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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 June 2014

* Facial Recognition Might Be Coming To Your Car >>
* This Startup Says It Can Make Any Car Autonomous for $10,000 >>
* Gliese 832c: Potentially Habitable Super-Earth Discovered 16 Light-Years Away >>

* NASA has nothing on these moon-bound robots >>
* How Solar-Powered Water Wheel Can Clean 50,000 Pounds of Trash From Harbor >>
* Charlie Stross on the stop/go nature of technological change >>

* Apple vs. Google: The race is on for the wrist, TV, car >>
* Winners named in global underwater robot event >>
* YouTube Is About to Change Drastically >>

* Israeli nanotech innovation can ‘smell’ bombs >>
* Check Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency with a Thermometer >>
* California, Texas Hit New Records for Renewables on the Grid >>

* Gillmor Gang: The Other Shoe >>
* Is America Incapable of Regulating Robots? >>
* Reconstructing the life history of a single cell >>

* Robots on the march into retirement homes >>
* This 200,000-ton titan is now the largest oil rig in the world >>
* Beating human hearts grown in a lab: to be infected with disease to test drugs >>

* Timelapses of New Zealand Are Stunning Science >>
* YouTube Is Finally Serving Video at 60 Frames Per Second >>
* Chromecast Now Pairs With Phones Using SImple Ultrasonic Pulses >>

* Robot builders work together to create structures much bigger than themselves >>
* That Toy is Now a Drone, Says the FAA >>
* Martian Anniversary Selfie >>

* Facebook Manipulated 689,003 Users’ Emotions For Science >>
* Wearable computing gloves can teach Braille, even if you’re not paying attention >>
* Ultrasonic waves allow for precision micro- and nano-manufacturing of thin-film chips >>

* Weed’s Chronic Energy Use Becomes a Concern >>
* Private Castles in the Cloud >>
* Nasa tests Mars landing technology >>

* Why Going to Other Planets Could Save the Earth >>
* A Starship Worth Fighting For >>
* How Interstellar Space Travel Works (Infographic) >>
* Russia Scrubs Maiden Launch of Next-Generation Rocket >>

* Google Makes Its Search Engine a Remote Control for Some Mobile Apps >>
* Ray Kurzweil says we’ll be 3D printing our clothes in less than 10 years >>
* The Space-Based Quantum Cryptography Race >>

* Designing Brain Implants to Detect More and Last Longer >>
* This scary machine erases entire trees out of existence in seconds >>
* Researchers have detected the smallest force ever measured. >>

* YouTube’s (finally) adding 60fps video support >>
* A 36-core chip design with an Internet-style communication network >>
* Researchers have detected the smallest force ever measured. >>

* NASA’s Orion Deep Space Capsule Completes Most Complex Parachute Test >>
* EMC2 Bussard Fusion Dr Park Spoke about the status of the project >>
* US Supreme Court acknowledges peronsal space has merged with digital world >>

* Your Dinner Table: Soon to Be Cleared by Robots >>
* We’re Not Ready for Robots >>
* MIT’s Local Warming system warms you while you wander >>

* DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals: Dates, Location >>
* Watch The Live Stream Of 500 Startups’ Premoney Conference Here >>

* Future cars may give themselves dimples to reduce drag >>
* Intelligent Autonomous Flying Robots Learn and Map Environment As They Fly >>
* Angular Size of a Soccer Goal >>

* What Google Understands: Context Is King >>
* Visualizing Algorithms >>
* DisplayFusion 6.0 Adds More Improvements to Multi-Monitors in Windows >>

* Astronomers discover Earth-sized ‘diamond’ 900 light years away >>
* TECH NOW: Talk to a virtual doctor on your iPad >>
* ‘Compressive sensing’ provides new approach to measuring a quantum system >>

* robotic trousers help paraplegics walk again: bionic suit finally approved >>
* Astronaut health check with single drop of blood >>
* The Internet Of Things Will Need Millions Of Developers By 2020 >>

* Powerful body that runs Internet backbone mulls future >>
* Ingenious new food packaging could shrink landfills >>
* Finally, a smart watch for grown-ups >>

* TECH NOW: Turn exercise into a game; sip smart with Vessyl >>
* UK Facing ‘Major’ Sperm Shortage >>
* A Major Scientific Breakthrough Could Save The Lives Of People Who Need Organs >>

* How To Decorate Your House Using Only A 3-D Printer >>
* Here’s Why Robots Will Increasingly Be Less, Not More, Human-Like >>
* Astronaut video shows lightning storm as viewed from space >>

* Charlie Stross on the stop/go nature of technological change >>
* Man moves paralyzed hand with his own thoughts >>
* Ask the crowd: Robots learn faster, better with online helpers >>

* Could Ebola Spread to the United States? >>
* Why Future Generations May Consider Us Barbaric >>
* California governor signs bill legalizing bitcoin >>

* Galaxy Cove Vista Revisited >>
* California makes it legal to pay with Bitcoin and other virtual currencies >>
* Why Your Genes Aren’t A Language >>

* Beyond Blood imagines a future where algorithms govern inheritance, not your will >>
* Facebook Data Scientists Manipulated News Feed To Perform A Psychology Experiment >>

* Future cars may give themselves dimples to reduce drag >>
* Internet 2025: How It Could Look Like >>
* A 1,000-foot high wall might be the key to saving the midwest from tornados >>

* Google, Not OEMs, Will Control The Android Wear, Auto and TV UI >>
* Google Chrome gets one-click video chats, no download required >>
* After I/O 2014, Google has ensured the Android brand takes center stage >>
* Google I/O Tech: What Will Stand The Test Of Time? >>

* Android L makes sense, even if it doesn’t set the world alight >>
* Android L and iOS 8: you won’t want to leave but you have to pick one >>
* Google I/O: What We Learned >>
* Using Android L: a first look at Google’s future >>
* Missed Google I/O? Here are 5 big things you need to know >>

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