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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 May 2014

* Apple, With Smart-Home Rumors Flying, Leads Tech Surge >>
* Here’s What An Apple Smart Home Might Look Like >>
* IBM’s Watson computer makes a delicious BBQ sauce >>

* Samsung Smartwatch Patent Predicts Gesture Control on Your Wrist >>
* The Half-Baked Security Of Our ‘Internet of Things’ >>
* Digital Actors Go Beyond the Uncanny Valley >>

* End of washing up? Kitchen gadget bakes plates and bowls made of BREAD >>
* MIT Researchers Created A Tiny Apartment That You Can Control With Your Hands >>
* Minnesota man building a 3D printer to construct houses >>

* A machine that trains you to feel affection >>
* The World’s First RC Running Robot >>
* Space Robot Fixes Itself, Takes Selfie As Funny Livetweet Happens On The Ground >>

* Apple Keynote Will Be Livestreamed >>
* How To Watch Apple’s WWDC 2014 Keynote Online >>
* Will Apple Play Nice On The Internet Of Things? >>

* Using thoughts to control airplanes >>
* Future Drones Could Mimic Birds and Bats >>
* Google Glass and Apple iWatch inspire carbon nanotube fiber batteries >>

* Graphene Grown Directly on Insulator Substrate >>
* LG G Watch Will Work With All Android 4.3 Devices >>
* Fuel Cells: Toyota Means Business >>

* MIT Breakthrough Makes Tiny Apartments Feel Three Times Bigger >>
* 3D Printer for ‘Weightlessness’ Needs Special Design | Video >>
* Are Solar Sails the Future of Space Travel? >>

* Marc Andreessen On How To Turn Impossible Ideas Into Successful Businesses >>
* Here’s What We Know About Pixar’s Next Movie, Set Inside The Human Mind >>
* The New Hippiemobile >>

* Apple Patent Hints at Plans for LiquidMetal and Sapphire iPhone Chassis >>
* This B-52 Bomber Is Now a Network Hub With Wings >>
* Wearables Have A Long Way To Go To Be Mass Consumer Devices >>

* Want to Measure the Distance to the Moon Yourself? Now You Can! >>
* Seeing sound: visual cortex processes auditory information too >>
* Inbox (∞): Email Is Broken. Let Your AI Assistant Help. >>

* ‘Internet of things’ may bring its own problems >>
* Does sour cream cause bike accidents? No, but it looks like it does: Hilarious graphs reveal how statistics can create false connections >>
* Molecules do the triple twist >>

* Stanford researchers discover immune system’s rules of engagement >>
* The Case against Smartwatches >>
* LG unveils laser-focus smartphone >>

* VIDEO: Do we really need digital carpets? >>
* Tech Five: Google, Apple entering smart home market? >>
* Exoplanets Close to Earth’s Size Are Surprisingly Common >>

* Darpa’s Robots Could Soon Assemble Satellites in Space >>
* Samsung Gears Up To Make Health-Related Announcement >>
* ‘Are You From Earth?”The Signal’ Trailer Reveals Mysterious Plot >>

* ‘Sniffer Bees’ Will Soon Be Deployed To Search For Landmines In The Balkans >>
* NASA’s New Mega-Rocket, Orion Capsule on Track for Future Test Flights >>
* That Time a Commercial Aircraft Ran Out of Fuel Mid-Flight >>

* Behind the scenes at Seoul’s LG factories. >>
* Nescafe tops coffee with 3D-printed alarm clock >>
* Median ceo pay crosses $10 million in 2013 >>

* Google and Nest may move into home security by buying out Dropcam >>
* Can a robot learn right from wrong? >>
* Structural supercapacitors could make batteries and power cords obsolete >>

* LEDs may replace magnetism and radiation for neuroimaging >>
* Context design: How to seize the ‘magic moment’ >>
* Flexible, transparent thin film transistors raise hopes for flexible screens >>

* China: Volunteers test worm diet for astronauts >>
* Want to Find Alien Life? It Will Take A Lot of Luck >>
* Amazon Will Have 10,000 Robots Filling Customer Orders By The End Of The Year >>

* Oculus Rift concept reveals slick curved screen and gesture sensors >>
* These Kids are 3D-Printing Their Education >>

* How to Freeze People and Bring Them Back to Life >>
* Robots Will Pave the Way to Mars >>

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