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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 May 2014

* Silicon Valley To Get a Cellular Network Just For Things >>
* Robots that can sweat and get goosebumps give us goosebumps >>
* Backlash to Big Bang Discovery Gathers Steam >>

* Self-Driving Cars Will Hit California’s Roads in September >>
* A Microscope-Inspired Extruder Design Could Add Fine Detail To 3D Prints >>
* World’s smallest nanomotor can pump drugs into cells at 18,000 RPM >>

* Quantum Positioning Could Be a Radically New Sub Navigation System >>
* Google Foresees Ads On Your Refrigerator, Thermostat, and Glasses >>
* The World Is Running Out of Gold >>

* MYSTERY: Apple Is Planning To Announce ‘New Hardware’ In Two Weeks >>
* Google Will Reportedly Offer A Subsidized WiFi Network To Businesses >>
* This Bizarre Flying Truck Aims To Revolutionize Military Rescue Missions >>

* New Trailer For The Last Man On The Moon Is Absolutely Riveting >>
* Applications of Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) in a variety of fields >>

* Artificial intelligence lenses for the blind created >>
* Startups Take Gesture Control Beyond Games to Robots and More >>
* Iron-Chromium Flow Battery Aims to Replace Gas Plants >>

* Google plans international acquisitions worth up to $30B, it tells SEC >>
* Researchers combine weak chemical forces to strengthen new maging technology >>
* Tour the Home of the Future in 30 Seconds >>

* Study: Google tops Apple as most valuable global brand >>
* The Age of Quantum Computing Has (Almost) Arrived >>
* Microsoft Finds Laptop-Tablet Balance with Surface Pro 3, but Windows Is Another Story ? >>

* Crabster Robot Deployed During South Korean Ferry Disaster >>
* Why a medical doctor decided to join IBM Research >>
* Keio Uni develops robot tech for the next-generation of planetary rovers >>

* Automated guided vehicles ripe for standardized performance tests >>
* Will Google create the first CONSCIOUS computer? Expert claims will beat rivals Apple and IBM to accolade >>
* What Happens to a Society That Does Not Believe in Free Will? >>

* Turn your mobile into VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSET: £40 harness uses phone’s sensors to track movement and play games >>
* This Is Why Apple Doesn’t Care If The FCC Wrecks The Internet >>
* Amazing NASA Footage Shows What It’s Really Like On The Surface Of The Sun >>

* A Professor Has Proposed Giving Confined Farm Animals Virtual Reality Headsets >>
* Interstellar Flight: From Imagination to Reality >>
* These 3D-Printed Robotic Legs Could Serve As Cheaper Prosthetics >>

* World’s Fastest Nanomotor Is 500 Times Smaller Than a Grain of Salt >>
* Land a role in the new Star Wars movie just for donating to UNICEF >>
* Apple’s iWork for iCloud now lets you collaborate on projects with 100 friends >>

* Motorola’s Smartwatch to Cost $249? >>
* This pill could stop 90 percent of HIV cases in the US >>
* Google’s Nest recalls 440,000 fire alarms shipped in US >>

* Carnegie Mellon, Microsoft Research automate privacy compliance for big data systems >>
* An autonomous octo-copter transport truck is as amazing as you’d expect >>
* 4K TV Shipments Are Taking Off >>

* Registration 2014 SharpBrains Virtual Summit: Shaping Practice and Future of Brain Fitness >>
* French railway operator SNCF orders hundreds of new trains that are too big >>
* Everything Is Broken >>

* This is the new show Netflix is most excited about >>
* Rosetta comet-chaser initiates ‘big burn’ >>
* If you place exercise wheel in the wild, rats, shrews, frogs and even slugs will make use of it for fun >>

* Swedish City Gives Commuters Free Bikes for Six Months to Reduce the Use of Cars >>
* Scientists make deep-brain implants possible through wireless charging >>
* Suspended Animation Goes Primetime: Say Goodbye To Death As We Know It >>

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