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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 June 2014

* Nanotechnology can turn your jacket into a battery >>
* A fuel cell for the home >>
* Airbus drops model ‘space jet’ >>

* Could We Build Electricity-Storing Houses Out of Supercapacitors? >>
* Google’s new Chrome add-on secures your email every step of the way >>
* iOS 8 Has the Ingredients for a Pretty Good Apple Watch >>

* ‘Ultimate solar system’: Astronomer discovers possible for sun that hosts SIXTY habitable Earth-like planets >>
* Solar Winds From Red Dwarfs May Be Sterilizing Habitable Zone Planets >>
* Could ambulance drones appear on the battlefield? >>

* Artificial Intelligence Is Now Telling Doctors How to Treat You >>
* New silent wind turbine could generate half of a homes electric needs >>
* Uploading the Mind: Could a Digital Brain Feel Pain? >>

* iOS 8 to Include Battery Usage Per App and Much More >>
* Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds >>
* Intel Announces Devil’s Canyon Core I7-4790K: 4GHz Base Clock, 4.4GHz Turbo >>

* Solar Plane With Global Aims Makes First Flight >>
* The Coolest iOS 8 Features Apple Didn’t Talk About Today >>
* New “Mega-Earth” Means Habitable Worlds Could Be Even Closer >>

* Wearable Workout: Clothing Offers New Way to Exercise | Video >>
* Could we soon have nuclear power WITHOUT toxic waste? Focus Fusion promises cleaner energy solution >>
* How the NSA Could Bug Your Powered-Off iPhone, and How to Stop Them >>

* APL Instrument to Fly on First NASA-Funded Virgin Galactic Spaceflight >>
* The brain may be able to repair itself from within, Duke researchers discover >>
* UK government tried 3D-printing guns to assess threat >>

* iOS 8 uses peer-to-peer connections for AirPlay to Apple TV, no longer needs a network >>
* This secret iOS 8 feature will make your lock screen more useful than ever >>
* Conflict Minerals Reporting Deadline Makes Tech Companies Scramble >>

* Itineraries: The Luggage Tag With GPS >>
* Security: Computer scientists develop tool to make the Internet of Things safer >>
* Liver cancer vaccine effective in mice >>

* Pixar gives away 3D film software >>
* Skin cancer trial results ‘exciting’ >>
* Why iOS 8 matters >>

* Apple developers like new programming language >>
* Drones may be used to film movies >>
* Genetic treatment using three-parent embryo may be ready in two years >>

* These Teens Just Learned ’90s Internet Was a Strange, Beautiful Place >>
* OS X Yosemite Beta Can Capture Video Straight From Your iPhone’s Screen >>

* Scientists teleport information 3 meters from one diamond to another >>
* Scientists can create and erase memories ‘at will’ >>
* Google Chrome Goes 64-Bit, Promises Better Stability, Security And Performance >>

* US Congress funds hypersonic missile after China’s WU-14 hypersonic strike vehicle test >>
* Affordable precision 3D printing for pros >>
* Raptor robot runs at 28.58 mph, faster than any human but a bit slow than Cheetahbot >>

* Mega Earth Discovered –“Has Positive Implications for Life” >>
* How Solar Will Destroy The Power Companies, In 5 Easy Steps >>
* Morality pills: reality or science fiction? >>

* These Teens Just Learned ’90s Internet Was a Strange, Beautiful Place >>
* Starlight Could Be What Makes Planets So Different from Each Other >>
* Every Letter In The Alphabet Graphed By Its Frequency of Use >>

* Local Police Increasingly Rely On Secret Surveillance >>
* Is Uber worth $17 billion? >>
* Apple is fighting a messaging war it cannot win >>

* Everything Apple Didn’t Announce At WWDC >>
* Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Everything Wrong With the Movie Gravity >>

* Can You Supercharge Your Brain With Electricty? >>
* Nevada Roads Could Be Home to Computer-Assisted Trucks By 2015 >>
* [NSFW] US bloke raises $250k to build robo-masturbation device >>

* Lockheed Martin Wins $915 Million Space Fence Deal >>
* How SpaceX Dragon’s Taxi to ISS will Self-Land | Animation >>
* Facebook developing plans for children to join the social network >>

* These Robotic Sperm Could Change the Way In Vitro Fertilization Works >>
* Chrome goes 64-bit on Windows with promises of faster, safer web browsing >>
* Apple Code Hints That Bigger iPhones and iPads Are On The Way >>

* Star Trek-Like Molecular Food Scanner SCiO Tops $2 Million On Kickstarter >>
* Researchers Develop Robot That Lets Them Feel Softness of Virtual Breasts >>
* Jobless: grim prediction for uni graduates >>

* Microsoft Could Release A Touch-Friendly Version Of Office For Android Before It Comes To Windows 8 >>
* What Doctors Can Tell About Your Health Just By Looking At Your Skin >>
* 3D Printed Titanium Hip Combined with Stem Cell Graft Implanted Into UK Patient >>

* New 3D Microfluidic Device for Producing Liposomes to Improve Drug Deliver Methods >>
* Lifeboat Foundation Worldwide Ambassador White Swan Update by Andres Agostini >>
* Meet the new Apple >>

* Leaked Star Wars Episode VII photos reveal return of the Millennium Falcon >>
* Watch every word from ‘Star Wars’ sorted from A to Z >>
* Nobel winners say scientific discovery ‘virtually impossible’ due to funding bureaucracy >>

* Gillmor Gang is on live now. Special time this week. Join us at >>

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