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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 July 2014

* New Smart Bricks Are Like Lego for Real Buildings >>
* Remote-controlled chip could be the future of contraceptives >>
* Microsoft Invents a Mood Changing Robotic Butterfly >>

* transistor material intended to replace silicon by 2024 >>
* The World’s Best Subway System Is Powered By an Advanced AI Boss >>
* TSA Is On the Lookout For Electronics That Won’t Turn On >>

* Thermal vision: Graphene spans infrared spectrum >>
* Robots used to automate testing for bacteria, including coliforms >>
* Collaborative learning for robots >>

* Phone motion sensors can receive data >>
* Researchers 509 qubit Dwave System performs as well as simulated quantum annealing >>
* TSA Is On the Lookout For Electronics That Won’t Turn On >>

* Japan Pins Hopes on Floating Trains >>
* Smart Toys That Teach Kids What Really Matters >>

* Do not disturb! How the brain filters out distractions >>
* Telescopic Contact Lens Could Improve Eyesight for the Visually Impaired >>
* Google Leaps Ahead in AI Yes Artificial Intelligence >>

* Could Dinosaur DNA Unlock The Secrets Of The Immune System? >>
* What does the future hold for deep learning? >>
* Fridge hacked. Car hacked. Next up, your LIGHT BULBS >>

* Tractor Beam Created Using Water Waves >>
* Scientists criticize Europe’s $1.6B brain project >>
* Neurosurgeons find small brain region that turns consciousness on and off >>

* Printed Diode Is Fast Enough to Speak With Smartphones >>
* No Tech Solution for Civilian IED Threat >>
* Tour the world’s largest cruise ship with Google Street View >>

* Why Your Next Airplane Might Be 3D Printed >>
* Will Foxconn’s Robot Factory Build the iPhone 6? >>
* Airbus Patents Windowless Cockpit That Would Increase Pilots’ Field of View >>

* HP is working on a 17-inch Android tablet >>
* NASA to send 3D Google smartphones for robots to space station >>
* J1502+1115: A Triple Black Hole Galaxy >>

* India’s Building a Huge Floating Solar Farm (This Is Just the Start) >>
* Cool Star Wars video transforms real world airport into Imperial base >>
* Gartner: Tablet shipments to top PCs by 2015 >>

* Apple CEO Tim Cook Is ‘Actively’ Looking For New People On Apple’s Board >>
* 50 Best Android Apps for 2014 >>
* Kickstarter Potato Salad Project Raises $20,000-Plus >>

* Can this 2,250-foot tower produce enough clean energy to replace power plants? >>
* Bill Gates Helped Invent This Remote-Controlled Birth Control Device For Women >>
* Phablets Will Account For Half Of Smartphone Shipments By 2016 >>

* Time Travel: Debate Continues on Hazards of Electromagnetic Waves >>
* Here are a bunch of photos of a giant crocodile robot >>
* 7 smartphone apps to help you do your chores >>

* How to make sure your earphones NEVER get tangled again! >>
* Home Depot expands stock of smart home gadgets >>
* Larry Page’s Plan For People Whose Jobs Are Replaced By Tech: Work Less >>

* Kim Dotcom extradition hearing delayed again >>
* Android Wear review: the everything inbox >>
* Why Facebook is beating the FBI at facial recognition >>

* Printed Diode Is Fast Enough to Speak With Smartphones >>
* The hospital growing noses, tear ducts and blood vessels: custom-made body parts >>

* Internet Censorship Explodes – Google Receives 250,000 “Removal” Requests >>
* Two Planes Almost Collided In Barcelona, And It Was Caught On Video >>
* Most NSA peeking involved ordinary Americans >>

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