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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 August 2014

* Implanted Neurons become Part of the Brain >>
* Visual microphone can pick up speech from a bag of potato chips >>
* US: Mount sinai patient tested for EBOLA virus >>

* Google Scans Gmail to Catch a Sex Offender, But Raises Privacy Concerns >>
* Messaging app lets you leave secrets on street corners >>
* How facial features drive our first impressions >>

* Robotic suit gives shipyard workers super strength >>
* Bionic Fingers Could Help Humans Get a Grip >>
* How the Ebola Outbreak Became Deadliest in History >>

* Gillmor Gang: Smoke Signals >>
* Machine Ethics Interfaces >>
* Could fossils be discovered on the Moon? >>

* Can Google Build A Typeface To Support Every Written Language? >>
* Self-assembling anti-cancer molecules created in minutes >>
* System Converts Solar Efficiently to Steam >>

* Mysterious X-Ray Glow Comes From ‘Hot Bubble,’ Astronomers Say >>
* An Infrared iPhone Case That Lets You See In the Dark >>
* Elon Musk: AI could be more dangerous than nukes >>

* This moving map displays the world in 3D >>
* Equation ‘can predict momentary happiness’ >>
* Wikipedia link hidden by ‘right to be forgotten’ >>

* Shawyers 2014 presentations for propellentless but not reactionless EMDrive Uses High stored energy >>
* Wirelessly Hacking–And Unlocking–Cars Is Easier Than It Should Be >>
* The Smart Bus Stop >>

* This Floating Glass Hotel Will Let You See Northern Lights in Luxury >>
* Why The Internet Of Things Is Still Roadblocked >>
* Robotic exoskeletons give dock workers superhuman lifting abilities >>

* When Machines Make Our Decisions For Us — In The Cloud >>
* Drones Outpacing Rules as Popularity Soars in New York >>
* Light pulses control how graphene conducts electricity >>

* The UK OKs Self-Driving Cars on Its Roads >>
* USB Flash Drives Are More Dangerous Than You Think >>
* Google Explains How It Forgets >>

* Should your robot driver kill you to save a child’s life? >>
* If the Sun Were the Size of a Person, How Big Would an Asteroid Be? >>
* 100-Million Years Ago –“Did Our Milky Way Collide With a Dark Matter Structure?” >>

* No-power Wi-Fi connectivity could fuel internet of things reality >>
* Scientists report successfully Implanting brain cells in mice >>
* Horses communicate with their eyes and mobile ears >>

* Los Angeles police don’t want you flying drones over their stations >>
* Spray-on solar cells could solve the ‘panel problem’ >>
* Technology’s Role In Direct Democracy >>

* 70 Percent of Internet of Things Devices Are Vulnerable to Hacking, Study Says >>
* Google knows all our secrets >>
* 28 July to 01 August 2014 Tech Universe Digest >>

* Astrogun puts an AR twist on an arcade classic >>
* Minnesota man 3D-prints a castle big enough to walk in >>
* If You’re Always Working, You’re Never Working Well >>

* Robo-cars, Uber Will Save Us Billions, Keep Us From Crashing And Put An End To Waiting At The DMV >>
* Driverless Buses Ruled Out For London, For Now >>
* Privacy as a premium: Why it’s time to say goodbye to the free internet >>

* Don’t Get Too Excited About NASA’s New Miracle Engine >>
* Sense, a Sleep Tracker and an Intelligent Alarm (VIDEO) >>

* Hackers control car’s steering and brakes >>
* Ebola outbreak: US experts to head to West Africa >>
* Why Crucial Vaccines Are Sometimes Unavailable >>

* Making sense of scents: Mice can identify specific odors amid complex olfactory environments >>
* Experimental drug likely saved Ebola patients >>
* ‘Big Bang Theory’ Stars Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki & Kaley Cuoco Close Big New Deals >>

* Can a plane be hacked via in-flight Wi-Fi? Researcher says it’s so >>
* Tiny Ants Might Be Helping Cool Earth’s Climate >>
* Here’s how we quickly judge human faces >>

* European Spacecraft to Attempt Historic Comet Rendezvous This Week >>
* What Google Cars Can Learn From Killer Robots >>
* Experimental Ebola Serum Grown in Tobacco Leaves >>

* Half honey bee, half… machine? >>
* Hands on with Amiigo, the future of fitness >>
* People Who Feel They Have A Purpose In Life Live Longer >>

* Virginia Tech lab researches driver-car interaction >>
* Europe to Launch Robotic Space Plane Prototype in November >>
* Why No One Is Getting Married Anymore? >>

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