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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 July 2014

* A camera with night vision >>
* Brainwaves can predict audience reaction >>
* VIDEO: How to ‘drive’ a driverless car? >>

* Student Uses Oculus Rift and Kinect To Create Body Swap Illusion >>
* Netflix pays AT&T to ensure quality >>
* Amazon Will Pay You to Accept Slower Deliveries >>

* Ebola Virus Global Outbreak Feared After Infected American Flies On 2 Planes >>
* Where Animals Come From >>
* Man-made ‘breathing’ leaf is an oxygen factory for space travel >>

* This App Lets You Ask a Doctor Any Question in Real-Time via Smartphone >>
* Ford And GM Sued Because You Can Use A Car To Pirate Music >>
* Early Tidal and Rotational Forces Shaped Moon >>

* Driverless ‘robo-cars’ guided by radar and lasers on UK roads next year >>
* Latest Apple television rumors: not this year >>
* Watch guys do push ups on the surface of the water >>

* Mysterious fast radio bursts from outer space: Astronomers baffled, alien? >>
* Urthecast to Add More Earth-Watching HD Cameras to Space Station >>
* Three Questions for J. Craig Venter >>

* How Europe’s ATV Space Cargo Ship Works >>
* China builds first 330 mile high speed rail segment for Turkey >>
* One-Horse Race: Android Represented 85% Of The 300M Smartphones Shipped In Q2 >>

* Dwave Systems has government, commercial, intelligence customers lining up >>
* How hard should the Turing test be? >>
* Sleep sensor smashes Kickstarter goal >>

* Researchers unveil phones, computers that can automatically correct for poor vision >>
* Mystery Molecules -Many Things Quite Abundant There are Unknown on Earth >>

* World’s smallest propeller could be used for microscopic medicine >>
* The quantum Cheshire cat: Scientists separate a particle from its properties >>
* Beyond GPS: five next-generation technologies >>

* Astrocytes — not neurons — found to control brain’s gamma waves, forms of memory >>
* Anticipating 2025: A guide to the radical changes that may lie ahead >>

* A Batteryless Sensor Chip for the Internet of Things >>
* Adaptive Material Could Cut the Cost of Solar in Half >>
* What’s a Moon Shot Worth These Days? >>

* Soccer Robots Score on Humans at RoboCup: GOOOOOOAL! >>
* 12 Monkeys, Once Upon a Time, and Arrow Cast Some Familiar Names! >>
* The Awesome Sight Of 14,465 Pounds Of Freight Being Lifted Into Space >>

* Google Searches About Politics Predict the Stock Market >>
* ALMA Observes Binary Star System with Wacky Disks >>
* Weird Orbits of Alien Planets May Be Due to Twin Stars >>

* Gorgeous New Interstellar Trailer Shows Chris Nolan’s Alien Worlds >>
* NASA Urged to Accelerate 3D Printing on Space Station >>
* Simple vision-correcting overlay algorithm could replace reading glasses on devices >>

* Japanese Broadcaster Uses LEDs for Underwater TV Transmission >>
* Winning Google’s Little Box Challenge Will Take a ‘Holistic Approach’ >>
* Build a Levitating Disco Ball >>

* The Curious Evolution of Artificial Life >>
* BitTorrent Launches Bleep, a Serverless, Anonymous Chat Client >>

* 64-bit Google Chrome browser moves into beta >>
* Biomimicry Continues to Evolve: Fly Inspires Tiny Microphone >>
* Hilton Hotels Now Lets Your Choose Your Room With Your Phone >>

* Broken robots ‘learn to keep going’ >>
* Three’s smartphone app for calling and texting over WiFi now available >>
* World’s smallest propeller could be used for microscopic medicine >>

* Computer Identifies Which Attributes Make the Best First Impression >>
* The Recession Generation: How Millennials Are Changing Money Management Forever >>
* Senate committee: Mobile phone ‘cramming’ widespread, profits carriers >>

* Bleep… BitTorrent Unveils Serverless & Encrypted Chat Client >>
* Biologists describe mechanism promoting multiple DNA mutations >>
* Scientists reproduce evolutionary changes by manipulating embryonic development of mice >>

* Strong, Clear Bioplastic Containers Could Be Made from Rice >>
* Scientists separate a particle from its properties >>
* NASA-funded x-ray instrument settles interstellar debate >>

* This 1D Graphene Switches from Conductor to Insulator When It Stretches >>
* Bostrom on Superintelligence (1): The Orthogonality Thesis >>
* Bostrom on Superintelligence (2): The Instrumental Convergence Thesis >>

* Call for ‘radical action’ on drug-resistant malaria >>
* Display screen technology could correct vision problems >>
* Smart home kit proves easy to hack, says HP study >>

* What Is The Speed Of Dark? >>
* Square Bets Big on Next-Gen Credit Card Tech >>
* Influenza: How the Great War helped create the greatest pandemic ever known >>

* Floating Vertical Farms Designed To Bring Local Food To Densest Urban Areas >>
* Robots helped inspire deep learning and might become its killer app >>
* 20 Potential Technological Advances in the Future of Medicine: Part I. >>

* Mapping the optimal route between two quantum states >>
* Future’s 10 Mind-Blowing Technologies About to Emerge >>

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