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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 June 2014

* SoftBank’s New Robot Knows Exactly How You Feel >>
* Edyn’s smart gardening system gives your plants exactly what they need >>
* Aereo’s Bringing Live Streaming TV To Chromecasts and Android Devices >>

* Wrist Sensor Tells You When to Chug a Gatorade >>
* Russia to Fly Two Tourists Around the Moon by 2017 >>
* First Precise Measurment of Antihydrogen >>

* DARPA has demonstrated Gekko-like wall crawling >>
* Video streaming services could make more money than the US box office by 2017 >>
* KitKat is now on nearly 14 percent of Android devices >>

* Traces of another world found on the Moon >>
* The hype cycle of futuristic technologies >>
* BOOK: Mastering the Hype Cycle: How to Choose the Right Innovation at the Right Time >>

* Test Driving The ‘Drone Selfie’ With Photojojo’s New Rental Program (Video) >>
* Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography hopes for hitting 10 nanometer node in 2016 and hopes to lower cost by six times for the 5 nanometer node >>
* Softbank $2000 Companion robot for 2015 will test many social issues such as Learning your families habits and technical ones like Cloud Artificial Intelligence >>
* Experiments in Second Life Reveal Alternative Laws of Physics >>

* Putting Humans on Mars Is ‘Risk Management’ for Our Species, SpaceX President Says >>
* New Study Measures the Strength of Magnetic Fields Near Black Holes >>
* The Mission to Bring Google’s AI to the Rest of the World >>

* Milky Way may have 100 million life-giving planets >>
* Drugs reveals cancer tumors to the immune system and drastically increases survival rates in human trials >>
* 3D material that behaves like graphene discovered >>

* Liver cancer vaccine effective in mice >>
* NASA’s Budget ‘Victory’ is Anything But (Synopsis) >>
* Imposing Security >>

* Early Detection of Brain Injury with MRI >>
* Graphics related possible paths to Radical Life Extension >>
* How Sentinel Will Hunt for Hidden Asteroids >>

* Jill Tarter Explains in 30 Seconds Why We’re Searching for Aliens >>
* How Innovation Will Get U.S. to Mars 2020 (Op-Ed) >>
* Aereo finally brings live television to your $35 Chromecast >>

* 65 Things We Know About NSA Surveillance We Didn’t Know a Year Ago >>
* Is It Time to Give Up on the Singularity? >>
* China Is Literally Moving Mountains to Build New Cities >>

* Berkeley Lab’s 2D Transistor Could Supercharge Tomorrow’s Electronics >>
* Oh Sweet, You Can Use the Xbox One Controller on PC Now >>
* Why A “Sex Chip” Could Be Considerably More Trouble Than It’s Worth >>

* This 15-Year-Old Came Up With Software To Hunt Down Cancer-Causing Gene Mutations >>
* This Smart Monitor Will Help Brown Thumbs Raise Victory Gardens >>
* Intel: Where we’re going, we don’t need cables >>

* Michigan Is Building A Fake City To Put Automated Vehicles In Real-World Situations >>
* Google Invests In Satellite Swarms to Expand Internet (Video) >>
* Google Glass Will Allow Guns to Shoot Around Corners >>

* EU court rules that reading online news doesn’t violate copyright >>
* Scientists unravel molecular secret of short, intense workouts >>
* Our Brains Will Be Hacked, Tracked and Data-Mined >>

* Activating the immune system could treat obesity and diabetes >>
* New research explains how we use the GPS inside our brain to navigate >>
* Stem cells hold keys to body’s plan >>

* Team demonstrates continuous terahertz sources at room temperature >>
* Nickel-Sized Pacemaker Implanted Into Human Heart | Video >>
* Silicon alternatives key to future computers, consumer electronics >>

* Plans unveiled for world’s first X-ray frequency comb >>
* The Solar-Powered Airplane That Can Fly Forever Makes Its First Flight >>
* Japanese company unveils emotional robot >>

* This Android Smartphone Turns Into A Tablet You Can Use As A Giant Phone >>
* New printable robots could self-assemble when heated >>
* Textual healing: are apps the future of therapy? >>

* Marty McFly’s hometown will be recreated for London ‘Back to the Future’ event >>
* The Fifth Element Is Starting to Come True >>
* World’s first ‘3D Printed Car Design Challenge’ has its winners >>

* How to erase a memory –- and restore it: Researchers reactivate memories in rats >>
* Made to Order: Healthcare & The State of 3D Printing >>

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