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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 June 2014

* Memory Cells Built on Paper >>
* This Robot Is Going To Hitchhike Across Canada By Itself >>
* Artificial Pancreas Shows Promise in Diabetes Test >>

* Researchers Hope ‘Super Bananas’ Will Combat Vitamin A Deficiency >>
* The Next 20 Years Are Going To Make The Last 20 Look Like We Accomplished Nothing >>
* Google Wants To Offer Balloon-Powered Internet Access As Early As Next Year >>

* Modern Armor Won’t Stand a Chance Against This New Missile Launcher >>
* Satellites Are Now Cleared to Take Photos at Mailbox-Level Detail >>
* It Only Takes This Electric Bus 15 Seconds To Charge At Every Stop >>

* GPS tracking case has left unsettled questions >>
* A gene that stimulates growth of new brain cells in adults >>
* Charging portable electronics to be super-fast, widely accessible >>

* New Methane-Hunting Tool Could Boost Search for Alien Life >>
* Zero-Gravity Espresso Machine Created By Italians | Video >>
* Fullauto StrainEye LSM-9000LE Simplifies Strain Measurements >>

* Gaia Space Telescope Team Battles ‘Stray Light’ Problems At Start Of Mission >>
* A ‘bionic pancreas’ might transform how diabetes is managed >>
* Does DNA determine betting behaviour? Risk-taking linked to chemicals controlled by genes >>

* Microsoft Unveils Machine Learning for the Masses >>
* Data point: Despite hurdles to adoption, wearables market will expand >>
* Google’s Acquisition Will Allow It To Spy On Apple, Predict When New Products Coming >>

* Microsoft to implement ‘Catapult’ programmable processors in its datacenters >>
* Robots Get Flexible and Torqued Up With Origami Wheels >>

* These Revolutionary Optics Could Make Battlefield Lasers a Reality >>
* U.S. Military Wants Laser-Armed Humvees to Shoot Down Drones >>
* New Sensor To Detect Food-Borne Bacteria On Site >>

* Game of Thrones Season Finale Sets New Piracy Record >>
* Crowd-control drones reveal the technology’s dark side >>
* Match.com Will Use Facial Recognition to Find People Like Your Ex >>

* Super-Elastic Battery Gets Ready for Electric Clothes [Video] >>
* Want your own cycle lane? Samsung’s smart bike uses LASERS to project lines on a road >>
* A drone’s eye view of the world: Map collates footage of landmarks >>

* Turn ANY watch into a smartwatch: £40 attachment connects with a phone >>
* Scientists use LiDAR, 3-D modeling software to intricately map active Chinese fault zone >>
* On-Demand Grocery Startup Instacart Raises $44 Million From Andreessen Horowitz >>

* Large-scale tests with self-driving cars to hit Dutch roads >>
* Movie Piracy Combated by Narrowing Theatrical Release Window >>
* This remote-controlled car moves on land, sea and air >>

* Samsung looks to backyard projects for IoT inspiration >>
* Facebook Paper’s New Trending Section Makes It A Better Real-Time News Reader >>
* Samsung hints that its next Galaxy Note phone will have a quad HD display >>

* Autonomous camera drone lets you shoot your own action scenes >>
* Jobs lost to automation: Doom and gloom? Maybe not, expert says >>
* Robot hand sees in 3D to get a grip >>

* Machines Teach Humans How to Feel Using Neurofeedback >>
* A Remote-Controlled Car That Fears No Terrain >>
* Printeer is the 3D printer your kids can use >>

* Microsoft readies public preview of cloud-based machine-learning service >>
* Bits Blog: Microsoft Unveils Machine Learning for the Masses >>
* Sensor in eye could track pressure changes, monitor for glaucoma >>

* ‘Computers might be able to steal our mind and tamper with thought processes’>>
* Smart Meters: Are They Spying On You? >>
* Harrison Ford Out Of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ For Weeks Due To Broken Ankle >>

* Forget touchscreens, 3D holographic displays are coming >>
* US lifts restrictions on more detailed satellite images >>
* Are we about to see the rise of robot bosses? >>
* Robot doctors, online lawyers and automated architects: the future of the professions? >>

* Spin-Off Company Develops Drill-Less Tooth Cavity Treatment >>
* French soccer team watched by rogue drone at World Cup training base >>
* I don’t feel your pain >>

* The Designer Of The F-15 Explains Just How Stupid The F-35 Is >>
* Google Glass just turned on an Enterprise site. >>
* Einstein vs quantum mechanics: Why he’d be a convert today >>
* Astronomy Cast Ep. 349: Mercury 7, How the US picked the first astronauts >>

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