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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 July 2014

* World’s first photonic router demonstrated >>
* Scientists track quantum errors in real time >>
* New theory turns cancer on its head >>

* WiFi-Honk! Smartphone App Gets Pedestrians out of the Way >>
* FingerReader Is a 3D-Printed Device That Reads Text Aloud to the Blind >>

* Humans And Computers Will Come Together For Middle Work >>
* Genome-wide analysis reveals genetic similarities among friends >>

* Forget The Wisdom of Crowds; Neurobiologists Reveal The Wisdom Of The Confident >>
* Computer memory one terabyte of data on a device the size of a postage stamp >>
* Travel App Can Recommend Places by Looking at Them >>

* Photos: SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launches Satellite Sextuplets >>
* SpaceX Launches 6 Satellites on Successful Falcon 9; Landing Test Ends in “Kaboom” >>
* MIT’s new material opens the door to squishable, shape-shifting robots >>
* $20 reusable chip detects type-1 diabetes quickly and cheaply >>

* Your Pulse Will Be The Key To ‘The Internet Of Things’, But Is That Actually A Good Thing? >>
* UK computer Raspberry Pi launches version three >>

* Can science explain consciousness? >>
* ‘Yo’ App Retooled to Alert Israelis of Missile Attacks >>
* Introducing the World’s First Torah-Writing Robot >>
* Watch Out Chromebooks: Super Cheap Windows 8 Machines Are Coming >>

* Microsoft’s AI Is On It’s Way to Identifying the Whole World >>
* Apple’s large ‘iPhone 6’ may hit production problems >>
* A 52-Million-Year-Old Window Into the Future >>

* First Palestinian Drone to Enter Israel Is Promptly Shot Down >>
* The USAF’s Deadliest F-16 Viper Pilot On Women, Combat, And The F-35 >>
* The U.S.A.’s Floating Special Forces Base Sure Doesn’t Look Like One >>

* Astronomers Invent New Telescope by Tying Telephoto Lenses Together >>
* The Next Record-Breaking Lego Tower Could Be Built By a Lego Machine >>
* A Crash Course in Transistors, Processors and Moore’s Law >>

* Google Brings Ingress Location-Based Game To iPhone And iPad >>
* NASA Testing New Robots in Microgravity Before Sending Them to Space >>
* MIT’s FingerReader Could Make Life Easier For The Blind >>

* The Future Internet World Order >>
* Moving Day: Shipwrecked Costa Concordia To Be Towed >>

* Various evidence that more bandwidth and computing is useful and valuable and cheap >>
* South Korea High Speed Broadband part next Global Technological Hub >>
* Maximum life and health has increased and not comparing to the bottom half >>

* Satya Nadella’s Big Bid to Reshape Microsoft >>
* Helsinki’s future transportation grid will let you order any service from one app >>
* Nano-Pixels Hold Potential For Screens Far Denser Than Today’s Best >>

* What would it be like to stand on Jupiter? >>
* How Deep Does the Multiverse Go? >>
* Know Which Medical Alert System is Right for Your Family >>

* Suing File-Sharers Doesn’t Work, Lawyers Warn >>
* Big Picture: Filming 360-degree video of the Aquarius underwater Reef Base >>
* This Graph Perfectly Illustrates How To Be Happy At Work >>

* Meet the foodie startup the Internet loves to hate >>
* How NASA Uses the Full Moon to Calibrate Its Earth-Gazing Satellite >>
* Bumper News >>

* Nanolasers on Silicon to Provide Faster Data Transmission >>
* Stunning ‘supermoon’ sights as lunar surface appears bigger and brighter >>
* Want To Ensure Your Personal Android Data Is Truly Wiped? Turn On Encryption >>

* How The Brain Processes The Emotions >>
* The surveillance debate and walking away from Alzheimer’s >>
* Executive pay ‘180 times average’ >>

* “The World in 2025″ Predicts Abundant Solar Power and Food, Tailored Drugs, Gene Therapies >>
* Why the Castles of Silicon Valley are Built out of Sand >>
* The Artificial Intelligence Revolution >>

* Superhuman vision coming to mere mortals >>
* Meet The Cutest Robots In The World >>
* Vertical and indoor farming works financially for lettuce, kale and some other plants >>

* Screenshot Claims To Show Off The Coming Windows 8.1 Start Menu >>
* Redesign for barebones Raspberry Pi computer >>
* The Brilliant Machine That Could Finally Fix Airport Security >>

* Apple reportedly toying with idea of fuel cells in electronics >>
* Company says it’s created the world’s blackest black with carbon nanotubes >>

* Gmail API could turn our email accounts into gold mines >>
* DARPA to Help Develop Memory Restoring Brain Implant >>
* Nanocarriers successfully alleviate pulmonary inflammation >>

* TED co-founder launches an observatory for the largest cities on Earth >>
* Smartphone sensor generates crowdsourced pollution maps >>
* Harvard Scientists May Have Just Unlocked the Secret to Staying Young Forever >>

* Meet the Couple Who Could Be the First Humans to Travel to Mars >>
* Can A 50-Person Startup Threaten Oracle, IBM, And Microsoft? >>
* Nanoparticles in Dunkin’ Donuts? Do the math! >>

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