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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 July 2014

* MIT Students Create An Ice Cream Printer >>
* Holographic Displays Coming to Smartphones >>
* Could driverless cars be used as LETHAL WEAPONS? FBI warns >>

* Bertha the Car Comes to California >>
* A Car That Is Smarter than Its Driver Can Cut Pollution >>
* Will Mount Fuji ERUPT? Volcano in critical condition >>

* Samsung eyeing home automation startup SmartThings >>
* Super Controversial Blacklight Power is Promising World Changing Energy New Physics Magic >>
* New Black is Superblack Carbon Nanotube Vantablack that absorbs 99.965% of light >>

* Jibo the Family Robot Might be Oddly Charming, or Just Plain Odd >>
* ‘Smart Pellets’ and Interstellar Propulsion >>
* Ancient Snow Shaped A Martian Basin That’s Half The Size Of Brazil >>

* New Experimental Spaceplane Design Unveiled By DARPA | Animation >>
* DARPA’s Experimental Space Plane XS-1 Starts Development >>
* Hunt for Missing Matter of the Universe Intensifies >>

* The Largest Dinosaur Capable Of Flight Had Four Wings >>
* Experimental stem cell treatment causes woman to grow parts of a nose on her spine >>
* Do Humans Live Too Long? >>

* Oracle ties its social intelligence apps to LinkedIn >>
* Google launches online course to help you ‘think like an Android developer’ >>
* Samsung Wants To Play With Google And Apple In Mastering The Smart Home >>

* Obama Touts Talking Cars >>
* Researchers Find Evidence of How Higgs Particle Imparts Mass >>
* Pop-Up Video For Web 3.0: Connecting Anything Video To Everything Online >>

* DARPA picks the first companies that will work on its unmanned spaceplane >>
* Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Engine Can Tell a Beagle From a Bro >>
* Apple and IBM Kickstart Contextual Enterprise Mobility >>

* Robot-assisted surgery for prostate cancer controls the disease for 10 years >>
* Most terrifying swimming pool ocean simulator replicates enormous storm waves to study tidal power >>
* Compressed diamond sheds light on mega-planets >>

* 520-Million-Year-Old Sea Monster with Preserved Brain Unearthed >>
* Gene Therapy Used to Create ‘Biological Pacemaker’ in Pigs >>
* Star Trek ‘engine’ goes where no one has gone before >>

* Night vision fighter helmet unveiled >>
* 5 Groundbreaking Drugs That May Prevent Alzheimer’s >>

* Scientists Are Beginning to Figure Out Why Conservatives Are…Conservative >>
* NASA scientists say they’re closer than ever to finding life beyond Earth >>
* Humans Already Use Way, Way More Than 10 Percent of Their Brains >>

* Chrome 36 now available for Android in Google Play >>
* Obama announces plan to protect power supplies from climate change-related disasters >>

* Scientists are one step closer to replacing mechanical pacemakers with biological ones >>
* MediaTek SoC to boost 64-bit Android devices >>
* New qubit design provides parity bit for Schrödinger cat states >>

* Google: 6 Reasons Why Nobody Uses Your App >>
* The World’s First Family Robot Could Be Like HAL in Your Home >>
* Are you ready to adopt a robot? >>

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