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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 September 2014

* Dyson unveils ROBOTIC TANK that hoovers while you’re out >>
* Nest Protect now does a better job of telling steam from smoke >>
* NASA Scans Through Vast Amounts of Data By Converting It to Sound >>

* VIDEO: Finger scanner for internet banking >>
* Sphero Ollie: A Devilishly Speedy Toy Controlled By Your Phone >>
* 192 Future Uses for Drones >>

* ‘Smart’ chopsticks unveiled in China >>
* Israeli ECG T-shirt monitors hearts, saves lives >>
* Salt Water Powered Car Gets The Go-Ahead In Europe. >>

* How Scientists Made This Ordinary Phone a Touchless Interface >>
* Dyson Robot Vacuum Is Real and It Sees Everything >>
* Converting Charge into Spin for Spintronics >>

* Innovation requires a new mind-set: The O’Reilly Radar Podcast >>
* DARPA Bolsters Blueprint To Build Robotic Services For Satellites >>
* The $999 4K Gaming Graphics Card — AMD’s Radeon 295×2 Now $2000 Cheaper Than Nvidia’s Titan-z >>

* Space Robot Arm Tech Could Help Surgeons Operate on Kids >>
* Samsung vs. LG: The head-to-head refrigerator challenge >>
* New ‘massive’ dinosaur skeleton discovered >>

* Samsung flexes at IFA with a 105-inch bendable UHD TV >>
* New display tech creates 3D images you can touch >>
* Microsoft phones get flash trick >>

* Impostor Cell Phone Towers Could Be Controlling Your Mobile >>
* VIDEO: Inside Nato’s drone exercise >>
* Can science fiction save the world? >>

* Tesla Motors First Gigabattery factory will be in Nevada >>
* Report: Tesla Gigafactory a Well-Played Overreach >>
* Starring Adam West Trailer Shows How Hard Life Was After Batman >>

* Intel’s high-fashion smart bracelet displays text messages >>
* Google Launches Effort to Build Its Own Quantum Computer >>
* Dyson’s Robot Vacuum Has 360-Degree Camera, Tank Treads, Cyclone Suction >>

* This Is How The Ebola Epidemic Might Spread If It’s Not Contained >>
* Google Glass, now in tune with your emotions >>
* IBM wants to kill the hard drive it invented >>

* Burning Man 2014 >>
* Mind-blowing Advance? Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication Between Humans Demonstrated >>
* China’s TCL announces quantum dot enabled 55 inch OLED TV, one third the price of comparable OLED TVs >>

* Skype on iOS Now Allows Group Audio Calls >>
* Google offers to accelerate Web servers with new software >>

* Baig: What I’m counting on from Apple >>
* More Than $2 Trillion Is Locked Up In Late Payments And This Guy Believes He Can Solve It >>
* Navy’s Next Fighter Likely to Feature Artificial Intelligence >>

* Google’s Nest Is Switching On A Dormant Sensor In Its Smoke Detector >>
* Nest Turns User Data Into Software Update for Smart Smoke Detector >>
* Futures on Demand >>

* How Advanced Are We Earthlings? Here’s a Cosmic Yardstick >>
* How the Enormous Mirrors on the World’s Largest Telescope Are Made >>
* The Technology That Makes People Lie To You Less Already Exists >>

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