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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 June 2014

* WiFi tech lets scientists monitor your vital signs through walls >>
* Scientists Have Created an “Absolutely Crazy” Deadly Airborne Flu Virus >>

* HP says ‘The Machine’ will supercharge Android phones to 100TB >>
* Google In Talks To Take Virgin Galactic Stake >>

* World Cup Refs Are Wearing Smartwatches That Alert Them To Goals >>
* World Cup debut for ‘unhackable’ goal technology >>
* Why The World Cup Exoskeleton Kickoff Is More Than Impressive >>

* Sony Creates Curved CMOS Sensors That Mimic the Eye >>
* Robot wields mop in Fukushima nuclear plant cleanup >>
* Virgin Galactic could soon help Google launch satellites >>

* Sensor-Enabled Smart Cup Can Tell You Exactly What’s in Your Drink >>
* Warm or Cold? Dinosaurs Had ‘In-Between’ Blood >>
* With ‘The Machine,’ HP May Have Invented a New Kind of Computer >>

* Harrison Ford Injures Himself On The Star Wars 7 Set, EVERYBODY PANIC >>
* Could a machine or an AI ever feel human-like emotions ? >>

* Massive ‘ocean’ discovered towards Earth’s core >>
* Team confirms first signs of oxygen in ancient oceans >>

* Comcast Turns 50,000 Homes into Wi-Fi Hotspots >>
* Drone Captures Awesome Footage of 30 Dolphins Surfing At The Same Time >>
* Lighter cars with new robotic welding method >>

* Lowe’s Is Putting (Kinda Sorta) Holodecks In Some of Its Stores >>
* Now, a wristwatch to monitor glucose, pulse rate & hydration levels >>
* Is insecurity the new normal? >>

* Watching this electron microscope zoom into a microchip fried my brain >>
* The Era of Cloud Computing >>

* Your Brain Evolved from Bacteria >>
* Simulations Reveal How White Lies Glue Society Together and Black Lies Create Diversity >>
* China’s population should be 70% urbanized by 2030 and all with mobile internet, ecommerce and social media by 2020 >>

* Terahertz detectors using carbon nanotubes may lead to major imaging improvements >>
* World Cup 2014 Stadiums in Brazil Seen from Space (Photos) >>
* 3-D Printer To Fly To Space In August, Sooner Than Planned >>

* Synchronized brain waves enable rapid learning >>
* 12 Futuristic Forms of Government That Could One Day Rule the World >>
* What is Astrophysics? >>

* Li-ion Batteries with Nanotube Anodes Charge Phones in Ten Minutes >>
* You Can Finally Buy the Wheelchair Professor X Would Use >>
* Boeing’s New “Space Taxi” Will Launch Astronauts To Space From US Soil >>

* What Is Space, Exactly? >>
* Awesome Radar Images Reveal Asteroid 2014 HQ124′s Split Personality >>

* Starbucks to Start Offering Wireless Charging in San Francisco >>
* Military’s ‘Plan X’ would put cyberweapons into the hands of soldiers >>
* Why Smart People Struggle with Strategy >>

* Intelligent Ringer Adjusts Your Ringtone Volume Based on Ambient Noise >>
* Too-Big-To-Innovate Is Not About Innovation >>
* Artificial Intelligence Or Human Stupidity? Turing-Test Hype Is Red Herring >>

* Genome confirms the origin of string beans >>
* Circuits capable of functioning at temperatures greater than 350 degrees Celsius >>

* 3D cameras to help in crash clear-up >>
* American robots to assist in World Cup security >>
* Five video game trends from E3 2014 >>

* Could Asteroids Solve The Fuel Problem In Space? Planetary Resources Video >>
* The Sun Fires Off a Third X-Class Flare >>

* Human Blood Substitute Could Help Meet Donor Blood Shortfall >>
* Parrot’s MiniDrone and Jumping Robot to Hit Stores in August >>

* HP’s Machine technology rethinks the basics of computing >>
* Amazon Said to Be Close to Unveiling Music Streaming Service >>
* Young Blood Reverses Age-Related Cognitive Impairment >>

* Why the Turing test needs updating >>
* What does Passing The Turing Test mean? Indicators of Progress in AI? >>

* Goodbye big bang, hello big silence >>
* The Future And You–June 11, 2014 >>
* World Cup Prediction Mathematics Explained >>

* NASA’s Orion spacecraft stacks up for first flight >>
* This Social Network Raised $2 Million To Help You Find Clothes That Fit >>
* After Announcing Plans To Destroy Microsoft Windows, HP CEO Meg Whitman Pulls A Gutsy Move >>

* NASA reveals why new World Cup 2014 ball is so much better than 2010’s >>
* How Virtual Reality Will Change Life In The Workplace >>
* Human and Chimp Genes May Have Split 13 Million Years Ago >>

* What is Big Data and when will it be Smart Data? >>
* The Smallpox Dilemma >>
* Dream Chaser Space Plane Prototype to Fly Again in 2014 >>

* Helicopter drones are ready to drop driverless vehicles into danger zones >>
* Shock And Stress May Trigger Heart Attacks Due To Balance Between Hormones And Bacteria >>
* Britain Braces For World War II-style Energy Rationing >>

* Israeli startup uMoove uses facial tracking to control mobile phones and tablets with head movements >>
* A Beautiful At-Home Medical Device That Cuts Out Trips to the Doctor >>
* BMW confirms that it met with Tesla this week to talk about electric cars >>

* Mainstream media ‘still dominate online news’ >>
* Tesla wants to kill gasoline by sharing its electric car technology with everyone >>

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