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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 July 2014

* Smart Home Devices Need to Get a Lot Smarter >>
* Boenig making DARPA VTOL X-Plane and it looks like Terminator movie >>
* Have We Been Interpreting Quantum Mechanics Wrong This Whole Time? >>

* Sonic The Hedgehog On Oculus Rift Is Surreal, Terrifying And Hilarious >>
* Clever Oculus Project Lets You Live Your Life In Third Person >>
* I Explored Second Life’s Forgotten Worlds With an Oculus Rift >>

* ‘Humongous’ database has sights on Internet of Things >>
* IBM says nanotube transistors chips could be 5X faster and ready around 2020 >>
* 4D movie theater showing of Transformers 4 on the way to 12D movies >>

* Google is wrong. We don’t all want gadgets that predict our needs. >>
* A Solar Show With Mixed Reviews >>
* The Age of Context – Robert Scoble >>

* Have We Been Interpreting Quantum Mechanics Wrong This Whole Time? >>
* Tech breakthroughs may mean ‘digital everything’ by 2025 >>
* Flying Car Company: China Desperately Needs Flying Cars >>

* Scientists discover ancient baby boom >>
* Dear Facebook, Please Experiment On Me >>
* Facebook Got Permission To Research On Users 4 Months After Emotion Study >>

* Review: Android Wear is about simplifying future >>
* Artificial enzyme mimics the natural detoxification mechanism in liver cells >>
* The Mystery Of The Missing Ocean Trash >>

* Watch This Strongman Pull A Boeing 777 >>
* Bio-printing transplantable tissues and organs is now a step closer >>
* Inside the Google Brother’s Master Mission >>

* Could We Really Terraform An Asteroid? >>
* Fruit Flies To Soar To Space Station For Deep Space Voyage Data | Video >>
* Windows 9 will morph to fit the device it’s running on >>

* Disrupt SF Fireside Chat Between Marc Benioff and Michael Arrington >>
* The Engineer Who Said The Ark Of The Covenant Was A Giant Capacitor >>
* This Is What Riding The World’s Tallest Water Slide Looks Like >>

* Ericsson hits 5Gbps in 5G labs demo >>
* Facebook’s Emotion Study Was All About Keeping Us Addicted To Facebook >>
* Robot Minesweeper Vehicle Demoed in Mock Military Missions >>

* Microsoft’s new encryption makes it tougher to spy on your email >>
* Here’s Why Retailers Are Betting Big On Internet Of Things >>
* Future-Proofing The Smart Home: Staples Thinks It Has The Answer >>

* Apple Adds Two-Factor Authentication to iCloud >>
* IBM: Commercial Nanotube Transistors Are Coming Soon >>
* GE promises smart light bulbs without the usual steep prices >>

* Malarial Mice Smell Better To Mosquitoes >>
* Muscle-powered bio-bots walk on command >>
* ‘Super Bananas’ Enter U.S. Market Trials >>

* DNA based diagnostics 2.0 >>
* Why Don’t Grasshoppers Catch Colds? >>
* How will you choose your next project? >>

* Higgs boson spills secrets as LHC prepared for return >>
* Siri Is About To Get A Whole Lot Better (And It’s About Time) >>
* VIDEO: Wearing Google Glass to the cinema >>

* Eavesdropping on ET: Two New Programs Launching to Listen for Aliens >>
* Here’s What The iPhone 6’s Curved Glass Display Will Look Like >>
* Latest iPhone 6 Mockups Could Offer Preview of the Real Thing >>

* HitchBOT The Hitchhiking Robot To Travel Canada This Summer >>
* Three-Atom Thick Material Switches Between Conductor and Insulator When Tugged >>
* Here’s what it’s like to plummet down the world’s tallest water slide >>

* Solar panels light the way from carbon dioxide to fuel >>
* Brain Drain Is Threatening the Future of U.S. Robotics >>
* Founders Fund Backs a Robotic Lab that Puts Science in the Cloud >>

* Could stress be as contagious as a cold? it can be passed from person to person >>
* Google’s Smarty Pins Lets You Test Your Geography Knowledge >>
* The neural processes of evaluating the emotions of others >>

* Interactive: The Top Programming Languages >>
* NASA’s Human-like Space Robot Pays Dividends on Earth >>
* This is the most ambitious game in the universe >>

* Newly discovered space rock could explain booming life on Earth >>
* The UK wants to start testing robots in public >>
* Synopsis: Gamma-Ray Bursts Guide Search for Gravitational Waves >>

* Brain-Sensing Blankets Put British Airways Passengers’ Emotions on Display >>
* Electronic Skin Moves Us Closer to Cyborgs >>
* You Won’t See This Coming, And Neither Will This Alligator >>

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