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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 June 2014

* Scientists Have Simulated Time Travel With Photons >>
* Eye Implant Could Make Glasses Obsolete >>
* A low-cost ‘super-resolution’ microscopic optical device >>

* A Tale Of Two Patents: Why Facebook Can’t Clone Snapchat >>
* Startups Launch New Generation Of Smart Wristbands >>
* Disruptions: Smile! A Drone Is About to Take Your Picture >>

* Scientists find earliest known evidence of parasitic worm that now infects millions >>
* Forrester: Top Technology Trends For 2014 And Beyond >>
* China’s ‘Lunar Palace’ for Space Research Tested on Earth >>

* Sony brings 4K camcorder to the masses >>
* EFF To Unveil Open Wireless Router For Open Wireless Movement >>
* IRL: IK Multimedia’s iLoud portable Bluetooth speaker >>

* The Electronic Frontier Foundation Wants You To Make Your Router Public >>
* Why Humans Can’t Re-Grow Limbs (Yet) >>
* This Mathematical Model Shows You Exactly Where to Park Your Starship >>

* This Mathematical Model Shows You Exactly Where to Park Your Starship >>
* Consumer Robotics Is Finally Ready For Prime Time >>
* Microscopic View of How Leaves Repel Water >>

* Dotcom’s Disruptive Music Service First to Support FLAC Streaming >>
* Yo Is the Perfect App For The iWatch, One New Feature Could Make It A Twitter-Killer >>
* Are You Using Facebook’s Slingshot? >>

* Workplace Surveillance Sees Good and Bad >>
* When Drones Fall From the Sky >>
* Google Gesture App Translates Sign Language Into Spoken Language >>

* Google’s Nest buys Dropcam to connect the home further >>
* Meet Intel’s vision of the future, from robots to smart cars to talking dogs >>
* US senators introduce bill to expand Wi-Fi spectrum >>

* Google now offers links to music apps when you search for bands on Android >>
* A 10-sensor iWatch says Apple’s smartwatch will be nothing like Android Wear >>

* Start-up: Transatomic Power Wants to Build a Better Reactor >>
* Will 7nm and 5nm CPU Process Tech Really Happen? >>
* The Intelligence Of Things: Dangerous [100 Words Into The Future] >>

* Google’s Search Engine Can Now Launch Your Favorite Music Apps, Turn On The Tunes >>
* Quantum computing firm calls ‘bullshit’ as scientists undermine its technology >>
* Humanoid robot Nao gets battery, face-detection boost >>

* The Kit Kat Car Desktop >>
* Apple’s iWatch To Feature Blood Glucose Monitoring? >>
* VIDEO: Ebola outbreak is ‘out of control’ >>

* Google Is Now Watching To See If You Have Kids >>
* THE INSIDE STORY OF YO: How A ‘Stupid’ App Attracted Million Of Dollars And Rocketed To The Top Of The App Store >>
* Diet restriction suspends development in nematode worms, doubles lifespan >>

* The $1 Million Yo App Was Created So That An Investor Could Call His Secretary >>
* Scientists as a Revolutionary Class >>
* Aliens abduct the world’s smartest creature >>

* Medical News Today: How a smartphone could prevent falls >>
* Smartphone App Measures Respiratory Rate to Help Detect Pneumonia in Children >>
* Star Trek Phase 2 TV Series Kickstarter Blasts By 2014 Goal, Will Release New Episodes On The Web >>

* Apple Might Finally Solve Photo Storage Hell >>
* The One Thing You Never Noticed In “Back To The Future” >>
* Driving, Driving, Driving – Curiosity’s Top Priority on the Road to Mysterious Mount Sharp >>

* Video: Robot can be programmed by casually talking to it >>
* Exponential Organizations: Why new organizations are ten times better, faster, cheaper than yours (and what to do about it) >>
* Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future >>

* As Google, Apple Get Ready To Change Mobile Health >>
* Playing ‘Death from Above’ with Oculus Rift >>
* Quirky to Create a Smart-Home Products Company >>

* Control VR Opens The Door To Virtual Offices >>
* My Internet Hometown >>
* A New Call To Build A Massive Alien-Seeking Space Telescope >>

* NASA wants to capture an asteroid in 2019 >>
* Future of camera companies could be found in healthcare technologies >>
* Redefining What It Means To Talk In The Age Of Smartphones >>

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