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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 July 2014

* Apple, IBM to develop iPhone apps for business users >>
* Scientists made worms that can’t get drunk >>
* A tool to fix one of the most dangerous moments in surgery >>

* Lab-grown ‘real’ cheese made without milk >>
* NASA is building robots to 3D-print infrastructure on Mars >>
* Physicists detect process even rarer than the long-sought Higgs particle >>

* Microsoft’s new ‘Adam’ AI trounces Google … and beats HUMANS >>
* D-Wave to bust 1,000-qubit barrier with new quantum compute device >>
* Students Create a Bio Printer To Test Drugs on Your Own 3D Printed Human Cells Rather than Animals >>

* MIT’s flying robot keeps moving photo subjects bathed in light >>
* A Robot writing the Torah in longhand >>
* Emerging Internet Trends that will Shape the Global Economy >>

* Watch Boeing’s 787-9 Dreamliner do things that would make you throw up >>
* Finland’s largest city wants to replace cars with apps >>
* Google Founders Talk About Ending the 40-Hour Work Week >>

* Quantum Computing IPO on the Horizon >>
* Spacex has another successful commercial launch and should have Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle certification by the end of 2014 >>
* “Explosive Microbial Growth Caused Earth’s Greatest Extinction Event” –The Great Dying (Today’s Most Popular) >>
* Huge Space Telescope Needed to Search for Life on Alien Planets >>

* Measure the Width of Your Hair With a Laser Pointer! >>
* By 2025, networked devices will account for 6% of global electricity demand at 1,140 terawatt-hours. >>
* These Insanely Detailed Maps Of Mars Are The Most Accurate Yet >>

* GM wants voice-controlled cars that learn what you really mean >>
* With A Mobile App, MTailor Offers Custom-Fit Tailored Shirts For Just $69 >>
* Google Launches Project Zero To Find Security Bugs In Third-Party Software >>

* Cloud Computing Gets Real For The Enterprise >>
* Individualized Cancer Treatment Coming — But Only If Underdogs Prevail >>
* Minuum Demos Non-Annoying Text Entry On An Android Wear Watch >>

* Google picks a manufacturing partner for smart contact lenses >>
* Android Wear apps already outnumber Google Glass apps >>
* Where will the new Microsoft put its focus? Expected job cuts will provide clues >>

* Prototype Improves Mobile Typing by Ditching the Keyboard >>
* How Much Energy Storage Do You Need to Back Up the London Array? >>
* Boston Dynamics’ BigDog Treks Through Rough Terrain With The USMC >>

* Smartphone-controlled crematoriums are a thing that exist >>
* How Far Can Crowd-funded Nuclear Fusion Go? >>

* Nest, Samsung and others team up for better home automation >>
* Microsoft’s New CEO Says He Wants to Learn From Google >>
* Molecular ‘eat now’ signal makes cells devour dying neighbors >>

* Future ‘Squishy Robots’ May Have Melting Muscles | Video >>
* Searching for Alien Life in the Universe? Don’t Look for E.T. >>
* Laser physics upside down >>

* Directly visualizing hydrogen bonds >>
* Why do we have blood types? >>
* Tomorrow Daily 018: Mapping Mars, future windshields, high-tech contacts, and more >>

* Apple fashions ‘brilliant’ partnership with IBM for instant enterprise credi >>
* Apple and IBM form unholy union — Tim Cook shows weakness >>
* Apple, IBM in massive enterprise hardware, software partnership >>

* Ex-Ford Chief Mulally Joins Google Board >>
* Google signs deal to put sensors directly on your eye >>

* Rosetta’s target is ‘double’ comet >>
* Hidden From Google lists pages blocked by search engine >>
* Disney is early user of Microsoft’s new Kinect sensor >>

* Green light for new space place >>
* Harnessing the speed of light >>
* Interstellar Journey: Shrinking the Probe >>

* This migraine tracking app acts like a doctor, connects you to one too >>
* World Future Society Conference Speech: Everyone Faces a Transhumanist Wager >>
* Venus Express Survives Daring Atmospheric Dive: >>
* Here’s how the wheels of the supersonic car are made >>

* Dick Pelletier’s Future >>

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