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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 August 2014

* IBM’s New Brain-Like Chip Squeezes One Million Neurons Onto a Stamp >>
* uBeam uses ultrasound to charge phones from across the room >>
* Wearable band can predict when your baby wakes up >>

* Pill FILMS your insides: Tiny camera takes 18 photos per second while in body >>
* New programming language accommodates multiple languages in same program >>
* Google Will Give a Search Edge To Websites That Use Encryption >>

* Algorithm Predicts US Supreme Court Decisions 70% of Time >>
* These Smart, Bendable Bricks Could Build Truly Flexible Robots >>
* Windows 9 Will Ditch the Charms Menu, Add Virtual Desktops >>

* If You Can Fold Paper, Why Can’t You Fold Robots? >>
* Remote Control Your Friends With Video App Sup >>
* Simply Layering Solar Cells Could Make Them as Cheap as Natural Gas >>

* Artificial retina: Physicists develop an interface to the optical nerve >>
* This Origami Robot Assembles Itself and Walks Away In Under Five Minutes >>
* Samsung’s Robo Vac Chases Lasers Like a Cat To Clean Any Spots It Missed >>

* Microsoft wants its smartphone screens to touch you back >>
* Samsung Is Reportedly Working On A Crazy New Phone With A Wraparound Display >>
* £1 wristband prevent skin cancer? Disposable bracelet changes colour tells you had enough sun >>

* Google buys AI app Emu that learns behaviours to organise your life >>
* BABIES tracker: Band reveals if child is too hot, restless or when they’re about to wake>>
* IBM Chip Processes Data Similar to the Way Your Brain Does >>

* Gmail makes it easier to unsubscribe from bulk email >>
* Java 8 functional interfaces >>

* Wireless charger uses ultrasound to power your phone from across the room >>
* Could drones get X-ray vision through Wi-Fi? >>
* IBM’s Brain-Inspired Computer Chip Comes from the Future >>

* Self-Folding Origami Robot Goes From Flat to Walking in Four Minutes >>
* NASA’s Abandoned ISEE-3 Spacecraft To Fly Past Moon >>
* Declining intelligence in old age linked to visual processing speed >>

* New drug reverse effects of Alzheimer’s disease in mice >>
* New protein structure could diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s, +many related diseases >>
* Exoskeletons for Carrying heavy objects >>

* Synthesis of structurally pure carbon nanotubes using molecular seeds >>
* Using lasers and carbon nanotubes to look inside living brains >>
* Sracked solar cells could achieve 50 percent efficiency, 5 cent per kilowatt hour >>

* WOW Factor! Massive Storm Observed on Uranus >>
* Wow! Gas Bridge In The Milky Way Stretches 2.6 Million Light-Years Across >>
* Robot Spacecraft Swarm Among Group Tapped For More NASA Funding >>

* Every City Should Give Seniors a Card That Extends the Crosswalk Time >>
* Patent Application Reveals Apple Is Working To Bring Siri To Macs >>
* There are a lot of critics of NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission >>

* How tech companies are catching wrongdoers >>
* How to Hack an Airplane’s Satellite Communications System >>
* Liberia declares Ebola emergency >>

* I made psychedelic sci-fi iPad art with one finger >>
* When you build NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, you have to be methodic >>
* Apple Describes What It Would Be Like To Use Siri On Your Mac >>

* You’ve never been this close to a comet before >>
* Google to prioritise secure websites >>
* Black Hat 2014: A New Smartcard Hack >>

* SpaceX Sets Dates for Launch Escape Tests on Dragon Spaceship >>
* See Inside a Living Rat Brain Thanks to Lasers and Carbon Nanotubes >>
* Origami robots fold into motion >>

* Lead in teeth reveals a body’s origin >>
* How the Web Became Our ‘External Brain,’ and What It Means for Our Kids >>
* Innovating Beyond the Nanoscale, Femtometer Scale Technology >>

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