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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 September 2014

* NASA Is Making a Traffic Control System for Drones >>
* Physicists Figure Out How to Take Photographs In Near-Total Darkness >>
* Time Travel Simulation Resolves “Grandfather Paradox” >>

* A Superconductor that deflects cosmic radiation away from interplanetary spacecraft >>
* A Robotic Dolly Means You’ll Never Carry Anything Up Stairs Again >>
* Does Ridesharing Economics Make Sense Now, Even Without Self-Driving Cars? >>

* Nanoparticles Enable New Levels of Holographic Optical Data Storage >>
* Hackers Are Homing in on Hospitals >>
* Pitfalls Emerge In The Analysis of Mobile Phone Datasets >>

* Aerial footage of The Burn, Burning Man 2014 >>
* A Tiny Battery-Powered Beater That Mixes Better Than a Spatula >>
* Google to build quantum computing processors >>

* Vibrating Smart Ring Brings Notifications Center to Your Finger >>
* Ebola response ‘lethally inadequate’ >>
* Superfast computing to be piloted >>

* New HTML Is About To Make Your Phone Way Better at Using the Internet >>
* Ebola Outbreaks Unrelated In West Africa And Democratic Republic Of Congo >>
* Recommendation Engines: The Reason Why We Love Big Data >>

* Apple: Celeb Nudes Came From Targeted Attacks, Not iCloud Breach >>
* Engineered Bacteria Excrete Propane Fuel >>
* A Single-Celled Organism Commits The World’s First Murder >>

* A Google Glass App That Detects People’s Emotions >>
* Origins of DNA –Shows How Life Could Have Evolved on Early Earth or Alien Planets >>
* TEDGlobal 2014: The full lineup revealed >>

* A Dating Site for Algorithms >>
* Big Data: Creating the Power to Move Heaven and Earth >>
* DARPA explores neuromodulation of organ functions to help the human body heal itself >>

* A multifunctional medical nanoparticle >>
* Big Data Science in Medicine 2014 >>
* A batteryless cardiac pacemaker based on self-winding wristwatch >>

* Tea trumps coffee for non-cardivascular mortality >>
* Holometer: A Microscope into Space and Time >>
* Vagus Nerve Implant Fails to Fix Heart Failure >>

* Is Dyson Finally Ready to Release a Robot Vacuum? >>
* China’s high speed rail dominance is built upon Tunneling expertise and dominance in tunnel boring machines >>
* Update on Ukraine Casualties and situation >>

* Three Projects That Make LEGO Toys Into High-Tech Tools >>
* You Can Now Send a Netflix Rec to a Friend in a Facebook Message >>
* Every Country’s Drinking Preferences, Mapped >>

* Google Doubles Down On Productivity With ‘Google For Work’ Rebrand >>
* Google Forms Now Less Ugly Thanks To Addition Of Themes >>
* Facebook Buys 100 Patents Tied To Video, Printing And Speech >>

* Social TV Is Here to Stay: Do You Tweet While You Watch? >>
* Apple says iCloud wasn’t breached in celebrity photo leak >>
* More Robot Autonomy Linked To Human Worker Happiness >>

* Surprising new role for calcium in sensing pain >>
* NASA explains why you won’t get a drone delivery anytime soon >>
* Google I/O 2014 Highlights >>

* Vodafone pay-by-bonk launch may signal iPhone 6 NFC plans >>
* Are YOU less tech savvy than a 5-year-old? Take this quiz to see if you’re among the 25% of adults who would struggle with the new computer curriculum >>
* You CAN train your brain to like healthy foods: Researchers reveal diet that can kick junk food addiction >>

* Proof of principle for nanoscale assembly line >>
* Microsoft Might Be About To Make A Giant Move Into Android Phone Software (MSFT) >>
* Single laser stops molecular tumbling motion instantly >>

* Languages are being wiped out by economic growth >>
* Japanese researchers develop 30-minute Ebola test >>
* Apple denies iCloud/Find my iPhone breach, says ‘very targeted attack’ hit certain celebrities >>

* NASA is building an air traffic control system for drones >>
* This Smart Shoe Sole Will Keep You Warm During The Winter And Track Your Activity At The Same Time >>

* Estar: The Ultimate Android App to Master Your Battery Life >>
* The Future Of Food, Mapped Out For The Next 10 Years >>

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