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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 July 2014

* Scientists Accidentally Discover The Brain’s Consciousness “Off Switch” >>
* Biological basis for magic mushroom ‘mind expansion’ discovered >>
* Smart Boxing Gloves Show the Power in Your Punch >>

* Targeting a Robotic Brain Capable of Thoughtful Communication >>
* Daimler Introduces Prototype for Self-Driving Truck >>
* Engineered red blood cells could carry therapeutic or diagnostic payloads >>

* Nanoshell shields foreign enzymes used to starve cancer cells from immune system >>
* A new battery that’s cheap, clean, rechargeable, and organic >>
* Cosmic Rays, Neutrons And The Mutation Rate In Evolution >>

* A Protostar’s Age Gleaned Only From Sound Waves >>
* Hospitals Are Using Credit Card Data To Predict People’s Health >>
* Google Now Is The Killer App For Android Wear >>

* Dubai Is Obviously Building the World’s Biggest Mall >>
* IEEE Spectrum Ranks the Top Programming Languages >>
* They Have Seen the Future of the Internet, and It Is Dark >>

* RoboHow is translating the internet for robot use >>
* What Came First, Black Holes Or Galaxies? >>
* In Düsseldorf, A Robot Valet Will Park Your Car >>

* This playable Tetris T-shirt requires you to touch yourself >>
* Beast Sensor On Indiegogo Tracks Your Weight-lifting In Real Time >>
* Hacking Internet Connected Light Bulbs >>

* Cosmic Rays, Neutrons And The Mutation Rate In Evolution >>
* And The Biggest Threat To The Internet Is… >>

* Smart paint signals when equipment is too hot to handle >>
* Megazoom video takes you deep inside a microchip >>
* Remote quantum applications, teleportation enabled by calling long distance between superconducting qubits >>

* Aging: Too Much Telomerase Can Be As Bad As Too Little >>
* Chinese moon rover designer shooting for Mars >>
* First evidence for painless atrial fibrillation treatment >>

* Scientists find gene to slow ageing of flowers >>
* VIDEO: Video drone that flies itself >>
* Ten great technology ideas that do not work >>

* Chimpanzee language: Communication gestures translated >>
* The World’s Languages Have A Significant Bias Towards Happiness >>
* Switching people off >>

* This Chemical Scanner Tells You What’s Really in Your Food >>
* How Artificial Intelligence Could Change Your Business >>
* 3D printed organs come a step closer >>

* Robot Responds to Natural Language Instructions, Brings You Fancy Ice Cream >>
* An electronically stabilized video-camera mount for the masses >>
* The Future of the Workforce May Be Part-Time, Says Google CEO Larry Page >>

* Could Technology make the American Dream affordable with Basic Income and Services >>
* Can Humans Create a New Universe to the Save Our Current One? >>
* Is Age Discrimination better than Youth Unemployment for a Stable Society if there are more pressures from Technological Unemployment ? >>

* These drones learn about their world (and each other) as they fly >>
* Wearable Solar’s Prototype Dress Combines Fashion With Phone-Charging Capabilities >>

* Google And Your Single Point Of Failure For The World Wide Web >>
* £200 ‘smart’ meters every household must pay for (but may not work) >>
* Not yet time for Android Wear smart watches >>

* 3D printer drones will take to skies by 2040, claim BAE scientists >>
* This plug doesn’t need Wi-Fi to be smart >>
* Game of Thrones fifth series: more than 10,000 Spaniards apply to be extras >>

* Here’s Everything We Know About Apple’s Next Major Product Category, The iWatch >>
* Google Just Released A New Map Trivia Game And It’s Really Fun >>
* By 2045 ‘The Top Species Will No Longer Be Humans,’ And That Could Be A Problem >>

* The atomically precise manufacture of quantum dots >>
* Drinkable ‘nanojuice’ could improve how doctors examine the gut >>
* 22 Quotes That Take You Inside Elon Musk’s Brilliant, Eccentric Mind >>

