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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 June 2014

* Toyota is investigating cars that hover above the road >>
* Male faces ‘evolved to take punches’ >>
* Rats shown to feel regret over bad decisions >>

* Smart Hoodie Responds to Gestures, Sends Text Messages >>
* This Mom Built An Empire To Save Her Child >>
* The Little Israeli Rocketship Gearing Up to Win $20 Million from Google >>

* Researchers Can Now Create Lenses For Less Than a Penny >>
* Worse Than A Trade War: China’s Anti-Americanism Flares >>
* How to build an optical invisibility cloak for a diffusive medium >>

* Exotic, Highly-EfficientLearn from Google, Airbus chief warns aerospace industry >>
* Solar Cells May Soon Get Cheaper >>
* Wristbands developed by Barclays to allow users to purchase a coffee or train ticket with the swish of an arm >>
* New research shows that gravitational fields around black holes might eddy and swirl >>

* The making of a smart tunnel >>
* Why is the Moon Leaving Us? >>
* NVIDIA’s New Superchip Advances Internet of Cars >>

* Making artificial vision look more natural >>
* First automated vehicle test facility to open this fall at UM >>
* Fish Farming is how the world will get most of its meat in the future and it can be environmentally produced >>

* Chatbot ‘Eugene Goostman’ passes Turing Test >>
* AI expert Ben Goertzel discusses the Chatbot Eugene Goostmans Turing Test Success >>
* Why The Turing Test Is Bullshit >>
* Flawed Turing test and fooling humans 33% of the time >>

* How Do You Make A Space Weather Forecast For Venus? >>
* Wow! Prototype NASA Lander Aces 1st Night Flight Test (Video) >>
* A 3D Printing Pen That Uses UV Light Instead of Dangerous Heat >>

* The Tallest Elevators On Earth Are Being Tested In an Old Mineshaft >>
* This Glass-Bottomed Hotel Room Lets You Sleep With the Fishes >>
* Electric car battery tech lets you go 1,000 miles between charges >>

* Elon Musk Wants To Make A Flying Car >>
* Scientists Are Making Condoms Out of the Same Material As Your Contacts >>
* NASA’s Prototype ISS Habitat Is an Inflatable Grow House >>

* How to Stream the 2014 World Cup >>
* The Open-Source Electronics Robot, The FirePick Delta, Could Bring Real Manufacturing To The Desktop >>
* Video Monday: Agile Justin, Baby Elephant Robot, and More From ICRA 2014 >>

* The FAA To Test Drones In Nevada >>
* Managing Two People Who Hate Each Other >>
* Report: NASA Needs Vision, “Horizon” to Get to Mars >>

* Use Google Now to Set Alarms For Your Stop on Public Transit >>
* Kim Dotcom offers whistleblowers $5 million to help Megaupload case >>
* Data point: TV viewers migrate to mobile screens >>

* Cheap, transparent electrode film will make smartphone displays shatterproof >>
* Algorithms Will Let You Coast Your Way to a Lower Fuel Bill >>
* Facial recognition software helps convict a robber >>

* MIT reactor gets a second shot at producing unlimited clean energy >>
* Amazon to take on PayPal with new online payment service >>
* Gene editing tool can write HIV out of the picture >>

* Why the WRONG face? App uses real-time facial tracking to transform your appearance during live video calls >>
* Coming Soon: New Machines That Know Exactly What’s Bugging You >>

* Live coverage: Microsoft kicks off E3 2014 >>
* Live coverage: PlayStation to wrap first day of E3 2014 >>
* Digital Summit: Internet of Things? Think of It as the Internet of Stuff >>

* Noncompete Clauses Increasingly Pop Up in Array of Jobs >>
* Selfies replace the autograph >>
* Your phone can finally do something really great: help endangered animals >>
* Digital Summit: Internet of Things? Think of It as the Internet of Stuff. >>
* Microsoft’s ’90s vision for the smart home looks a lot like today >>

* £1-a-day tomato pill that helps your heart: Treatment can increase blood vessel flow by 50% in patients with cardiac problems >>
* Leap Motion accelerator hears potential of tablet for deaf >>
* Game technology teaches mice and men to hear better in noisy environments >>

* Earth’s breathable atmosphere a result of continents taking control of the carbon cycle >>
* Why Apple Wants to Help You Track your Health >>

* Digital Summit: Being Human in the Future >>
* Trikelet claims title of world’s smallest foldable electric vehicle >>

* Digital Summit: Indoor Location Tech Faces Privacy Push-Back >>
* Digital Summit: First Emotion-Reading Apps for Kids with Autism >>
* Digital Summit: Microsoft Aims for Smartphones that Run For a Week >>

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