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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 July 2014

* A robot with two extra fingers helps you grip stuff >>
* Wait six years to buy your next car >>
* To Understand the Universe, We Must Expand Our Conception of Science >>

* Chinese city sealed off after man dies from bubonic plague >>
* Wild ride ahead: glimpse at humanity’s long range future >>
* Video shows Spacex did soft land the Falcon 9 first stage last week >>

* New technique could boost internet speeds tenfold >>
* Mall of the World, a temperature-controlled pedestrian city in Dubai that will be the largest domed city >>
* Risk Reduction Milestone Tests Move Commercial Dream Chaser Closer to Critical Design Review and First Flight >>

* Brand New Look at the Face of Mars >>
* How Artificial Superintelligence Will Give Birth To Itself >>
* Augmented Reality Climbing Walls Turn Mountaineering Into a Game >>

* Watch An Active Protection System Destroy An RPG Fired At Israeli Tank >>
* America’s Next Big Space Launch Rocket Is a Total Beast >>
* Motorola’s Digital Tattoo Unlocks the Moto X With a Tap >>

* ‘Optical Fiber’ Made Out of Thin Air >>
* All those new ‘5G standards’? Here’s the science they rely on >>
* Hemingway, the Webapp that Helps You Proofread, Is Now on Desktop >>

* Skype 5.0 for Android update makes it easier to contact your friends >>
* Camera-Filled Dome Recreates Full 3-D Motion Scenes >>
* Low-cost Android tablets to get 4K video with Allwinner 64-bit chip >>

* There Will Be One Windows for All Your Devices. Soon. >>
* Smart Things in a Not-Smart World >>
* Watch LG roll up an 18-inch OLED panel while it plays video >>

* SpaceX successfully tests reusable Falcon 9 on a real mission >>
* RoboCup 2014 Is the World Cup for Robots >>
* Mobile commerce going mainstream >>

* Hands On With The Production Version Of The Myo Gesture Control Armband >>
* Facebook Says Messenger And Payments Will Eventually “Overlap” But Don’t Hold Your Breath >>
* A ‘Nano Vaccine’ That Combats Dust Mite Allergies >>

* BRICS countries are building about 75% of the worlds new nuclear reactors >>
* Russia building 1200 MWe fast neutron reactors as core of its next generation nuclear fleet >>
* Genetically Modified mosquito swarms will be used to hopefully prevent 50 million incidents of dengue fever per year >>

* Jobcentres are no longer fit for purpose and are letting young people down >>
* Researchers find first sign that tyrannosaurs hunted in packs >>
* What’s Next For NASA? Asteroids! >>

* Bats ‘fly by polarised light’ >>
* Vaccine for dust-mite allergies created >>
* Hi-tech sleeping sensor that can monitor your bedroom rest >>

* NASA’s Fermi space telescope finds a “transformer” pulsar >>
* Designing exascale computers >>
* DIY Vaginal Ultrasounds Could Reduce Trips to the Doctor >>

* The 31 biggest things to look for at Comic-Con 2014 >>
* Will 3-D Printing Revolutionize Medicine? >>
* Machine Learning: LG’s Smartwatch Shows Android Wear Operating System Has Long Way to Go >>

* Nadella’s “one operating system” ain’t new and won’t be one OS >>
* Vint Cerf: The US Will No Longer Be The Internet’s Bodyguard >>
* * Plasma physics: The fusion upstarts >>

* Sierra Leone chief Ebola doctor infected >>
* BBC trials TV innovations at Commonwealth Games >>
* Genetics of cancer: Non-coding DNA can finally be decoded >>
* Use mobile and getClef to log into things. >> >>

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