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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 July 2014

* NASA Carbon Dioxide-Monitoring Satellite ‘Go’ for Tuesday Launch >>
* Car to Thief: Smile, You’re on Candid Camera! >>
* The Plan to Build a Floating Beach That Travels Around NYC’s Shores >>

* In the Future, Robots Will Analyze Your Personality >>
* The Competition Is Fierce For This Year’s Best Wildlife Photographer >>

* Public restrooms reduce waits by learning from parking garages >>
* Universities Look To Oculus Rift To Lure Students To Campus >>
* The Internet of Things Comes To Your Garden >>

* Google I/O: Seamless Integration: Watch, Tablet, PC, Glass, Smart Home, Smart Car >>
* Disruption Is A Byproduct, Not A Business Model >>
* How Artificial Intelligence Could Change Your Business >>

* Google, Detroit Split On Autonomous Cars >>
* Help Us Find Today’s Unsung Engineering Heroes >>

* Amazon’s Fire TV can consume 80GB a day predicting what you want to watch >>
* Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Launched In July As iPhone Sales Outstrips Galaxy S5 >>
* Here’s what our readers are saying about the new HTC One >>

* Harvard Woman Is Blowing Up $55 Billion Beauty Industry With 3D Printed Makeup >>
* Android Wear smartwatches: Specs, prices and launch dates for all known models >>
* Two-Bladed Wind Turbines Make a Comeback >>

* TED | What will be the most important driver of change in the future? >>
* What might the future hold? Predictions at TED 1984 to 2014 >>
* See Globular Clusters, Nebulas and a ‘Teapot’ In July 2014 Skywatching >>

* Google, carmakers on driverless car collision course >>
* From a supersonic passenger jet to an underground trampoline >>
* The Case for Letting a Failing Arts Industry Die >>

* Does The Internet Need An Emoji-Only Social Network? No, But Who Cares? >>
* Mars One Wants to Send Your Experiments to the Red Planet >>
* Cassini Probe Celebrates 10 Years at Saturn Today >>

* Microsoft Smartwatch Will Reportedly Have 11 Sensors >>
* Power a Car Diagnostics System with a Raspberry Pi >>
* Windows 9 will bring back default desktop and Start Menu >>

* Playing with the emotions of 700,000 Facebook users and is Legal because .. >>
* How does Facebook decide what to show in my news feed? >>
* How To Opt Out Of Facebook’s Mind-Altering Experiments >>

* Scientists engineer nanoparticles to prevent bone cancer, strengthen bones >>
* Scientists develop force sensor from carbon nanotubes >>
* LG’s 77-inch curved OLED 4K TV is every bit as expensive as it sounds >>

* Gambling monkeys believe in ‘winning streaks’ >>
* Forelimb bone data predicts predator style >>
* Facebook’s controversial study: What you need to know >>

* New to Google Earth: Ancient Flying Reptiles >>
* How Google and Apple Plan to Invade Your Next Car >>
* Google turns your phone into VR headset: just add cardboard, rubber bands, cheap lenses >>

* Ebola crisis in west Africa: WHO calls for drastic action >>
* Nasa to launch CO2-tracking satellite >>
* Mind reading, or working out what others are thinking, feeling, is similar to print reading >>

* Albert Einstein Wrong: Speed of Light Calculation May Be Wrong >>
* Wearables Could Be The Next Technology To Transform The Travel Industry >>
* 3-D computer model may refine target for deep brain stimulation therapy for dystonia >>

* The Future of Luxury: Avoiding People >>
* Google Car for Sale: Slightly Underequipped >>
* Wild Ride Ahead >>

* Kinect 2 brings the era of physical interfaces for active play to a definitive end >>
* What Do We Save When We Save the Internet? >>
* The Moore’s Law of 3D Printing… Yes it Does Exist, And Could Have Implications >>

* Medical News Today: Scientists map cell’s DNA history to embryonic origin >>
* For $10,000, a start-up can give a car self-driving capabilities >>
* Will Earth Appear Habitable to Alien Astronomers? –Ocean Glint May be a Clue >>

* 10 Breakthrough Innovations That Will Shape The World In 2025 >>
* Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference 2014 >>
* Jeremy Rifkin on the Zero Marginal Cost Society and the Decline of Capitalism >>

* Should the Higgs boson have caused our Universe to collapse? >>

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