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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 September 2014

* Apple’s Sept. 9 Event: What to Expect >>
* Smartwatches Are Merely a Step In Technology’s Great Disappearing Act >>
* DARPA’s Experimental Tank May One Day Dodge Incoming Threats >>
* Phone Firewall Identifies Rogue Cell Towers Trying to Intercept Your Calls >>

* Here Are The 24 New Shows Coming To TV This Fall >>
* Apple Rolling Out New iBeacon Transmitters, NFC Readers to Apple Stores and Disney Stores >>
* iWatch’s Killer Feature Could Be Two-Factor Authentication For Payments >>

* Ebola Vaccine May Soon Be Available, Thanks To New Study: Would You Take It? >>
* Doctors Show Why 3D Printing Holds ‘Limitless’ Potential For Medicine >>
* How A Founder Turned Half His Team Into Millionaires During A $100 Million Sale (Even Though Their Stock Hadn’t Vested) >>

* Scanner Could Aid Brain Tumor Removal, Reduce Recurrence >>
* Beauty in Math and Art Activate Same Brain Area >>
* Google Glass used to measure biometric signals >>

* Apple’s mojo on the line at unveiling >>
* Vaccine gives monkeys Ebola immunity >>
* Obama: Ebola ‘Could Be A Serious Danger’ If U.S. Doesn’t Act >>

* You Wouldn’t Believe These Trick Golf Shots Without Slow-Mo Video Proof >>
* A Peek Behind The Scenes At Disrupt SF >>
* Watch The Disrupt SF Hackathon Live Stream Right Here! >>

* Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Defies Gravity for Your Listening Pleasure >>
* After Weeks of Delay, SpaceX Falcon Launches Communications Satellite Payload >>
* Android-powered smart hard hat comes with augmented reality features >>

* Google Glass lands in the Play Store next to phones and smartwatches >>
* Your chance to network and pitch on Necker >>
* FDA approves ‘game changing’ drug for melanoma >>

* Virus kills breast cancer cells in mice >>
* Robot-assisted ultrasound imaging supported in two research studies >>
* A Breakthrough Paper >>

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