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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 June 2014

* Are Scientists Close To Creating A New Organ That Generates Electricity? >>
* Japanese firms develop 13-inch 8K OLED display >>
* Scientists are working out whether you can have a baby with yourself >>

* NASA Is Working On A Warp Drive Ship And The Pictures Are Amazing >>
* NASA’s Warp Drive Project: Speeds Could Take Spacecraft to Alpha Centauri in 2 Weeks >>
* NASA Project with Quantum Inertial Gravimetry and In Situ ChipSat Sensors >>

* Discovery 2014: Opening Keynotes – Salim Ismail and Brad Templeton >>
* Digital Summit: 2014 Roundup >>
* Digital Summit: How to Build Livable Megacities >>
* Digital Summit: Microsoft’s Quantum Search for the “Next Transistor” >>

* Countdown to first test of the Orion spacecraft begins >>
* NASA Gets Ready to Launch Its Flying Saucer From Hawaii >>
* Microsoft Protests Order for Email Stored Abroad >>

* HP Is Building A Supercomputer To Challenge IBM’s Watson >>
* Samsung Invents a Futuristic Holographic-like User Interface >>
* Researchers create miniature human retina in a dish >>

* IBM Bids $11 Billion for Military’s Medical Records Overhaul Using Watson >>
* Your life is going to change faster than ever before >>
* ALMA Sheds New Light on ‘Dark’ Gamma-ray Bursts >>

* Discovery 2014: The Physics of Innovation: Putting “Quantum” Into Context >>
* Discovery 2014: Hyperconnectivity and the Internet of Everything – Panel >>
* Discovery 2014: 3D Manufacturing: Beyond the Hype – Panel >>
* Discovery 2014: Brad Templeton – Artificial Intelligence and Robotics >>

* Google calls on carriers to craft IoT plans >>
* New 3D Print Head Makes It Easier To Print Nutella >>
* Nanoparticle Self Assembly of Wafer-Scale Thin Films Done in Minutes >>

* A New Dating App Won’t Let Men Join Unless Women Approve Them First >>
* Coney Island’s Newest Roller Coaster Is Narrower Than Most Apartments >>

* Eye candy: chocolate that looks as good as it tastes >>
* Human tongue has a sixth taste sense >>
* Toward 24-7 glucose monitoring to help manage diabetes >>

* Retailers Are Abandoning Teenage Customers >>
* Babysitters For New York’s Wealthy Demand Car Service, Sushi, And Cash >>
* How to Predict the World Cup >>

* Why Haven’t We Encountered Aliens Yet? The Answer Could be Climate Change >>
* NASA: If Alien Life Uses Chemistry, We’ll have the Capability to Find It >>

* What a space settlement would actually look like in real life >>
* A Tiny Scout-Bot Helps This Four-Legged Robot Find the Safest Path >>
* Treat Your Workers Like Family: Simon Sinek on Common Sense Leadership >>

* E3 2014: Five favorites from the first day >>
* VIDEO: E3: Sony’s cinematic monster-hunt >>
* VIDEO: ‘X-class’ solar flares caught on film >>
* VIDEO: Introducing the 3D-printed raspberry >>

* Mark Zuckerberg wants to price the consumer Oculus Rift at lowest cost possible >>
* Researchers find weird magic ingredient for quantum computing >>

* Ray Kurzweil’s Responses to announcement of chatbot passing the Turing test >>
* Google futurist Ray Kurzweil and other experts say chatbot didn’t pass Turing Test >>
* Turing Test ‘Passed’ by Chatbot ‘Eugene Goostman’ – What Does it Mean? – Ben Goertzel >>
* Ray Kurzweil Says He Didn’t Actually Win The Longest-Running Bet On The Internet >>

* Handheld terahertz cameras could replace MRI >>
* Fancy Bluetooth Ring Connects to Your Phone for Discreet Alerts >>
* ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff To Film At London’s Pinewood Studios In 2015 >>

* Wearing sunscreen may NOT prevent skin cancer: Study SPF factor 50 creams can’t fully protect against UV rays >>
* Contextuality puts the ‘magic’ in quantum computing >>
* iOS 7 flaw means the lock screen can be bypassed in seconds >>

* NASA is Looking for a Few Good Economists >>
* The Future of Singularity University Unfolds at the 2014 Graduate Studies Program Opening Ceremony >>
* Boom! Enormous Supernova Explosion Created in the Lab >>

* Nanotube forests drink water from arid air >>
* The Future of Technology isn;t just a rich man’s game >>
* This 370-Inch TV Costs $1.6 Million — and Someone Actually Bought It >>

* Intelligence Too Big for a Single Machine >>
* Google releases app for I/O 2014 >>
* Earth is around 60 million years older than previously thought research finds >>

* About 25% of nanotech experts will be from India by 2025 >>
* The world is on the brink of a mass extinction. Here’s how to avoid that. >>
* Fact or Fiction?: Mammoths Can Be Brought Back from Extinction >>

* Medtronic Wants to Implant Sensors in Everyone >>
* Science of Deflector Shields Revolutionised By Discovery Of Radiation Shelters On Moon >>
* Robots clean Israeli solar panels without water >>

* IBM Watson’s New Gig: Improving the Customer Experience >>
* Big and Little Legged Robots Team Up to Conquer Terrain >>
* Google and Satellite-Imaging Startup Skybox Go From Neighbors to Family >>

* A Stylish Power Strip You Won’t Want To Hide Under a Table >>
* These Japanese Ultra-Luxury Trains Are Penthouses on Rails >>
* Coney Island’s Newest Roller Coaster Is Narrower Than Most Apartments >>

* Salesforce Wear Will Turn Your Wearable Tech Into A Powerful Business Tool >>

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