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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 July 2014

* Scientists use stem cells to regenerate human corneas >>
* Gesture Controls Are Coming To New Cars Next Year >>
* Most Ambitious AI Project Has Been Operating In Near-Secrecy For 30 Years >>

* Consciousness on-off switch discovered deep in brain >>
* NASA employs a man to smell the universe >>
* Smart fingernails light up when you take a call >>

* Designer red blood cells could move drugs around body >>
* Biobots made from tissue could one day be implanted in humans >>
* Chinese Company ‘3D-Prints 10 Buildings In One Day >>

* Researcher 3-D prints materials that resist flaws and fractures >>
* NanoTHOR: Low-Cost Multiuse Nanosatellites to Deep Space near term 2016-2017 >>
* IMAX unveils first ever 3D digital 4K camera >>

* How an Algorithm is Uniting Europe’s Electrical Fiefdoms >>
* Pushbullet Pushes Files From Windows to Your Phone with a Right Click >>
* Carbon Nanotubes Unzip Into Nanoribbons When Smashed >>

* Microsoft, Google et al form club to push 25/50 Gbps Ethernet >>
* Enablers and drivers for future superlarge 500 million person Metacities >>
* Why More Start-Ups Are Sharing Ideas Without Getting Legal Protection >>

* NASA Launches Carbon-Tracking Satellite >>
* Please Tell This Robot What a Turtle Looks Like >>
* Robot astronaut inspires medicine and manufacturing spinoffs >>

* IBM’s Watson supercomputer will help you cook in this new recipe app >>
* Prepare For Cameras To Invade Your Car >>
* Oculus Rift Hack Lets You Live Real Life Like a Video Game >>
* Devices waste $91b of power a year >>

* Mobile devices to beam 4K video direct to TVs >>
* We can build a sustainable world – if you want it >>

* The Key Feature Of The iWatch Could Be Voice Messaging >>
* Microsoft’s Cortana Has Predicted Every Elimination Round World Cup Game So Far >>
* The DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter Is Now a Real Autonomous Drone >>

* Amazon orders TV pilot about a sickness spreading over social media >>
* The Higgs Paradox –Quantum-Level Discovery Fails to Solve Large-Scale Cosmic Mysteries >>
* “All Galaxies Should Have Large Waves of Dark Matter at their Center” >>

* The Emerging Threat From Twitter’s Social Capitalists >>
* To Facilitate Arrival on Mars, NASA Robots Could Build Infrastructure >>
* Ancient Asteroid Impacts Left Serpentine Traces On Vesta: Study >>

* A Massive New Levee Could Add Two New City Blocks To Manhattan >>
* Do Step Counts Motivate You? >>

* Former Microsoft Engineers Launch Pixotale, Social Networking App For Visual Storytelling >>
* How do ants get around? Ultra-sensitive machines measure their every step >>
* VIDEO: How does crowdfunding work? >>

* Yeti DNA Confirmed To Be Of A Creature Previously Thought To Be Extinct >>
* The $100 Billion Helicopter Dogfight >>
* How To Put On Your Pants Without Using Your Hands — Just Watch Video >>

* App: A Documentary About The Human Side Of The App Revolution >>
* Google Makes Every Person Search In Europe Look Censored >>
* Measuring NMR signals in fuel cells using small planar coils >>

* Rolocule’s Motion Tennis will use Chromecast mirroring to recreate Wii Sports >>
* ‘Revolutionary’ Physics: Do Sterile Neutrinos Lurk in the Universe? >>
* Mobile Phones Carry Owner Microbiome >>

* Scientists withdraw claim about making stem cells >>
* lind lead the way in brave new world of tactile technology >>

* New compound blocks ‘gatekeeper’ enzyme to kill malaria >>
* Titan Tech: Lightweight Drone Could Explore Saturn Moon >>
* Researchers regrow corneas — first known tissue grown from an adult human stem cell >>

* The art of mathematics: Scientist translates complex equations into 3D sculptures >>
* Researchers study ‘smart’ rocks use for detecting bridge damage >>
* Astronauts Keep an Eye on Tropical Storm Arthur from the Space Station >>

* Google Is About To Take Over Your Whole Life, And You Won’t Even Notice >>
* Israel Is Testing A Levitating Monorail Designed To Replace Cars >>
* Engineer on a Mission to Save the World From Buggy Software >>

* Scientists discover teeth protein promises bone regeneration >>
* Controlling Muscles with Light: Neuroscientists Inhibit Muscle Contractions >>
* Are Google And Amazon The Next Threat To Net Neutrality? >>

* Researchers successfully 3D print blood vessels, a ‘game changer’ for artificial organs >>
* Scientists have figured out how to create blood vessels in 3D printed organs >>

* 4 Solar Experiments To Change The World >>
* Magnetic ‘Micro-Robots’ Could Lead to Tiny Automated Factories >>
* Human intelligence and its relationship with computer science explored in new book >>

* Demonstrating a driverless future: Promise of driverless cars >>
* Watch It Swallow An Entire Tree In Seconds >>
* Salt on Mars May Turn Ice into Liquid Water (Video) >>

* Deep learning makes search for exotic particles easier: New computing techniques could aid hunt for Higgs bosons >>
* Singularity 1 on 1: Ageing is not going to cure itself! >>
* Medical News Today: ‘The brain ages faster’ when sleep compromised >>

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