go >>

* Hitachi developing reactor that burns nuclear waste >>
* General Motors to intro HANDS-FREE DRIVING tech by 2016 >>
* Watch MIT’s Atlas humanoid robot drag a metal pillar like it’s nothing >>

* First-ever look inside a working lithium-ion battery (w/ Video) >>
* Image recognition software is so accurate it spots every individual object in a photo >>
* Marc Newson hired by Apple before rumoured ‘iWatch’ event >>

* Liberia ‘faces huge Ebola surge’ >>
* Is THIS the iPhone 6? Leaked photos appear to show a working phone complete ‘with mobile payment system’ >>
* Google mulls ‘right to be forgotten’ >>

* Lung Cancer May Be Detected With a Thermometer >>
* Scientists Regenerate Rat Muscle Tissue >>
* Human DNA belongs to no one – it shouldn’t be patented >>

* Google’s Driverless Car, The Internet Of Things, And George Orwell >>
* Google Glass can tell if you’re stressed out >>

* Simple Artificial Cells Created that Change Shape and Move On their Own >>
* Google has poached an expert scientist to build a quantum computer >>
* Broader Perspective: Top 5 Killer Apps: QS-Automotive Sensors >>

* Spacex has twelfth successful launch and musings on reuse, refueling and geosynch orbits >>
* Graphene Offers a Better Way to Capture T-rays >>
* How to ‘switch off’ autoimmune diseases >>

* Atomically seamless, thinnest-possible semiconductor junctions created >>
* Nvidia builds CUDA GPU programming library for machine learning – so you don’t have to >>

* Lego is now the biggest Toymaker on the Planet >>
* Do Data From Wearables Belong In The Medical Record? >>
* Facebook tackles YouTube with video counter, hits a billion plays per day >>

* Personal data stores leaking online >>
* Your GM Car Could Be Autonomous By 2016 >>
* Google team rises to 2014 visual recognition challenge >>

* Apple Keynote: Where to Watch the Live Streams >>
* Right now, the internet needs your help to survive >>

* The Physics of Wireless Charging >>
* Nearly one third of the American labor force works on the weekend >>
* Hundreds of US children treated for respiratory virus >>

* Super-speedy light detector gives x-ray machines a run for their money >>
* Trading ‘presence’ for untethered virtual reality: Gear VR versus Oculus Rift >>
* Amazon’s new Drone Store caters to all your robotic needs >>

* Targeted Immune System Booster Removes Toxic Proteins in Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease >>
* Atom-Sized Construction Could Shrink Future Gadgets >>
* Facebook Is Now Worth $200 Billion http://time.com/3305662/facebook-valuation-200-billion/?

* Google Hires Quantum Computing Expert John Martinis to Build New Hardware >>
* Japan’s Spending $5 Billion to Fast Track Maglev Trains in the US >>
* ‘Primordial Soup’ Computer Model Tracks The Beginning Of Life At The Atomic Level >>

* iPhone fever begins as hopefuls set up camp outside Apple store in New York >>
* How Peter Thiel Knows If A Startup Is Crazy Smart, Or Just Crazy >>
* This Technology Straight Out Of ‘Minority Report’ Is Real — And Soon We’ll Be Using It Every Day >>

* iPhone Payment Security >>
* Atom-Sized Construction Could Shrink Future Gadgets >>
* What is Destiny? One 2014’s biggest games >>
* Review: The Sims 4 smart, fun >>

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