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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 May 2014

* Half-mile-high structure could produce as much electricity as 100,000 wind turbines >>
* Google Reportedly Wants To Buy Satellite Company Skybox Imaging For About $1 Billion >>
* Police use cellphone spying device >>

* A new kind of smart tablet >>
* NASA’s 3.2-gigapixel global selfie >>
* Can a drone walk your dog for you? >>
* Quantum assisted GPS would be one 1000x more accurate than existing GPS >>

* DARPA Unveils Hack-Resistant Drone >>
* Four-armed robot octopus can climb curtains and couches to keep apartment clean >>
* This Is Why Google Might Put 3D Space Sensors on Tablets >>

* Thanks to budget cuts, we may never know for sure why the universe is expanding >>
* Roombots: Lego-like robotic blocks that transform into furniture (video) >>
* Physics panel to feds: Beam us up some neutrinos >>

* Blocking pain receptors extends lifespan, boosts metabolism in mice >>
* New “wireless” nanotechnology to help study neurons >>
* Watch this guy jump over an entire island while kitesurfing >>

* India: Police investigate pizza deliveries by drone >>
* Flying robots: Nature inspires next generation design >>
* These are the customized Lamborghinis of Japan’s underworld >>

* Does solution to global warming lie in Australia? massive spike in CO2 absorption >>
* Wild rodents enjoy exercise wheels just as much as caged pets >>
* Time Machines Would Run Afoul of the Second Law of Thermodynamics >>

* Can Drone Technology Find the Nigerian Girls? >>
* ORIGAMI microscope: Engineer creates foldable scopes for detecting diseases, costs 30p >>
* Can Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Be Blocked in the Brain? >>

* Survios Virtual Reality Gaming Demo >>
* Hunting the Wild Neutrino >>
* NASA will use video games to rekindle our love of space travel >>

* China didn’t turn on pollution control technology that was built until recent air protests aa adds $160 billion/year to electricity prices >>
* Boeing CEO says no more ‘moonshots’ after 787 Dreamliner ordeal >>

* Short-Throw Touchscreen Projector Means There’s No Remote To Lose >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – May 23, 2014 >>
* xkcd Smartwatches >>

* Wireless Power from Across the Room >>
* Added drug allows rapamycin to slow aging without risking diabetes >>
* Would you eat ‘eco-friendly’ meat created from stem cells? >>

* Thermal Touch will turn any surface into an AR touch screen >>
* Signal processing technology to extract required information from image, sound, and biometric signals >>
* World Competition for skilled workers >>

* NASA Has Released A Free eBook About Communicating With Aliens >>
* ‘Roombots’ transform into movable furniture and objects >>
* Opportunity Overlooks Ridge for Spectacular Vista of Martian Crater Ahead >>

* Gillmor Gang: Hollywood & Vine >>
* Scientists create antibody that blocks pain and itchiness >>
* Ask Slashdot: Tech Customers Forced Into Supporting Each Other? >>

* Is LG’s New Ultra Widescreen Display Better Than “Normal” 4K? >>
* ‘Unbeatable’ Cinavia Anti-Piracy Technology Cracked by DVD-Ranger >>
* A new malaria vaccine appears to be working in mice. >>

* Wild Animals Sneak Onto Laboratory Running Wheels to Exercise >>
* Lab Mice Got Really Unhealthy When They Only Ate Powdered Food >>
* DNA-Based Research May Have Unveiled Long-Sought Diabetes Treatment >>

* Dwave Quantum Annealing 1000 qubit chip and other improvements >>
* One Operator able to Fly Four Drones and increasing drone reliability for domestic airspace usage >>
* Dating Mining Reddit Posts Reveals How to Ask For a Favor–And Get it >>

* Rewire brain to enable coordination needed for Bruce Lees One inch Punch >>
* Supercapacitor battery technology could fully charge a cellphone in minutes >>
* VIDEO: Hands on with a ‘smart’ firearm >>

* Scientists could use sharks to predict hurricane intensity >>
* Building a virtual human with your data >>
* Would You Want Therapy From a Computerized Psychologist? >>

* Samsung Planning a Stand-Alone Watch-Phone >>
* Untangling whole genomes of individual species from a microbial mix >>
* Trip to Space with Leonardo DiCaprio Sells for $1 Million >>

* Microsoft Offers Free Windows To Encourage More Cheap Windows 8 Tablets, PCs >>
* Adam Sandler Movies Will Make Money No Matter How Bad They Get >>
* MAP: Divorce Rates Around The World >>

* SpaceX’s Dispute With The Air Force Just Got Even Uglier >>
* The Tech World Can Learn From Nature To Stop Viruses From Spreading >>
* Video Friday: Robotic Furniture, Pizza by Drone, and Series Elastic Snake Robot >>

* Apple iPhone 6 is coming: What you should know >>
* Neuron Activity in 3-D >>
* Singularity Surplus: Robotic Furniture and Stuffed Animals >>

* Jupiter’s red spot is mysteriously shrinking >>
* People tend to choose partners with similar DNA, study suggests >>
* Tech Startups and $150 billion in capital are fleeing Russia this year >>

* Google voice search adds car rentals and reminders that work like they should >>
* Response To Nuclear Kitty Litter Is Moving Fast >>

* Mice with ‘mohawks’ help scientists link autism to 2 biological pathways in brain >>
* Finally, fitness trackers measure up >>
* Gigabyte Brix Projector Combines Mini PC With DLP Projector In a 4.5-Inch Cube >>

* A Self-Repairing Space Robot on the International Space Station >>
* This is how they load missiles on a US Navy ship >>
* Kim Dotcom Fails in Bid to Suppress FBI Evidence >>

* Aliens Are Almost Definitely Out There, SETI Astronomers Tell Congress >>
* A Wingsuit Flight Over NYC >>

* Robots Coming, And They Are Replacing Warehouse Workers, Fast Food Employees >>
* Jobs Are Not the Answer >>
* If You Need Any Convincing That Solar Roadways Are The Future, Video Will Help >>

* Google, Facebook, Amazon show us downside of monopolies and black-box algorithms >>
* Why the Internet is Getting Bland >>

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