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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 September 2014

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* Emoji: the first truly global language? >>
* Robotic Warriors: Who Will Be Morally Responsible? >>
* Sequencing the Ebola virus >>

* World’s first 3D-printed ‘Bump Key’ can open most locks >>
* Smartwatch: the time has come >>
* Intel’s CEO Envisions A Future Where Wearables Don’t Look Like Wearables >>

* This Is How Google Finds Its Floating Internet Balloons When They’re Ready To Land >>
* Affordable 3D printing: New materials, new horizons >>
* VTOL Aircraft NASA shows Hybrid-Electric Propulsion Achieves 4X Increase in Cruise Efficiency >>

* This $20 Device Is Making the Internet of Things Possible >>
* Aquarius nuclear thermal rocket uses 3000 celsius degrees water to solve human interplanetary transportation issues >>
* New smart sneakers vibrate to give directions >>

* Google X reveals Project Wing its two year old drone package delivery program >>
* ARPA-E will provide $30 milllion for nuclear fusion research >>
* A Plumber’s Guide to Starships, Part 3 – Thermal Properties of Materials >>

* Stardust Mission Captures Origins of Our Solar System –“Clues to the Origin of Life Itself” >>
* NASA Will Reformat Mars Rover’s Flash Memory From 125 Million Miles Away >>
* New Panoramic Images Show Area 51’s New Mystery Hangar Is Gigantic >>

* What Time is It in the Universe? >>
* What Is The Earth Worth? >>
* Awesome Home-Built Elysium Exoskeleton Lifts 170 Pounds Like Nothing >>

* Google’s Megan Smith Would Be First US CTO Worthy of the Title >>
* Gillmor Gang: Summertime Blues >>
* Scientists Found the Origin of the Ebola Outbreak >>

* The Next X Prize: Artificial Intelligence! >>
* Medical News Today: Skin glow from fruits and vegetables ‘more attractive than a tan’ >>

* Batteryless cardiac pacemaker is based on automatic wristwatch >>
* Robot toy invasion: Tech fuels the latest toys >>
* Beam me up: A beginner’s guide to the Star Trek franchise >>

* If Half of All Species Go Extinct, Will One of Them Be Us? >>
* Type 1a Supernovae: Why Our Standard Candle Isn’t Really Standard >>
* DARPA’s tiny implants will hook directly into your nervous system, treat diseases, depression >>

* The Near Future Of Implantable Technology >>
* DARPA’s New Initiative Aims to Make Nanoscale Machines a Reality >>
* The Feynman Lectures on Physics now online >>

* Controlled Crystals Make a New Solar Material Practical >>
* Robots used to automate testing for bacteria, including coliforms >>

* Tonight’s Moon-Mars-Saturn Trio Recalls Time of Terror >>
* This New 4D Batman Theme Park Ride Looks Like a GiantNope-Coaster >>
* More Rumors Point To Apple Turning Your iPhone Into a Digital Wallet >>

* Watch a remote-controlled fighter jet evade a missile >>
* Strange sleep disorder makes people appear ‘totally drunk’ >>
* Neuroscientists watch imagination happening in the brain >>

* We cant let tech giants, like Facebook and Twitter, control our news values >>
* Mind Reader: Meet The Man Who Records and Stores Your Thoughts, Dreams and memories >>
* Indian start-up launches shoes that show you the way >>

* Tim O’Reilly speaking about “What Silicon Valley has to teach Healthcare about Data” >>
* Nanoscale metallic nanoparticle arrays can create super high resolution hologram displays>>

* Now everyone is recording their nightmare Comcast calls >>
* Sailing rocks mystery finally solved >>
* Good night, New Zealand >>

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