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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 June 2014

* A Supercomputer Has Convinced People It’s Human >>
* Supercomputer passes the Turing test by mimicking a teenager >>
* Scientists Invent a Laser That Fires Electrical Charge, Not Light >>

* Researchers reveal mind-reading device that can monitor short term memory in real time >>
* Lasers ignite ‘supernovae’ in the lab >>
* New Car Can Lean Into Curves, Literally >>

* The Laser Beams That Pick Up Particles >>
* IBM’s Watt-sun: great at solar forecasts >>
* These Are the Mining Robots That Will Colonize the Solar System >>

* Apple’s iWatch set for October launch >>
* Apple Is Launching A Vast Project To Map The Inside Of Every Large Building It Can >>
* Apple reportedly snaps up social maps app Spotsetter >>

* Electrical Control of Nuclear Spin Qubits: Important Step For Quantum Computing >>
* Can 3-D Printing Save Retail? Let’s Check In With The Lawyers >>
* Race to read the H-bomb timestamp that marks all cells >>

* A New Android Feature Could Let Your Devices Interact Automatically >>
* Beast asteroid to zoom past Earth >>
* Facebook’s Parse Now Supports Swift, Apple’s New Programming Language >>

* Gillmor Gang: Apple Sauce >>
* Prototype: Planting for Profit, and Greater Good >>
* Touch ID Will Allow PayPal And Others To Compete With Apple’s Own Mobile Payments >>

* Google Now Has Perfect Feature For Sleepy Commuters >>
* This Is Why You Don’t Hide Under A Tree During A Lightning Storm >>
* How the Recession Reshaped the Economy, in 255 Charts >>

* Open Source Robot OS Finds Niches From Farms To Space >>
* #CHIPS: “Movidius Revolutionizesw Computer Vision” >>
* Through the Google lens: search trends May 30-Jun 5 >>

* A tiny molecule may help battle depression >>
* Apple’s Home Automation Success Rests With Hardware Evangelism >>
* Computex offers a glimpse of future technologies and gear >>

* Tech giants scramble for lead on ‘Internet of Things’ >>
* An affordable 4K monitor? It’s finally here. >>
* Buy or wait: When to pull the trigger on a new computer >>

* The World in Thirty Years >>
* Artificial Intelligence Raises New Hope for Cancer Patients >>
* What Oculus Rift and virtual reality mean for sex, death, violence, and identity >>

* The Gravity Modification Workshop >>
* Scientists use lasers to imitate an exploding star here on Earth >>
* Japan Lets You Use Your Passport to Get Free Wi-Fi >>

* Singularity 1 on 1: Science is the Engine of Prosperity! >>
* This New Tech Could Make Your Future Phone Shatter-Proof >>
* How Steve Jobs Inadvertently Helped Create The World Wide Web >>

* Venus Has Space Weather Explosions That Are Larger Than the Planet >>
* First person video of a crazy bike jump over a 34-foot-tall obstacle >>
* Android can now wake you up when you’re close to your bus stop >>

* Robotics Engineers: “We Don’t Want To Replace Humans. We Want To Enhance Humans >>
* Vodafone report sparks global surveillance debate >>
* New Tech to Greatly Advance Pico-Like Projectors & Deliver 3D Holographic Images by 2015 >>

* Your guide to E3 2014, the biggest week in video games >>
* Digital addict – spending an ‘unhealthy’ amount of time online >>
* What Oculus Rift and virtual reality mean for sex, death, violence, and identity >>

* With iOS 8, The iPhone Will Become Your Digital Hub >>
* The best smart home products you haven’t heard of >>
* Soviet Doctors Cured Infections With Viruses, and Soon Yours Might Too >>

* This Is The First Computer In History To Have Passed The Turing Test >>
* Has the Turing test now been passed? >>
* Computer becomes first to pass Turing Test in artificial intelligence milestone >>

* NASA’s Using Space Laser to Download Video From Orbit at Gigabit Speeds >>
* Want to design a Mars base for Nasa? Now’s your chance >>
* Our ability to identify the source of pain varies across the body >>

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