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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 May 2014

* Just press go: designing a self-driving vehicle >>
* Microsoft Demos Real-Time Translation Over Skype >>
* Intel readies 3D-printed robots for handy consumers >>

* Lasers can help damaged teeth grow back, researchers say >>
* Samsung reveals Simband and Sami health platform >>
* Self-driving Google car steers change in auto industry >>

* Meeker: Overall Internet use is no longer growing >>
* Teams build human protein catalogue >>
* Smash Is A Wearable For Tracking Tennis Technique >>

* Under Sergey Brin, Google’s X Division Still Shoots for the Moon >>
* Screwy-looking wind turbine makes little noise and a big claim >>
* Japan Launches Satellite with Night-Vision Mapping Radar >>

* Building artificial body parts with particle beams >>
* Human stem cell treatment gets mice with MS-like condition walking again >>
* New epilepsy treatment offers ‘on demand’ seizure suppression >>

* Towards a low cost lander for the Moon – and Mars. >>
* Learn New Skills With Superhuman Speed >>
* Google Is Stealing Revenue Share From Apple’s App Store >>

* Self-Driving Cars, Instant Language Translators, And Gwyneth Paltrow: Burning Questions From Day One Of Re/code’s Code Conference >>
* Satya Nadella: View from Microsoft’s CEO Seat >>
* Sergey Brin says Google will make 100-200 Self Driving Cars this year and plans commercial rollout with Many Partners Like Uber but Disneyland seems like a perfect Pilot location >>

* Large-scale DARPA-funded brain-research program seeks to reduce the severity of neuropsychological illness in service members and veterans >>
* Robots on Strike! >>
* Two roads to instant big data >>

* Wearable Computers Will Transform Language >>
* The Most Important Technology Trend Of 2014, According to Mary Meeker >>

* Genome Editing to Reverse “Bubble Boy” Syndrome >>
* Sergey Brin says Google will make 100-200 Self Driving Cars this year and plans commercial rollout with Many Partners Like Uber but Disneyland seems like a perfect Pilot location >>
* Why Facebook is Becoming Like Google+ >>

* “DNA Could Have Predated Origins of Life on Earth” (Today’s Most Popular) >>
* Little Red House On Moon? – Swedish Artists & Engineers Want One | Video >>
* Possible Gamma Ray Burst Detected in Andromeda, Would be Closest Ever Observed >>

* SpaceX CEO Elon Musk to Unveil Manned Dragon ‘Space Taxi’ on May 29 >>
* Bill Gates says robots and automation will take jobs but suggests shifting to consumption tax and subsidizing work >>
* Intel unveils a robot and a ‘smart’ shirt >>

* New Skyscraper Design Using Prefab Modules will curved designe elements >>
* Broad Group Building 25% Complete on Skyscraper that is height of the Empire State Building, but No Word on Sky City Approval >>

* Idaho solar road startup passes fundraising goal >>
* Samsung Introduces A Wearable Health Tracker That Geeks and Insurance Companies Will Love >>
* Have Scientists Solved The Mystery Of Phantom Limb Pain? >>

* Intel Shows Off ‘Smart’ Wearable Shirt >>
* Samsung shows off Simband watch as platform for multiple health sensors >>
* CNN Needlessly Terrifies Thousands By Publishing Asteroid Hoax >>

* Clark Gellings: The Future of the Power Grid >>
* Build your own drink-mixing robot for $180 >>
* Quantum Cryptography with Ordinary Equipment >>

* The Revolution Will Be Adorable: Why Google’s Cars Are So Cute >>
* DARPA Is Using Oculus Rift for Cyberwarfare >>
* Microsoft buys mobile analytics vendor Capptain >>

* Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Says We’ve Entered The Post-Post-PC Era >>
* Microsoft’s New CEO Wants To Look Beyond Its Past To Find Its Future >>
* Microsoft Unveils Real-Time Speech Translation for Skype >>

* Depressed Mice Have Excitable Neurons >>
* Wireless power comes to patient microimplants >>
* UFO Sighting? No, Just Google’s ‘Rogue’ Balloon >>

* Spy platform zero day exposes cops’ wiretapped calls >>
* Apple, Home Automation & Smart Aging by Stealth >>

* Gene test for heart risk rolled out >>
* Read Tim Cook’s Internal Memo About The Beats Deal And Apple’s History In Music >>
* Scientists Can Regrow Teeth With Lasers >>

* Everything You Need To Know About Google’s New Self-Driving Car >>
* ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Is One Of Tom Cruise’s Best Movies In Years >>

* Military Plans To Test Brain Implants To Fight Mental Disorders >>
* IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting announces Call for Papers >>

* 3D printing is the future — just not yet >>
* Google’s Self-Driving Toaster Is Detroit’s Worst Nightmare >>
* Uber will eventually replace all its drivers with self-driving cars >>

* ‘This Is How Wars End in the 21st Century’ >>
* Valve delays Steam Machine controller to 2015 >>

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