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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 May 2014

* Electronic cuff in neck could keep blood pressure in check >>
* Could measles cure cancer? >>
* Google Tested The Safety Of Its Self-Driving Cars By Swarming Them With Bikes >>

* These Mirrors Could Give Satellites Their Own Dust-Busting Space Lasers >>
* NASA’s Next Mars Rover Will Send Samples Back To Earth. Uh, Really? >>
* We’ve Started Construction on Our Home of the Future >>

* U.S. Recommends Daily Pill to Fight AIDS Infections >>
* Cellular Compound May Increase Lifespan Without the Need For Strict Dieting >>
* 3D printing used to model shark skin >>

* Samsung invents Smart Cubed Device that uses Polygonal 3D UI >>
* World’s oldest sperm found in fossil >>
* Drugs robot to stop ‘serious errors’ >>

* Forget fingerprints banks are starting to use vein patterns for ATMs >>
* Apple Said To Be Testing 1704×960 Resolution Display For iPhone 6 >>
* US Army’s Air-Conditioned Helmet Helps Soldiers Keep Their Cool >>

* Scots team builds SONIC SCREWDRIVER to repair damaged nerves >>
* If your doctor could tell you that you’ll get breast cancer, would you want to know? >>
* NASA considering recycling plastic for 3D printing on the International Space Station >>

* Russia Calls for Ban of US Military Launches Using Russian Rocket Engines >>
* Russian Rocket Engine Ban on US Military Launches Could Affect NASA Spaceflight >>
* Cold War Threatens the International Space Station and will kill the Atlas Rocket >>

* Alien Planet Camera Is Most Sensitive Exoplanet Imager Yet >>
* How Space Station Grapples Spacecrafts | Video >>
* Techniques from natural-language processing enable computers to search video for actions >>

* Samsung’s Answer to Google Glass Coming in September, Report Says >>
* Autodesk to manufacture 3D printers >>
* Mechanisms as minds: Creating a tensegrity robot that can move >>

* Implantable device to beat high blood pressure >>
* Oculus Rift user transplants his whole body into VR using three Kinects >>
* Top 5 networking companines driving the INTERNET OF THINGS >>

* Inside the home of LG, part two >>
* Minuum Announces Keyboard App for Google Glass >>
* Motorola’s smartphones can now alert your close contacts in an emergency >>

* Granny the orca could be 103 years old, scientists claim >>
* Scientists unleash highest-energy beam ever at Jefferson Lab >>
* Theoretical Physics is Getting Slightly Ridiculous >>

* Electrons’ Split ‘Personalities’ Help Solve Physics Mystery >>
* The Earth’s future – and end of Universe – revealed: Amazing simulation >>
* Technology to move objects with the mind created by researcher >>

* Kitty Litter Eyed as Possible Culprit in Radiation Leak >>
* 3D printed ‘nano-liver’ could help poisoning and infection victims >>
* Future of Cars: Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Or Electric? >>

* Even with quantum communication and encryption can secrets be kept secret ? >>
* Help fund best energy project a nuclear fusion project 10000x cheaper than Tokamak >>
* Google iOS search updated with Siri-style voice searching–including follow-up questions >>

* International Space Development Conference (ISDC) >>
* Engineer Conference 2014: space-planes, lifeboats, HS2, factory of future and more >>
* Transistors that wrap around tissues and morph with them >>

* Analysis Reveals Google Glass Costs Just $152 to Make >>
* Intergalactic Entrepreneurs Prepare for Blast-Off >>
* Kate Middleton’s Phone Was Hacked 155 Times by Tabloid Editor >>

* My house is my gas station (and so is yours) >>
* Samsung’s New Smartwatch Does Everything, But That’s Its Biggest Problem >>
* GAME OF PHONES: How verizon is playing the fcc and its customers >>

* Cue deep health tracker tests your spit at home for fertility, influenza, and more >>
* Crunch time for physics: What’s next? >>
* Next Big Thing: You’ll Google the Physical World With a Scanner Like This >>

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