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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 June 2014

* Hover cars to be built in Tel Aviv >>
* Virtual world Second Life to be reincarnated, with Oculus Rift >>
* A Chip In This Man’s Brain Let Him Will His Paralyzed Hand To Move >>

* Google I/O 2014 keynote liveblog >>
* Iraqis use Firechat messaging app to overcome net block >>
* Ebola deaths pass 300 in West Africa – WHO >>

* Wearable Goose Bump Sensor May Detect Some Emotions >>
* Google’s Nest Thermostat talks to your car, washing machine >>
* Former SpaceX Employee Explains What It’s Like To Work For Elon Musk >>

* Computer spots rare diseases in family photos >>
* Woman or machine? New robots look creepily human >>

* Microsoft unveils Android phone >>
* The New Abstinence: Not Googling Your Date >>

* Your phone will never love you back and you shouldn’t want it to >>
* Scientists simulate time travel using light particles >>
* Why The Future of Work Is All About Challenging Convention >>

* Google Makes Its Nest At The Center Of The Smart Home >>
* Harmony Ultimate Remote Now Supports Nest Thermostat >>
* Intriguing X-Ray Signal Might be Dark Matter Candidate >>

* Android’s Next Named Release (Lollipop?) Will Be Announced at Google I/O >>
* Deep Time: Targeting Another Galaxy >>
* Big Bang Theory Questioned –“The Universe Should Not Have Lasted for More than a Second” >>

* CNN wants to prove that drones are safe for news reporting >>
* How would you like to interface with your autonomous car? >>

* Microsoft: law enforcement faces ‘bleak future’ if US doesn’t scale back its spying >>
* Roll-your-own database architecture >>
* With New API, Developers Can Build Apps For Nest’s Smart Home Devices >>

* LHC confirms the Standard Model of Physics and that creates a big problem >>
* Even Samsung Can’t Screw Up the Galaxy Tab S >>

* Soundhawk Launches App-Enabled Wearable to Enhance Hearing >>
* The Internet of Things’ inflection point >>
* Beyond Tianhe-2 >>

* Can you tell the difference? World’s first robotic broadcasters are so lifelike they read news and even recite tongue twisters >>
* Discontinued GPS Networks and the Mystery Islands That Go With Them >>

* Facelock: A new password alternative which plays to the strengths of human memory >>
* Forget Virgin Galactic, balloons will take you to the edge of space for a THIRD of price 2016 launch >>
* New research finds that cell phones reflect our personal microbiome >>

* Can a mouthguard sensor make football safer? >>
* Cure for HIV is a ‘major scientific priority’ >>
* 25 SECONDS: Inflatable tourniquet quickly stems a soldier’s blood loss on the battlefield >>

* Cell phones reflect our personal microbiome >>
* Researchers define boundaries of petawatt laser absorption >>
* New Tokyo museum robot guides look, sound human >>

* More solar energy powering Corporate America >>
* Surf Report: How to locate a lost smartphone >>
* TECH NOW: Best new tech to help aging parents >>

* 3D Imaging Could Solve the Mystery of China’s Terracotta Army >>
* Google sees bright future in wearable devices >>
* Google unveils Glassware update ahead of I/O >>

* Continents May Be Key Feature of ‘Super-Earth’ Alien Planets >>
* Angela Ahrendts Blogs About Three Things She’s Learned Since Starting At Apple >>
* Sun’s Plasma ‘Rains’ At Nearly 124,000 Miles Per Hour | Time-Lapse Video >>

* Oculus VR Is Buying the Design Team Behind the 360 Controller and Kinect >>
* Medical News Today: Hydrogel ‘smart pill’ shows promise as weight loss aid >>
* At Google I/O, A Bid To Beat Apple To New Devices >>

* How the “Spirit” of Japan Is Helping Build a Better Stealth Fighter >>
* Google Loon Wi-Fi balloon creates panic in New Zealand >>
* Pure Genius: How Dean Kamen’s Invention Could Bring Clean Water To Millions >>

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