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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 June 2014

* Review: Wireless blood pressure monitor transmits reading to smartphone >>
* NASA Funds 12 Futuristic Space Tech Concepts >>
* Wires that can store energy like batteries >>

* Google reveals tablet that can sense the world in 3D >>
* Spacex targets reusing the Dragon V2 ten times before refurbishment and targest hundreds of flights per day by 2030 and thousands per day by 2035 >>
* EEG reveals image in short-term memory >>

* Titan Balloon Among Far-Out Concepts NASA Selects For Funding >>
* A Submarine to Explore the Ocean on Jupiter’s Moon, Titan >>
* At E3 2014, the games are the thing >>

* Why are some depressed, others resilient? Scientists home in one part of the brain >>
* 3 Ways Emerging Technology Is Changing How CIOs Do Business >>

* SpaceX Aims for Mars with Reusable Rockets, Spaceships >>
* First Video Transmitted Via Laser Beam From Space Station >>
* China looking seriously at creating artificial islands that near the scale of Manhattan as they also literally level Mountains for City Space >>

* Weekly Roundup: Service robots, the rental society and the plugged-in home >>
* Scientists Made an Unbreakable Smartphone Screen From Clear Electrodes >>
* Andres Agostini Updates >>

* Transplant breakthrough as scientists implant stem cells into pigs genetically modified to accept them >>
* Ford and Samsung on track for lithium ion batteries for 70% of the car line up and regenerative braking and mild hybriding for all >>
* CO2 Satellite: NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 Mission in Photos >>

* Intelligent Life May Be in Its Early Stage in the Universe >>
* NASA’s Prolific Kepler Spacecraft Begins New Search for Alien Worlds >>

* A good night’s sleep really DOES boost your brain: Getting shut-eye helps builds nerve cells linked with learning >>
* Why There Will Never Be a List of Every Word >>

* Google reveals 3D scanning sensors for tablets that will map your home and give you directions INSIDE a building >>
* Enter the Dragon: First Look Inside SpaceX’s New Crew Transporter to Orbit – Photos >>

* A new way to make laser-like beams using 1,000 times less power >>
* Apple ‘geniuses’ earning less than checkout staff >>
* Useless solar roadway gets over $1million in crowd funding, meanwhile game changing fusion power concept barely gets $100k >>

* Samsung Shows Off A Tablet With One Of The Sharpest Displays Ever >>
* Internet Explorer Has Basically Been Annihilated By Google’s Chrome Browser >>
* Improved supercapacitors for better batteries, electric vehicles >>

* iOS 8 Lets You Scan Your Credit Card With Its Camera Instead of Typing >>
* At $18.2 Billion, Uber Is Worth More Than Hertz, United Airlines >>
* Nanowires Enable a Cable To Both Conduct and Store Electricity >>

* Silicon Valley Luminaries Predict Next Big Thing >>
* Pay $20,000 for a grisly ‘Game of Thrones’ death >>

* Intelligent machines for tomorrow’s factory >>
* This Is a Star Exploding 12.1 Billion Years Ago >>
* Oculus Rift Creator Might Try To Buy The Largest Video Game Collection In The World (FB) >>

* Bendable OLED panel can withstand 100,000 folds >>
* Big Picture: Delivering crew to the ISS >>
* Google internet satellites, balloons and drones will make help those in the world paying too much under monopoly internet providers >>

* Vodafone Says Phones Are Tapped >>
* Vodafone Admits Its Been Wiretapped Across the Whole of Europe >>
* Vodafone Reveals Direct Access by Governments to Customer Data >>

* These Billionaires Are So Wealthy That They Could Afford To Buy Entire US Cities >>
* ‘Orange Is the New Black’ returns to Netflix for season two >>
* Baby steps toward better wearables at Computex 2014 >>

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