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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 June 2014

* Wearable SIM Could Let You Use One Number With Any Device >>
* 370-inch TV costs more than the mansion you’d need to house it >>
* The World’s Smallest Electric Vehicle Is More Compact Than a Carry-On >>

* Aluminum air batteries in and demonstration electric car >>
* Staggering Promise of Exponential Technologies in a Succinct 5-Minute Video >>
* All the games from Sony’s PlayStation event at E3 2014 >>

* Scientists create an ‘eye-in-a-dish’ using human stem cells >>
* Future Of Work In The Sharing Economy >>
* Space Plane Prototype Dropped From Helicopter In Test | Video >>

* A Kitchen Scale That Makes Anyone Into an Expert Baker >>
* Want to Know How Many Calories Are in Your Food? This Gadget Tells You >>
* First ESA is providing regular space-weather reports for another planet. >>

* Google is helping build a giant database for understanding autism >>
* The Trillion Dollar Market: Fuel in Space from Asteroids >>

* Strati wins 3D printed car challenge >>
* MINOS result narrows field for sterile neutrinos >>
* Arup uses 3D printing to create structural steel components >>

* Time to Swap Power Plants for Giant Batteries? Almost >>
* Match.com Can Use Pictures of Your Ex to Find You a Date >>
* The Promise of a New Internet >>

* Mario Maker Lets You Build Your Own Levels >>
* More Robots Won’t Mean Fewer Jobs >>
* The world is a canvas: introducing the street art project >>

* Virtual Tween Passes Turing Test >>
* Medtronic Wants to Implant Sensors in Everyone >>
* MakerBot app lets you remotely check 3D prints in case they go all wrong >>

* How to Convert an Old PC to a VM for Under $40 >>
* What the Future Holds: If Robots Drove, How Much Safer Would Roads Be? >>
* Netflix rumored to get exclusive new Star Trek series >>

* Super-powerful laser will point the way to better deep space observations >>
* Japanese carrier Docomo wants to move your phone’s SIM card into a wearable >>
* First response made faster with video analytics >>

* World Cup: Paralysed teenager makes final preparations to use the Mind-controlled exoskeleton during opening ceremony >>
* Researchers use human stem cells to create light-sensitive retina in a dish >>
* Mammography has led to fewer late-stage breast cancers, U-M study finds >>

* Can the NSA listen to your iPhone microphone even when it is is turned OFF Experts say it is possible – but reveal trick to really turn off your phone >>
* Brain Implantable Device to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury >>

* E3 2014: Five things we learned at PlayStation event >>
* Vivint Sky promises easy home automation >>

* A Drone The Whole Neighborhood Can Control >>
* The NSA Won’t Hand Over Data Because It Literally Can’t Keep Track of It >>
* Game Of Thrones’ Gag-Inducing Prosthetics Are Amazing >>

* New molecular self-assembly process scales up from nanometers to millimeters >>
* Nanoparticle thin films that self-assemble in one minute >>
* Nanoparticles Anchored to Graphene and Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Foam for Supercapacitors >>

* Biotech Makes Personalized Cancer Vaccines Using Tumor Samples >>
* My Life, Logged >>
* Will NASA’s Pluto Flyby in 2015 Reignite Planet Debate? >>

* Google Just Bought a Swarm of Satellites To Make Maps Way Better >>
* Google to acquire satellite eye-in-sky Skybox for $500m >>
* How Google’s New Satellite Company Is Going To Change The World (GOOG) >>

* LEAKED: LG’s Android-Powered Smartwatch Will Have 4GB Of Storage, And 36 Hour Battery Life >>
* Apple Patented A Fitness Device That Could Work With The iWatch (AAPL) >>
* Sony Announces Its Apple TV Killer, PlayStation TV >>

* ‘Cuddle hormone’ oxytocin could improve bone health and combat muscle wasting >>
* No, A ‘Supercomputer’ Did NOT Pass The Turing Test For The First Time And Everyone Should Know Better >>
* Hillary’s Hard Choices, By The Numbers >>

* NASA to Launch New Ultra-Light Inflatable Habitats for the International Space Station >>
* Roadside Laser Could Remotely Detect Drivers’ Alcohol Breath >>
* Biodegradable fibers as strong as steel made from wood cellulose >>

* Nuclear bomb nearly detonated over North Carolina, declassified report says >>
* The best of E3 2014, the most important week in gaming >>

* A Lunar Discovery Reveals The Secret To Building Deflector Shields >>
* M51: X-Rays from the Whirlpool >>
* Global Private wealth increased to $152 trillion in 2013 >>

* Top 10 Biotech Jobs Most in Demand over the Next Decade >>
* Engineers Successfully Test New Engine for Europe’s Vega Carrier Rocket >>
* Ending Pain Could Make Us Live Longer >>

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