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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 August 2014

* Google’s New Program Pushes for Paperless Education >>
* Remote-Controlled Robots Let You Explore Tate Britain at Night Without Leaving Home >>
* Single gene controls jet lag >>

* Microsoft names the 10 startups participating in its home-automation accelerator >>
* Algorithm Detected Ebola Outbreak Before Official Alerts >>
* Pill could stop middle-aged spread before it starts >>

* Bendable Displays Are Finally Headed to Market >>
* When Will You Touch The Internet of Things? >>
* How to identify a scalable IoT network topology >>

* Google Now for Android shows alternate flights when yours gets delayed >>
* Your Future Smartphone May be Charged by Sound >>

* Scientists find how ‘nefarious’ Ebola disables immune response >>
* New material could enhance fast and accurate DNA sequencing >>
* Coming soon: Genetically edited fruit? >>

* Alcohol doesn’t impair ability to control actions it just makes us care less >>
* Why No One’s Going To Win The Messaging War >>
* AppliedMicro’s 64-core chip could spark off ARM core war >>

* Tattoo biobatteries produce power from sweat (video) >>
* NASA Funds Robotic Tumbling Cubes for Space Exploration >>
* BitTorrent Aims To Make Chat More Secure With Bleep >>

* Nanocubes of magnetic material align into DNA-like helical structures >>
* Infrared-based haptic ‘buzz’ device found to work as well as vision in experiment >>
* Technological Takeoff and Resource Mobilization for Aspects of Mundane Singularity >>

* 3D sketching system ‘revolutionizes’ design interaction and collaboration >>
* Graphene-based Sensor Brings New Wrinkle to Wearbles >>

* DigitalGlobe Launches Most Powerful Commercial Earth-Watching Satellite Into Space >>
* Rare X-Ray Corona Observed Collapsing into an Extreme Supermassive Black Hole >>
* We Could Find Alien Life, but Politicians Don’t Have the Will (Op-Ed) >>

* Self-Cleaning Cashmere Means Sweater Stains Disappear in the Sun >>
* This New Technology Will Finally Bring Flexible Displays To Market >>
* ‘Man vs. the Universe’ Explores Humanity’s Cosmic Journey >>

* FBI Facial Recognition Caught a Fugitive on the Run For 14 Years >>
* This Adorable Robot Will Help the ISS With Robotic Refuelling >>
* A Groundbreaking New Treatment Could Finally Treat Brain Tumors >>

* The Virtual Assistant Could Be The Next Interpreter Of Enterprise Data, Starting With Google Now >>
* Google’s New Program Pushes for Paperless Education >>
* WiFi Backscatter: The Internet of Things Could Talk by Turning Reflective >>

* Bite-Sized Milky Way: Turns Out Our Galaxy Is Smaller Than We Thought >>
* ‘Star Wars Episode VII’: Millennium Falcon Inside Photos Leaked >>
* Near Field Communication Is Gaining Momentum In The Race To Popularize Mobile Payments >>

* 11 Crazy-Interesting Facts About Google >>
* Google Introduces Better Spam Filters to Combat Gmail Phishing >>
* Can Wearable Technology Put a Dent in Parkinson’s Disease? >>

* The Suburbs Made Us Fat >>
* High-tech’s service workers are a growing underclass >>
* Paint the rainbow: the Scribble Pen that lets you draw in 16 million colours >>

* The Internet Is Getting Too Big, And It’s Becoming A Problem For Some Service Providers >>
* Implanted neuronal stem cells generate neurons and synapses, becoming a functioning part of mouse brain >>
* Google ‘anti-aging’ group has a website, mission statement >>

* Humans are starting to look like horses right before the Model T >>
* Big Bang: How the Universe was created >>
* Here Comes the 3-D Portrait Studio >>

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