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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 July 2014

* Scientists crack the emotional code: Discovery finds how the brain stores our feelings >>
* Google Glass controlled by brainwave >>
* Flexible nano-pixel screen patented >>

* A graphene replacement made from plastic >>
* Nanojuice Could Diagnose Gastrointestinal Illnesses >>
* How to get off the grid for under $10K >>

* Similar memories benefit from ‘extra space’ in brain >>
* 3D-printed earphones offer custmomised earbuds (VIDEO) >>
* Electric Objects: A Computer Made for Art >>

* GE Device Measures the Calories on Your Plate >>
* Observatory: Earthlike Planets May Be Merely an Illusion >>
* This Compact Microwave Is a Must-Have For Your Car >>

* How Electronic Engineers Are Helping Us Unravel The Human Brain >>
* A Simple Blood Test Could Predict the Onset of Alzheimer’s >>
* Intel, Dell, Samsung and pals start IoT standards group >>

* Drawing lines with a pen can magically control bugs >>
* Physicists Have Created A Tractor Beam Using Water >>
* Dubai’s beating the heat with Mall of the World, a massive climate-controlled city >>

* Microsoft’s Project Spark Game Creation Tool Will Come Out Of Beta In Early October >>
* Yahoo researchers teach GPS to take the scenic route >>
* Mapping a Monster Volcano >>

* ‘MacGyver’ Robots Use Their Environment to Solve Problems >>
* 70 Percent of U.S. Police Departments Use License Plate Readers >>

* Boeing Gets $2.8 Billion to Help Build World’s Most Powerful Rocket >>
* Apple and Google Dominate ‘Internet of Things’ Influence with Home Automation Efforts >>
* Scientists create cheap, rechargeable battery that lasts 15 years >>

* Sony’s first ‘curved sensor’ photo may herald better images, cheaper lenses >>
* MedEye Pill-Scanning Medical Safety Tech Pulls In $6M >>
* Hands On With Rotimatic: the World’s First Robot Roti Maker >>

* Paying bills with the blink of an eye >>
* IBM Will Help Beijing Monitor Pollution >>
* From the Hindu Gods to Doctor Octopus the Vision of Multiple Extra Arms is being made real with Robotic Arms from MIT >>

* Forget the Shortest Route Across A City, New Algorithm Finds The Most Beautiful >>
* More Energy Consumption, Not Less, Will Save the Planet >>
* Possible aircraft technologies of 2040 >>

* FAKE Google web SSL certificates tip-toe out from Indian authorities >>
* DARPA funded studies to see how you use social networks >>
* Standalone wearables coming this year, AT&T executive says >>

* Space-Based Data Collection Better Predicts Floods >>
* At a touch, gadget can read to the blind: Ring-like device says words aloud as it is scanned over a block of text >>
* Comet Makes Spectacular Galactic Flyby (Video) >>

* NASA Mars Orbiter views rover crossing into new zone >>
* Transgender algae reveal evolutionary origin of sexes >>
* Nano-to-Macro Transport Processes (1hr 18min) >>

* Electric Objects wants to hang the best of the internet on your wall >>
* The biggest e-sports tournament ever starts today and you can watch for free >>

* Lift-off for British demo satellites >>
* The quiet search for dark matter deep underground >>
* Rowling writes new Harry Potter story >>

* Nature’s Most Perfect Killing Machine >>
* LG’s smartphone camera has laser-sharp focus, literally >>
* Iran ‘needs 190,000 centrifuges’ >>

* Major step towards Alzheimer’s test >>
* A $90 Billion ‘Floating Train’ Project In Japan May Be A Huge Waste — Here’s Why >>
* Samsung, Intel and Dell Launch ‘Internet Of Things’ Consortium >>

* Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Weakening 10 Times Faster Now >>
* University students developing robotic gardening technology >>
* Scientists have found that memories may be passed down through generations in our DNA >>

* Why Buzz Aldrin isn’t crazy about space tourism to Mars >>
* Game of Thrones VFX studio reveals just how fake Westeros really is >>
* RocketSkates let you zip along the sidewalk at a top speed of 12MPH >>

* Forget “OK Glass”, MindRDR Is A New Google Glass App That You Control With Your Thoughts >>
* Bits Blog: Personal Computing’s Big Three Get a Little Bigger >>
* Bits Blog: IBM Wants to Invent the Chips of the Future, Not Make Them >>

* Electric Objects wants to put the digital art world on your wall >>
* IBM invests $3 billion to extend Moore’s law with post-silicon-era chips and new architectures >>
* Health Innovation Summit >>

* Digital Kids Summit >>
* The Planetary Society’s Solar Sail Will Hitch a Ride to Space on a Falcon Heavy >>
* LG has a very flexible 18-inch display, promises 60-inch rollable TVs >>

* Climendo’s weather app compares forecasts to deliver the most accurate >>
* Fuel-Cell Cars Are Going To Get A Big Boost In California Next Year >>
* Finally, a weather forecast you can trust! App claims to provide most accurate predictions by comparing worldwide reports >>

* NASA Finds Friction from Tides Could Help Distant Earths Survive, and Thrive >>
* China high speed rail costs are two thirds the cost of the next lowest cost country >>
* A Speech Synthesizer Direct to the Brain >>

* Forget the Shortest Route Across A City, New Algorithm Finds The Most Beautiful >>
* Low-Power, Color Displays >>
* Targeting a Robotic Brain Capable of Thoughtful Communication >>

* Robots used to automate testing for bacteria, including coliforms >>
* Reflections on the LightSail Project >>
* Here Are The Robots That Could Be Exploring Space For Us In The Future >>

* Here’s What Saving $1.3 Billion On a New Stadium Looks Like >>
* #NETWORKING: “Bell Labs Matches Ethernet with 10 Gbit/s Over Copper Pairs” >>
* MIT discovers ocean microbe that produces biofuel from sunlight >>

* ‘Gobble Hawk’ Wins NASA High-Altitude UAV Design Competition >>
* Your Android Wear Smartwatch Can Now Control Your Phone’s Camera >>
* Better Traffic Light Simulations Could Cut Travel Time and Gas Use >>

* Wireless Electricity? How the Tesla Coil Works >>
* Army of tiny galaxies flooded universe with UV light >>
* Study pushes limits of ultra-fast nanodevices >>

* Human cells’ protein factory has an alternate operating manual >>
* New technology illuminates colder objects in deep space >>
* Researchers develop holography technology that could change the way we view the world >>

* Third-world ideas that are changing first-world lives >>
* Synthetic cannabis ‘not medicinal’ >>
* Artificial spacetime experiment could show tantalizing effects of gravitational waves >>

* Good Drone, Bad Drone: How to Fix the Drone PR Problem >>
* Girl Grows An Ear On Her Arm After Being Mauled By A Raccoon Attack >>

* Where has all the light in the universe gone? >>
* These amazing aerial views from drone photo contest won National Geographic prizes >>
* Dreams of rescuing a retired NASA probe come to an end >>

* HIV virus returns in child thought to have been ‘functionally cured’ >>
* Sports team coaches or parents you will love TeamSnap >>
* US military awards $40 million toward memory implant >>

* Penn Researchers: Consider the ‘Anticrystal’ >>
* Creepy Simulation Shows How Ancient Arachnids Actually Walked >>
* Why people with bipolar disorder are bigger risk-takers >>

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