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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 July 2014

* How to Build an Evryscope >>
* Copper cable from the curb can bring 10 gigabit per second broadband from fiber using Bell Labs XG.Fast >>
* DARPA shows off first successful test of STEERABLE bullet >>

* HIV ‘cure’ won’t work until virus eliminated from body >>
* Tatooine! International Astronomy Union to let public name 305 exoplanets next year >>
* NASA’s newest Near Earth Network Antenna is operational >>

* One Atom + Two Photons = Quantum Computing Switch >>
* Video Friday: Craziest Robot Head, Sphero Tricks, and Autonomous Vehicle Competition >>
* Smappee’s £169 energy monitor can keep tabs on every device in your home >>

* LG Builds a TV That You Can Roll Up Like a Poster >>
* Google’s Experimental Newsroom Avoids Negative Headlines >>
* SpaceX gets FAA approval to build its first private spaceport >>

* British Government Picks Illumina to Sequence 100,000 Genomes >>
* Self-Assembly Shows Promise for Extending Moore’s Law >>
* Digital eye in the sky used to captured 34 murderers and solved 75 murders and many other crimes >>

* Genetically Modified Bacteria Enable Weight Loss In Mice and could work in humans better than drugs to blunt the obesity epidemic >>
* Gillmor Gang: Taming of the Stream >>

* How D-Wave Built Quantum Computing Hardware for the Next Generation >>
* Lenovo ships first 4K laptop, challenging Toshiba >>
* Scientists crack the emotional code: Discovery finds how the brain stores our feelings >>

* Fresh Hope for an Abandoned NASA Spacecraft >>
* Scientists make a 410 million-year-old arachnid walk again >>
* Hospital trials roving ‘Star Wars’ robot that uses UV light to kill bacteria >>

* Russia’s Next-Generation Angara Rocket Aces 1st Test Launch >>
* New technology offers precise control of molecular self-assembly >>
* Robot writes Jewish Torah scroll >>

* Privacy integral to future of the Internet of Things >>
* LG unveils flexible and transparent OLED displays >>
* First Take: Who’s driving the mobile app economy? Our kids >>

* How good you are in solving complex mathematics could be in your genes >>
* Rise in daily temperature leads to rise in kidney stones: Study >>
* Scientists Say Smelling Farts Might Prevent Cancer >>

* Why Microsoft’s New Manifesto Is So Shocking >>
* Birth Control Microchip From Bill Gates Will Last 16 Years, Researchers Say >>
* Introducing Project Astrolabe – Navigating the Future of Civilization >>

* How One Misunderstood Number Caused the “Earth-like Planet” Craze >>
* Hubble Telescope’s ‘Pillars of Creation’ Remade in Computer Simulation >>
* This Unknown Lab In Idaho Is The US’ Best Defense Against Cyber-Attacks >>

* Half Of The World’s Population Lives In These 6 Countries >>
* Collisions with robots — without risk of injury >>
* People Are Stupid (Listen to this Show if You Agree) >>

* Fast building inspection from the air: Quiet flying robots do the work >>
* Ask the crowd: Robots learn faster, better with online helpers >>
* Reviewing Current and Near term Surveillance >>

* A first direct glimpse of photosynthesis in action >>
* Algorithm Hunts Rare Genetic Disorders from Facial Features in Photos >>
* Why The Destruction Of A Blue Supergiant Star Is Unlike Any Other >>

* DARPA Successfully Demonstrates Self-Guiding Bullets >>
* IBM Pours $3 Billion Into Future of Nanoelectronics >>
* Throw-forward Thursday: Where will we be in 100 billion years? >>

* Peter Diamandis: Entrepreneur reaches to skies to benefit Earth >>
* A Laboratory for Rare Cells Sheds Light on Cancer >>
* IBM Watson Takes on the Genetics of Brain Cancer >>

* Part I: The US Film Industry is Not a Growth Business >>
* Someone Broke Apple’s Sapphire Glass By Running It Over With A Car >>
* Here’s Why Google Goes After So Many Projects At Once >>

* Here’s What Steve Jobs Did When An Employee Told Him The Apple Store’s Layout Was All Wrong >>
* Scientists Have Found A Way To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer Using Beach Sand >>
* Ferrets next step in Ebola fight >>

* New Products: Robot mows lawn while you nap >>
* Running in Space: New ‘ForceShoe’ to Monitor Astronaut Exercise >>
* Battery Technology Needs A Jumpstart >>

* Want To Name An Alien Planet? >>
* Airbus patents windowless cockpits, paves way for drone airliners >>
* Hardware Is The New Software >>

* Jaguar designs windscreen that turns real racing into a cool videogame >>
* These skydiving elephants totally look real >>
* Why wiping out HIV “reservoirs” is so hard >>


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