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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 July 2014

* MIT is creating power out of thin (humid) air >>
* Discovery Of ‘Electric Bacteria’ Hints At The Potential For Alien Life >>
* Text your friends even when you don’t have service >>

* MIT scientists develop sensor-operated robotic fingers >>
* Japan’s new Cruise Train is a luxury hotel on rails >>

* MIT researchers want to power your cellphone with dew >>
* Nissan cars will give drivers a break during parking, traffic jams >>
* World’s fastest humanoid robot learns sign language >>

* I’ll Have the Ice Cream Cone — 3D Printed >>
* Jibo Family Friendly Robot Aims To Give Artificial Intelligence A Cutesy Face >>
* DARPA’s ocean-faring drone will hunt enemy submarines >>

* 295 killed in Malaysian Commercial Jet Shot down >>
* Clone collection: First comprehensive library of master genetic switches in plants >>
* Gene that plays a surprising role in combating aging identified >>

* MIT researchers develop new network-management system to cut down on data traffic jams >>
* Facebook testing in-house purchasing feature >>
* UAE announces ‘first Arab spaceship to Mars’ in 2021 >>

* Microsoft to cut up to 18,000 jobs over next year >>
* Microsoft Also Axing Nokia’s Entry Level Mobiles >>
* Microsoft calls end to Android Nokia X smartphones >>

* Man faces felony for using a drone to film outside a hospital window >>
* From Alzheimer’s to ADHD: what doctors can diagnose from your voice alone >>

* ‘Voice Recognition’ System for Birds Can Tell Two Chirps Apart >>
* Where The Jobs Are: 2014 >>
* One of the 1000 meter tall skyscrapers proposed in China for 2018 could have 100 stories of vertical garden >>

* Sprites: A Chip-Sized Spacecraft Solution >>
* Japan’s new Cruise Train is a luxury hotel on rails >>

* Nissan’s Deadline for Self-Driving Cars Looking Wobbly >>
* Moonwalk One Makes Us Excited About Apollo 11 All Over Again >>
* The Rosetta Spacecraft Is Headed for This Giant, Whirling Rubber Ducky >>

* Apple and IBM partner to sell iPhones and iPads pre-loaded with apps >>
* Scientists track gene activity when honey bees do and don’t eat honey >>

* Is Our Solar System Unique In The Universe? >>
* Why Samsung Buying SmartThings Should Have Us Worried >>

* Future electronics may depend on lasers, not quartz >>
* By 2025, Self-Driving Trucks Will Be Cruising Down Our Highways >>
* Three Problems That Computers Will Never Be Able to Solve >>

* Leaked British Spy Catalog Reveals Tools to Manipulate Online Information >>
* Mechanical Properties of Nanoantennas Explored for First Time >>
* A Case Called Alice: Software Patents and the U.S. Supreme Court >>

* Moon Boot Sneakers: Celebrate Apollo 11’s Anniversary in High-Top Style >>
* Reboot: Rebooting Congress, Causes, and Campaigns >>
* B-2 Spirit: America’s Best Airplane Since the SR-71 >>

* 3D printer a Kiwi reality >>
* Mining Big Data to Make a Point about Solar >>
* How The Internet Of Things Is Helping Battle Water Shortages >>

* Bosch Believes in Automotive Lasers >>
* Construction Starts on World’s Largest Post-Combustion Carbon Capture Project >>
* Take a 3D tour of London with Google’s latest Maps update >>

* Machine Learning: Ways to Protect Your Email Before You Send It >>
* A $500 personal assistant robot named Jibo wants to be part of your family >>

* An ‘iPhone on rails’: Futuristic tram that features Wi-Fi and anti-bacterial rails could transport people around Russia next year >>
* Understanding how the brain retrieves memories >>

* Japanese Nuclear Plant Is First to Get Go-Ahead Under New Rules >>
* Google 3D now lets users explore London’s buildings using 45-degree aerial imagery >>
* UAE plans first Arab spaceship to Mars in 7 years >>

* MH17 Ukraine Crash: Protecting Airliners from Missile Attacks >>
* The Emoji’s Strange Power >>
* Airbus A350: The secrets behind building a superjet >>

* When the U.S. Almost Nuked the Moon >>
* Climate change: Could we engineer greener humans? >>

* NASA Is Making Nukes More Expensive >>
* Microsoft’s Cortana Learns Some Home-Automation Tricks >>
* Could We Drink The Water On Mars? >>
* Microsoft Research demos Project Adam machine-learning object-recognition software >>

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