* Intelligence Too Big for a Single Machine >>
* What the Indian space programme can teach the US >>

* Future flight: self-healing, transforming >>
* How fast do you have to run if you want to walk on water? >>

* Vaccine Refusal Myths Drive Up Development Costs, Prices >>
* Scientists create most efficient artificial photosynthesis yet >>
* Peter Thiel Is Returning To Disrupt SF >>

* iOS Developers Make More Money, But Android’s Volume Is Closing The Gap >>
* Android L Is a Game Changer for Developers >>

* Tesla will launch a $30,000 Model E by 2017 >>
* This Chart Shows Why The World Cup Quarterfinals Will Be A Goal Barrage >>

* Top 10 Suppliers of Car MEMS Sensors >>
* Microsoft’s Upcoming Wearable Might Not Be a Smartwatch >>
* Microsoft Reportedly Prepping Office for Android Tablets >>

* Employees Staying Away From Internal Corporate Social Networks >>
* Does The Internet Of Things Need Its Own Network? >>
* North Carolina Set to Outlaw Hunting and Fishing Drones >>

* IBM to present the incredible shrinking supercomputer >>
* Engineered red blood cells can turn blood into medicine >>
* Is Google Wriggling Out Of Right To Be Forgotten? >>

* The Science Behind Alien Contact And ‘Earth To Echo’ >>
* Crossbar on the way to delivery terabyte on a chip nonvolatile 3D RRAM technology >>

* Your Cable Box Is Wasting Absurd Amounts of Energy and Money >>
* Your Next Smartphone Could Have Blisteringly Fast Wi-Fi >>
* Odd Exoplanet Find Hints at Many Earth-Like Worlds >>

* The World’s Strongest MRI Will Be Able to Pick Up a Tank >>
* Genuinely Smarter Toaster That Guarantees Perfect Toast >>
* Bill Gates asks telcoms standards boffins to define future of money >>

* How fast do you have to run if you want to walk on water? >>
* Scientists have NO idea how planets form: Discovery of new worlds has experts baffled >>
* Scientists find how magic mushrooms alter the mind >>

* Hitching A Ride On Red Blood Cells >>
* Elastic Cloaking Material Makes Objects “Unfeelable” >>
* Seti new alien hunting methods to bring us closer than ever to making first contact >>

* Computing paths to asteroids helps find future exploration opportunities >>
* Biggest void in universe may explain cosmic cold spot >>

* Facebook mood-altering experiment on your own News Feed >>
* Researchers reveal giant leap in printing replacement organs >>
* Super athlete gene that lets Tibetans live at high altitude has evolved in just 3,000 years >>

* How time travel can ruin our lives >>
* Success! Private Team Fires 36-Year-Old NASA Probe’s Engines >>

* Ancient Asteroid Destroyer Finally Found, And It’s a New Kind of Meteorite >>
* The longevity gap >>
* How free will the Internet be in 2025? >>

* Samsung Wins Go-Ahead for Vietnam Plant >>
* The world’s first 3D-printed shoe collection in pictures >>
* Baby boomers worse off than those starting work in 1990s >>

* Drones Banned from All US National Parks >>
* We’ve Discovered a Binary Star System Whose Planet Is in Stable Orbit >>
* Airbus: Eh, Pilots Don’t Really Need Windows >>

* A $35 Computer The Size Of A Credit Card Can Be Used For All Kinds Of Amazing Things >>
* From pencil marks to quantum computers >>
* Here’s what’s most likely to kill the free internet by 2025 >>

* When the Terminators come, only Google’s co-founders will be safe >>
* The World’s Most Dangerous Amusement Park Opens Its Gates Again >>

* Ebola ‘out of control’ in West Africa as health workers rush to trace 1,500 ictims >>
* Gillmor Gang: Pass the Buck >>
* ‘Leaked’ Star Wars Filmset Footage Will Fool No One >>

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