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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 July 2014

* Seatbelt Sensors to Fight Drowsy Driving >>
* Sense: Sleeping Under Surveillance >>
* Scientists ‘switch off’ the extra chromosome that causes Down’s Syndrome >>

* Invertebrate numbers nearly halve as human population doubles >>
* 8.2 percent of our DNA is ‘functional’ >>
* Instant Genius after Head Trauma [Video] >>

* Your Smartphone Will Soon Know If You Have Bipolar Disorder >>
* Hi-tech HAMSTER WHEEL cleans your clothes using energy generated as you run >>
* Turn smartphone into CINEMA PROJECTOR: £16 cardboard box can beam mobile video on any wall >>
* Wireless home automation systems reveal more than you would think >>

* How All-Nighters Alter Your Memories >>
* FX says overnight ratings becoming meaningless >>
* Artificial intelligence identifies the musical progression of the Beatles >>

* Bits Blog: The Next Big Thing in Hardware: Smart Garbage >>
* Prototype Display Lets You Say Goodbye to Reading Glasses >>
* Super-Dense Computer Memory >>
* Elon Musk says 500 mile range electric car will soon be possible >>

* Lasers make fiber optic tubes out of thin air and can be used for communication >>
* Wheat disease Powdery Mildew was stopped with gene editing >>
* On Cloudy Alien Planets, a Chance for Life >>

* Our Favorite Protest Sign From Comic-Con So Far >>
* The Flux Capacitor Car Charger April Fool’s Prank is Now a Real Product >>
* The Very Best Finds On The Floor At Comic-Con 2014 >>

* Tencent Invests $3.2 Million In App-Connected Laundry Service >>
* A Surveilliance Drone That Can Fit Inside A Soldier’s Pocket >>
* What World-Changing Technology Actually Changed Nothing At All? >>

* Five Ways Watson Will Change Computing >>
* Chrome Android Beta Gets Single Sign-In For Google Sites And New Material Design Looks >>
* Thanks to NASA, you can 3D print your own asteroids and satellites >>

* How We Gave Sight to the Mercedes Robotic Car >>
* Microsoft explains quantum computing in a way we can all understand >>
* Bizarre dual winged design combines plane and helicopter >>

* 5 Things You Need To Know About The Future Of Math >>
* Drone Stuff: Parachutes, Politics, and No-Fly Zones >>
* Apple losing its grip as top tablet company >>

* NASA wants commercial space companies to help new Mars missions communicate >>
* ‘Disney Infinity 2.0: Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Full Details From San Diego Comic Con >>
* These smart shoes vibrate to point you in the right direction >>

* Sensor-Powered Seatbelt Could Save the Lives of Sleepy Drivers >>
* Disruptions: The Demise of the Pen >>
* Only a TENTH of human DNA does something important – and the rest is just ‘junk’ >>

* Fukushima Monkeys’ Blood Shows Signs of Radiation Exposure >>
* Laser device sniffs out tiny traces of explosives >>
* Four billion-year-old chemistry in cells today >>

* Study: Earth in the midst of sixth mass extinction >>
* Get paid for posts? Social networking’s new twist >>
* A watch from Apple is the talk of the town >>

* Being Powerful Distorts People’s Perception of Time >>
* Plasma physics: The fusion upstarts >>
* How a solar storm two years ago nearly caused a catastrophe on Earth >>

* Sense is a glowing sphere that watches over you while you sleep >>
* Genetic clues to age of first period >>

* ‘We’re on top of the whale!’ >>
* First Take: Things just got rougher at Amazon >>
* Google to acquire streaming site Twitch >>

* Amazon posts huge loss in second quarter, despite sales rise >>
* How to prevent diseases of aging >>
* A new approach to SETI: targeting alien polluters >>

* Designing the exascale computers of the future >>
* Spintastic Nanorods Rotate at 150,000 RPM >>
* Your Sperm Velocity Has Been Measured and Found Wanting >>

* The ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Is A Nightmare To Enforce >>
* MIT students modify a 3D printer with a height-measuring laser >>
* Is Technology Killing Office Productivity? >>

* Audit: NASA doesn’t have the money for big rockets >>
* Facebook Actually Has 2.2 Billion Users Now — Roughly One Third Of Earth >>
* Building biological molecular machines, open source path to advanced nanotechnology >>

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