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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 August 2014

* Cats DECODED: DNA of domestic creature fully sequenced for the first time >>
* Microsoft Research Brings Kinect-Style Depth Perception to Ordinary Cameras >>
* Can Radio Waves Lead to Exomoons? >>

* Injecting Liquid Metal Into Blood Vessels Could Help Kill Tumors >>
* Future of Payments: 2014 [SLIDE DECK] >>
* How wearable cameras can help those with Alzheimer’s >>

* Smarter Software Speeds Up Smartphone Charging >>
* Turning a Regular Smartphone Camera into a 3-D One >>
* Google invests in 60-terabit $300-million trans-Pacific cable to protect its growth in Asia >>

* Television Review: ‘Man vs. the Universe,’ on the Science Channel >>
* Moon’s ‘Gold Mine’ Explained In ‘Man Vs The Universe’ | Video Clip >>
* A Smarter School Lockdown >>

* Remembering Robin Williams >>
* Robin Williams and the link between comedy and depression >>
* Robin Williams: ‘Divorce is like ripping a man’s genitals out through his wallet’ >>

* Europe’s Comet-Chasing Probe Arrives After 10-Year Trek >>
* SaviOne: Savioke’s Delivery Robot >>
* On track to human brain scale neuromorphic systems in 2019 or 2020 >>

* ‘Aragoscope’ Offers High Resolution Optics in Space >>
* Awesome Video of a Satellite in Orbit >>
* Organic Dust of Comets –“It May Have Fueled the Emergence of Life” >>

* Radio Waves of Alien Moons Offer Best Odds of Detecting Life >>
* Nanoflares: Why Sun’s Corona Is 300x Hotter Than Its Surface | Video >>
* World’s Smartest Motorcycle Helmet Raises More Than $800,000 in One Day >>

* Fear and Rumors Fueling the Spread of Ebola >>
* VIDEO: Ebola vaccines ‘are promising’ >>
* Untested Ebola drugs ‘can be used’ >>

* By cracking cellphone code, NSA has ability to decode private conversations >>
* Wanna Build Your Own Google? Visit the App Store for Algorithms >>
* Earth’s gravitational pull may partly melt a bit of the Moon >>

* Levitating Speaker Is Like Your Own Bluetooth Audio Death Star >>
* Siri’s Inventors Are Building a Radical New AI That Does Anything You Ask >>
* These high-tech gym clothes look inside your muscles to analyze your workout >>

* Injection To Replace Heart Pumps And Transplants >>
* Telstra buys cloudy PVR outfit Ooyala for US$270 million >>
* Laser Can Identify Explosives from Afar >>

* Biochip’ aims to quicken disease diagnosis, cut medical test costs >>
* How Apple’s HealthKit Could Offer General Wellbeing As A Platform Advantage >>
* Skylanders takes on Disney Infinity with its new toy-to-tablet starter pack >>

* This camera can snap chemical reactions at a trillionth of a second >>
* Lenovo Y50 gaming laptop review: Great performance spoiled by a sub-par display >>
* Cyborg arm made of Lego can flex its fingers and shake hands >>

* Turning a Regular Smartphone Camera into a 3-D One >>
* Synthetic molecule makes cancer self-destruct >>
* Even Monkeys Believe in Hot Streaks >>

* Google Searches Linked to Stock Market Moves >>
* Lunar-landing rocket research hits milestone with ‘hot-fire’ test >>
* Synthetic molecule makes cancer self-destruct >>

* ‘Wormy’ pills might fend off autoimmune diseases >>
* Supercharging Brown Fat to Battle Obesity >>
* Creating a GPS for aluminum ions >>

* This Cyborg Arm Is the First Step to a Badass Lego Mech Suit >>

* Earth Time Lapse, International Space Station, ISS, Fly Over, ORBIT HD >>
* Microsoft’s New Software Smooths Out Your GoPro Videos >>
* The first WiFi-connected immersion circulator makes sous vide meals easier >>

* What Would You See if You Traveled into a Wormhole (and Survived)? >>
* Massive neutrinos may not bring about cosmological concordance after all >>
* Observatory: A Galaxy That Doesn’t Look Far, Far Away >>

* 3D sketching system ‘revolutionizes’ design interaction and collaboration >>
* Graphene-based Sensor Brings New Wrinkle to Wearbles >>

* An inkjet-printed field-effect transistor for label-free biosensing >>
* The Artificial Womb Will Change Feminism Forever >>
* Is This Samsung’s Phone-Powered VR Headset? >>

* As men shift priorities, more marketing celebrates rather than mocks Dad >>
* These Programming Languages Have The Most (And Fewest) Female Coders >>
* Coding platform for IoT could bring data-crunching apps online faster >>

* Brainy Muse headband: Wearable tech to calm you down >>
* Technological Takeoff and Resource Mobilization for Aspects of Mundane Singularity >>
* “Four of Earth’s Five Mass Extinctions Caused by Global Warming” –99.9 % of All Species that Existed Vanished >>

* The Death Of Watching Live TV In One Chart >>
* These Four People Just Won The Most Prestigious Award In Mathematics >>
* Beacons: The Humble, Low-Cost Device That Is Changing How Big Retail Chains Do Business >>

* Surgeons Say This Woman Became “Hyper Empathic” After They Removed Part of Her Brain >>
* World’s oldest eel dies in Swedish well 155yr old >>
* I got destroyed at a web-surfing competition >>

* A year of tech industry hype in a single graph >>
* First female winner for Fields maths medal >>
* Rising economies ‘ahead on climate’ >>

* Why surveillance companies hate the iPhone >>
* The 11 Most Important Google Acquisitions Ever >>

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