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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 August 2014

* RoboBrain¿ to power millions of machines around the world >>
* Sounds of Street View takes you on a virtual vacation >>
* Spherical Display Lets You See 3-D Animations from Any Angle >>

* Amazon will pay $1 billion to buy video-game streaming site Twitch >>
* Rosetta mission: Potential comet landing sites chosen >>
* Life doesn’t make trash >>

* Medigus Created The World’s Smallest Camera Now Being Used By NASA Robots >>
* The Store Of The Future Will Be All About You >>
* VIDEO: Will smartphones change shopping? >>

* ‘Hypersonic’ weapon blown up after lift-of >>
* NASA’s Robot Army of ‘Swarmies’ Could Explore Other Planets >>
* Smart Tattoo: New Technology Could Use Sweat To Power A Smart Phone [Video] >>

* The Most Connected Man Is You, Just a Few Years From Now >>
* Cracking the code for single-molecule junctions >>

* TiVo Releases A $49.99 Over-The-Air DVR For Cord Cutters >>
* Surveillance Companies Are Secretly Selling Tech That Tracks Your Phone’s Location >>
* Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They’re 100% Qualified >>

* The Ultimate Challenge For Recommendation Engines >>
* Electromagnetic Warfare Is Here >>
* Gillmor Gang: WineQuake >>

* Data from fitness bands reveals half of residents were woken by huge quake >>
* Robo Brain will teach robots everything from the Internet >>
* Hawaii volcano lava flow could threaten homes >>

* LG teases a circular smart watch >>
* Uranus: Why we should visit the most unloved planet >>
* First Nations learn to map territories using Google Earth >>

* LG Announces 4K OLED TVs For Sale >>
* LG to sell ‘the first 4K OLED’ TV >>
* The First 4K OLED TV You Can Buy Will Cost $11,000 >>

* Airships That Carry Science Into the Stratosphere >>
* NASA Spacecraft Reaches Neptune on Its Way to Pluto >>
* Amazon buys game site Twitch >>

* Take a Flight Over a Massive Aurora >>
* What Problems Most Demand Science’s Attention Right Now? >>
* Robotics: How machines see the world >>

* Royal Caribbean’s New Cruise Ship Is One Giantic Floating Gadget >>
* Royal Caribbean’s latest ship sports a robot bar, super-fast connectivity >>
* The cruise ship of the future has robot bartenders and huge virtual balconies >>

* The rise and fall and rise of virtual reality >>
* Physicists remove outcome unpredictability of three atoms binding at ultracold temperatures >>
* What Can a Robot Bellhop Do That a Human Can’t? >>

* Ebola fight a ‘war’, says United Nations >>
* Ebola outbreak: Congo becomes fifth country with confirmed cases >>
* Ebola in Britain, is it time to panic? >>

* Can Solar Power Go Truly Transparent? >>
* Unbounded Robotics to Shut Down Due to Issues With Willow Garage Spin-Off Agreement >>
* Future phones to use blood, speech to monitor HIV, stress, nutrition >>

* New Hoverbike design Is A High-Flying Mix Between A Motorcycle And A Helicopter >>
* The Credit Card That’ll Replace All Your Plastic Is Finally Here (Kind Of) >>
* Seeing and touching a single synthetic molecular machine >>

* NSA built ‘Google-like’ search engine for metadata >>
* In The Future, Will Only Robots Celebrate Labor Day? >>
* How Skype Translator Learns Language from Social Media >>

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