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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 August 2014

* A New Chip Could Add Motion Sensing to Clothing >>
* DARPA Thinks Less Armor Could Make Tanks Safer >>
* Your Phone Can Now Identify You Based On How You Type >>

* Hand Gesture Armband Myo Integrates With Google Glass >>
* Google’s Driverless Cars Capable of Exceeding Speed Limit >>
* Watch A Robotic Copter Land On A Moving Platform >>

* Artificial cells mimic natural protein synthesis >>
* Baidu’s unmanned self-driving bicycles for China, prototype by end of year >>
* MIT Researchers Turn Used Car Batteries into Solar Cells >>

* 2014 Visionaries | Innovators Under 35 >>
* Neuromorphic ‘atomic-switch’ networks function like synapses in the brain >>
* Facial Recognition: Now Helping You Find Hot Dates, Cute Pets >>

* Future phones to use blood and speech to monitor HIV, stress, nutrition >>
* NASA Wants You to Sift Through Its Astronauts’ Photos >>
* Google Reportedly Prepping ‘Child-Safe’ Version of Services >>

* 2015 Corvette has a video recording of everything the valet did in your car >>
* How the World’s Largest Solar Plant Wants To Fix Its Fried Bird Problem >>
* The Smartwatch for Comprehensive Health >>

* Five Reasons We Think Dark Matter Exists (Synopsis) >>
* Steve Ballmer Leaves Microsoft Board After Sealing Deal For Clippers >>
* 2014 ISEC Space Elevator Conference >>

* The Myo Armband Can Make Google Glass Truly Hands-Free >>
* A Ride on the Not-So-Wayback Machine >>
* Start-up Profile: Pristine Is Bringing Google Glass to the Hospital >>

* Google Acquires Smart Travel Guide Startup Jetpac >>
* Vehicle-to-vehicle networks could save over 1,000 lives a year, US says >>

* Neuron circuit may enable pitch perception applications >>
* Secrets of how worms wriggle uncovered >>
* New loss mechanism for global 4G roaming >>

* Laser “lightning rods” channel electricity through thin air >>
* Google cars ‘designed to speed’ >>
* Brain stimulation ‘helps in stroke’ >>

* Rats in Spaaace! NASA Wants to Put Rodents on Space Station >>
* The World’s Biggest Cargo Ship Carrying Over 17,000 Crates, NBD >>
* NASA’s Greased Lightning Tests Vertical Takeoff >>

* The Bizarre History of X-Ray Records and Early Music Piracy >>
* Hirobo Unveils HX-1 Unmanned Electric Rescue Helicopter >>
* Device monitors key step in development of tumor metastases >>

* Why pygmy is only five feet tall: height allows tribesmen to travel through thick rainforest easily >>
* DARPA GXV-T developing technologies for armored fighting vehicles more mobile, effective >>
* New type of solar concentrator doesn’t block the view >>

* Sherpa: new Android assistant excels >> >>
* How Wi-Fi Could Revolutionize The Way We Use The Web >>
* Researchers demo ultra low-field nuclear magnetic resonance using Earth’s magnetic field >>

* Someone Calculated How Much Water Has Been Used in all ‘Ice Bucket Challenges’ >>
* Space Plane Tech Could Power Hypersonic Aircraft for US Military >>

* Don’t fear the robot car bomb >>
* Here’s What ‘Business Casual’ Really Means >>
* Google Glass App Connects Patients With Specialists Quickly >>

* Which cyborg implant should you get? >>
* Is this a superintelligent machine? >>

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