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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 June 2014

* New smartphone chip will beam high-definition holograms as early as 2015 >>
* Big Bang Blunder Bursts the Multiverse Bubble >>
* Apple Wants The Link Between Your Devices To Be You, Not A Shared Wi-Fi Network >>

* Watch strap batteries could double the life of your wearable >>
* Humans on Mars as Soon as 2037 Should Be NASA’s Goal: Panel >>
* World’s best thermometer made from light >>

* VIDEO: The bike that ‘teaches you to ride’ >>
* Google Glass’ Next Killer App Lets You Shoot Guns Around Corners >>
* Future of medical work: The computer will see you now >>

* First light for SPHERE exoplanet imager: Revolutionary new VLT instrument installed >>
* How high blood pressure in middle age may affect memory in old age >>
* Build it yourself – at the library >>
* Drones give farmers an eye in the sky to check on crop progress >>

* App paired with sensor measures stress and delivers advice to cope in real time >>
* The Disappearing Universe >>
* Researchers May Have “Heard” Flight MH370 Crash Into The Indian Ocean >>

* Foreground cosmic dust negates the BiCEP2 gravitational wave result and reexamination shows the Inflationary theory is too flexible and is untestable >>
* Elon Musk and Tesla may do something fairly controversial with their electric car patents like release some of them >>
* Nissan To Launch Plug-In Hybrids by 2016 and all major carmakers are focused on plug in hybrids from 2015 to 2020 >>

* Cornell Researchers estimate 100 million planets able to support complex life in Milky Way >>
* Society for Neuroscience 2014 >>
* First fully 2D field-effect transistor >>

* Google Aims for Billion Dollar Satellite Fleet to Spread Internet Access >>
* The Concept Car >>
* #MEMS: “Wearables Battery Life Doubled with Super Accurate Realtime Clock” >>

* #ALGORITHMS: “Spintronics Can Now Be Simulated with SPICE” >>
* Transistors Made From 2-D Materials Promise New Class of Electronic Devices >>
* Forbes Life Elon Musk >>

* Get Started With Apple’s New Swift Programming Language With a Free eBook >>
* Cadmium Arsenide: A 3D Alternative to Graphene That’s Way More Useful >>
* Intel Wants to Make Your Office Entirely Cable-Free By 2016 >>

* Remove Protein, Disrupt Molecular Cascade Implicated in Breast Cancer’s Spread >>
* Nexus6 SmartTouch Inhaler Monitor Helps Patients Adhere to Medication Regimens >>

* Electrical ‘mind control’ shown in primates for first time >>
* Massive Burst of Light Soon After Big Bang Just Reached Earth >>
* Apple’s New Programming Language, Swift, Will Lure More Developers >>

* Amazon’s 3D Smartphone: Everything We Think We Know >>
* SpaceX’s Huge Falcon Heavy Rocket: How It Works (Infographic) >>
* Antibiotic Resistance Revitalizes Century-Old Virus Therapy >>

* Flexible Battery Straps Could Double a Smartwatch’s Runtime >>
* Bluetooth-Controlled LED Bulbs That Create Their Own Wireless Network >>
* 42% Of Americans Believe God Created Humans 10,000 Years Ago >>
* Prices of 4K monitors could go under $400 by year end, says Intel exec >>

* Robocop-a-feel! Droid lets you feel virtual BREASTS – and could revolutionise cancer detection >>
* How NASA builds a space laser >>
* First demonstration of human cells chromosomal translocations that cause certain cancer >>

* Have scientists discovered Earth 2.0? Planet just 13 light years away could harbour life >>
* Shoe or Shoe Not: The New Star Wars Sneaker Collection from Vans >>

* BT signs £300m wind farm energy deal >>
* More Americans Than Ever Are Watching TV Online, Report Says >>
* Sneaking a peek at CarPlay >>

* Google ethics advisor: The law needs bold ideas to address the digital age >>
* 15 Emerging Neurotechnologies That Will Change The World >>
* Google’s First Smartwatches Look Big And Bulky (GOOG) >>

* Found! Oldest Known Alien Planet That Might Support Life >>
* How It Works: Putting Humans In Suspended Animation >>
* To Send Astronauts to Mars, NASA Needs New Strategy: Report >>

* Minnesota wedding party falls through dock during photos >>
* The Fire Hydrant Gets Its First Major Redesign In 100 Years >>
* George RR Martin’s editor hints at eighth Game of Thrones book >>

* BackTrack Personal GPS Tracker >>
* If violence is in your genes, should courts be more lenient? >>

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