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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 August 2014

* Machine predicts heart attacks 4 hours before doctors >>
* The end of neighbours >>
* The World’s Fastest Camera Can Picture Chemical Reactions in Action >>

* A “Sound Camera” Zeroes In on Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle >>
* Scientists made a laser that can detect explosives from half a mile away >>
* The World Of Everything-As-A-Service >>

* Collar can tell if pet is feeling poorly: Device monitors animal’s health using sensors, text msg if ill >>
* Disney tech auto-edits your raw footage into watchable video >>
* No more shaky videos! Microsoft software turns first-person movies into sleek hyperlapse footage >>

* Photo editing algorithm changes weather, seasons automatically >>
* Hydrogen Bridge Is 20 Times Longer Than The Milky Way >>
* Movie Chief: We Won’t Sue Kids, Moms or Dads Over Piracy >>

* The first footage from Blackmagic’s new $6,000 4K camera is predictably sublime >>
* New NSA-Funded Code Rolls All Programming Languages Into One >>
* New microhairs bend in magnetic field, directing water against gravity >>

* Facebook-only cell plans raise net neutrality concerns >>
* Scientists demonstrate long-sought drug candidate can halt tumor growth >>
* Biohacking Puts the Next Scientific Breakthroughs in Consumers’ Hands >>

* Scientists create artificial brain out of spongy goo >>
* Artificial Rat Brain Gets Pounded in Name of Science >>
* Workplace of the future full of e-things >>

* Software smoothes shaky video clips >>
* Traffic light hackers could cause jams across the US >>
* Artificial retina: Physicists develop an interface to the optical nerve >>

* Apple iPhone 6 leaked photos suggest phone may have scratchproof logo >>
* iPhone 6 rumours: everything you need to know >>
* A New Apple Patent Reveals How A Touchscreen Mac Would Work >>

* NASA will send a system to extract oxygen from the Mars Atmosphere in 2020 >>
* Fully Autonomous Telescope Captures Clear Images of Exoplanets from Earth >>
* Nanostructured Metal-Oxide Catalyst Efficiently Converts CO2 to Methanol >>

* AI Video Competition Features Robots Plotting Against Humans, More >>
* New microhairs bend in magnetic field, directing water against gravity >>
* China to test recoverable moon orbiter >>

* US Army Vision for Force 2025 and beyond >>
* Spotting Cancer in a Vial of Blood >>

* Building Mind-Controlled Gadgets Just Got Easier >>
* Destruction of Stars Near Black Holes Occurs Once Every 30,000 Years >>
* World’s Largest Natural Gas-Powered Ships Almost Ready to Sail >>

* Gaze upon AMD’s first 64-bit ARM, Seattle: eight-core chip >>
* When Will The Last Ever McDonald’s Restaurant Close Its Doors? >>
* NSA Is Funding a Project to Roll All Programming Languages Into One >>

* Intel aims next-gen 14nm ‘Broadwell’ technology at fanless tablets, Ultrabooks >>
* When Big Data Is Watching You >>
* Scientists unravel mystery of brain cell growth >>

* ISEE-3 completes lunar flyby, begins a citizen science program >>
* Google backs $300 million undersea Internet cable to Japan >>
* Intel Details New Chip Aimed at Tablets >>

* How Bionic Ears Have Changed People’s Lives >>
* Android-Powered ‘Smart Helmet’ W GPS And Rearview Camera Raised Over $600,000 In One Day >>
* Scaling ISRU for using Mars Resources for Space Missions >>

* Whoops, Anyone Could Watch California City’s Police Surveillance Cameras >>
* PTSD Could Be Prevented With a Pill >>
* New Technique Preserves Whole DNA Molecules for Analysis >>

* Top 10 Reasons Drones Are Disruptive >>
* Medical News Today: Wearable ‘smart’ baby monitor provides parents with data >>
* Being Mark Stone: how to hijack an abandoned identity >>

* Researchers pack more signal into ultra low-power Wi-Fi gadgets >>
* How this Japanese chat sensation plans to win the West >>
* Chip with million digital neurons and 256 million synapses may signal beginning of new era of more intelligent computers >>

* Microsoft stays committed to ultra-cheap phones >>
* The Technologies Changing What It Means To Be a Programmer >>
* First 3D magnetic logic gate, water tractor beam and charging phones wirelessly >>

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