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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 August 2014

* Google Glass for Your Windshield’ Focuses All Eyes on the Road >>
* An Energy-Storing Wind Turbine Would Provide Power 24/7 >>
* Robocars Love the Draft >>

* Self driving cars as horizontal elevators to spread downtown living accessibility >>
* Rewired mice show signs of longer lives with fewer age-related illnesses >>
* Rosetta Spacecraft Set for Unprecedented Close Study of a Comet >>

* This Robotic Laser System On A Telescope Is Looking At Alien Planets >>
* SpaceX Launches AsiaSat With Falcon 9 Rocket | Video >>
* Can Atoms Ever Touch? >>

* Bigelow Aerospace is hiring and targeting Inflatable Space Station Alpha launching in 2017/2018 >>
* Update on Sky City and mini Sky City skyscrapers >>

* Coming From Google: Gmail Addresses With Non-Standard Characters >>
* Korean Shipbuilder Testing Industrial Exoskeletons for Future Cybernetic Workforce >>
* Ebola continues to spread in West Africa >>

* Kickstarter hopefuls promise high-res aerial maps for the masses >>
* Researchers promote battery-free Wi-Fi technology >>
* A first step toward more global email >>

* Touch+ turns any surface into a gesture controller for your PC >>
* The Evolution of Slang >>

* Ebola ‘Secret Serum’: Small Biopharma, The Army, And Big Tobacco >>
* Bionic Fingers Could Lend a Helping Hand With Daily Tasks >>

* Tech Universe Favourites: Tuesday 5 August >>
* The Sharing Economy And Developing Countries >>
* It Takes Courage to Be Disruptive >>

* Want To Work Without Prying Eyes? Try Wearing a Body Sock >>
* Web acceleration protocol nears completion >>
* Physicists introduce another quantum animal: The Quantum Pigeon >>

* How Do People Survive Ebola? >>
* Will a human ever run 100m in under nine seconds? >>
* Why tendons break down with age >>

* Did drop in testosterone make humans more civilized? >>
* Laser-wielding robot probes exoplanet systems >>
* SuperCam instrument adds capabilities to successful ChemCam >>

* Apple to host iPhone event Sept. 9 >>
* Say goodbye to slow battery charging >>
* A closer look: Secure your phone without passcodes >>

* An NMR Chip The Size of a Seed >>
* This Company Thinks Your Car Wants Google Glass >>
* Earth-like volcanic eruptions on Jupiter’s moon >>

* How A Simple Spambot Became Second Most Powerful Member Of Social Network >>
* These Bizarre Deep-Space Radio Blasts Have Astronomers Baffled >>
* Astronauts Test Google Glass, Heart Monitor in Undersea Base >>

* A Giant Floating Duck That Generates Solar Power—Because, Why Not? >>
* The Last Trace of Humans On Earth Will Be the Holes We Dug >>
* Bitcoin crashes tied to search surge >>

* Study: Society Flourished When Humans Got Less Manly >>
* Russian hackers steal 1.2 billion passwords >>
* 3D printing: what does it mean for sanitation and shelter? >>

* Scientists Are Closer Than Ever To Hacking The Brain To Make Us Smarter >>
* Here’s Everything We Know About The iPhone 6 (AAPL) >>
* IOT Will Change Virtually Everything About How Large Companies Operate >>

* How To Translate Sight Into Sound? It’s All In The Vibrations >>
* Timex built a smartwatch that doesn’t need your phone >>
* 300bn messages sent in UK forecast this year largely due to mobile flirting >>

* Dropping Out and Hitting TechCrunch Is the New Teen Summer Job >>
* Inside the Isolation Wards That Keep Us Safe From Ebola >>
* Here’s what a 3D-printed saxophone sounds like >>

* IBM wants Watson to orchestrate your next boardroom takeover >>
* New heads up display for cars announced today from >>
* Sky TV Bans ‘VPN’ Ads on Copyright Grounds >>

* The Man Who Invented the 26th Dimension >>
* Google sheds light on its child porn detector after sex offender arrest >>
* A New Drug Has been Found Which Reverses Alzheimer’s On Animals >>

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