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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 May 2014

* The new right to be forgotten >>
* Space Hackers Prepare to Reboot 35-Year-Old Spacecraft >>
* Japanese drink company is putting the first billboard on the moon >>

* Tires with built-in sensors keep a watchful eye on tread wear >>
* Humans are causing California’s mountains to GROW, increase the risk of earthquakes >>
* 3yr battery life for wireless interface devices >>

* Venture Capital Firm Appoints Machine Intelligence As Board Member >>
* Microchip-like technology allows single-cell analysis >>
* Hyperbolic metamaterials closer to reality >>

* Politician and paedophile ask Google to ‘be forgotten’ >>
* Researchers Testing ‘Wonder Material’ Could Make Your Smartphone Better >>

* How Robots Are Blazing a Trail for Manned Mars Missions >>
* Elon Musk, Buzz Aldrin Top List for LA Conference on Space Travel’s Future >>
* Asteroid Flies Less Than 60,000 Miles From Earth | Orbit Animation >>

* This Stealth Submarine Periscope Can Spy Virtually Through the Waves >>
* Tractor beam can move macro-scale objects with sound >>
* What Will They 3D Print Next? Inside My Trip to Local Motors >>

* Do Solar Winds Whip Up Lightning Storms On Earth? >>
* Onboard System Could Catch Bad Batteries Before They Blow >>
* UPower’s Truck-Size Nuclear Power Plant >>

* Space tourism: firm taking bookings for balloon rides to 100,000ft >>
* App Smart: Transforming Your Photos Into Comic Strips >>

* AI system reads novels, writes music for them >>
* Students build a robot arm you control with the wink of an eye >>
* Dilbert’s Scott Adams on Goals: Short-Term is Better Than Long-Term >>

* Genetic tracking identifies cancer stem cells in human patients >>
* Student shows JWT will be able to observe afterglows from earliest gamma-ray bursts >>
* Smart Bike Brings GPS Directions to Your Handle Bars >>

* Researchers uncover the process by which gender is determined in the silkworm >>
* Cancer’s potential on-off switch >>
* Internet Addiction: Real or Virtual Reality? >>

* Transistors that wrap around tissues and morph with them >>
* DARPA Warrior Web Supersuit Projects targets Strength to enable Soldiers to Run 4 Minute Miles >>
* Is It Scientifically Possible for Godzilla to Exist? >>

* Time To Buy Big Internet Stocks Cheap (Or At Least Cheaper) >>
* Can You Make the Internet Forget? >>
* First ‘heavy mouse’ leads to first lab-grown tissue mapped from atomic life >>

* Giant telescope tackles orbit, size of exoplanet >>
* This is your brain on meditation >>
* Massive dose of measles vaccine clears woman’s cancer >>

* ‘The Flash’ Full Extended Trailer Released [Video] >>
* New ‘Battlestar Galactica’ movie will completely reimagine the sci-fi tale >>

* Virtual reality for chickens would simulate a blissful free-range life >>
* The real battle for net neutrality just began >>
* Transistors that wrap around tissues and morph with them >>

* How the next Apple-Samsung smartphone battleground is just a single atom thick >>
* Samsung’s Crazy-Cheap 4K Monitor is Even Cheaper Than Usual Right Now >>
* IBM Discovers New Class of Polymers >>

* Expanded DNA alphabet provides more options for nanotechnology >>
* Internet of Things will thrive by 2025 but raise privacy, complexity concerns >>
* The brain: Key to a better computer >>

* Sensing Lack of Water Extends Life in Flies >>
* VIDEO: Mini-satellites’ new view of Earth >>

* Smartphones Become The Essential Travel Companion -Disruption In Travel Industry >>
* A 21st century collision course in space >>
* Solar System Danger >>

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