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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 May 2014

* Can a $7 gadget change the world? >>
* The $199 smart shirt that can monitor your workout – and even tell you how focused you are at the office >>
* You Can Drive Over This Parking Lot Paved With Solar Panels >>

* Computer-Aided Design Boosts Biochip Efficiency >>
* What Are the Limitations of Beacons? >>
* GaitTrack app makes cellphone a medical monitor for heart and lung patients >>

* Antarctic wind vortex is strongest for 1000 years >>
* Almost all self-driving cars use his sensors >>
* First stem cell trial for stroke shows lasting benefits >>

* Physicists Turn 8MP Smartphone Camera Into a Quantum Random Number Generator >>
* Algorithm Fixes Weather Radar Images Distorted by Wi-Fi >>
* Lockheed’s ADAM laser platform can now disable small boats >>

* Brain Zap Could Help You Control Your Dreams >>
* How Popular Will Your Name Be in 25 Years? >>
* Researchers 3D Print Artificial Liver-like Device to Detoxify The Blood >>

* Scientists Have Discovered A Single Gene That Can Boost A Person’s IQ By Six Points >>
* Electric Field Disruption of Magnetic Compass in Birds Hints at Quantum Action >>
* Intel Pays Up To $30M For A Personal Assistant Platform From Ginger Software >>

* Enclosed tube maglev system tested in China >>
* Did Homer Simpson Actually Solve Fermat’s Last Theorem? Take A Look >>
* China is reportedly thinking about building a bullet train that reaches America >>

* Google: Oracle Lawsuit Could Damage The Whole Software Industry >>
* Oracle Just Scored A Nice Win Against Google In Its Ongoing Legal Fight Over Android >>
* Oracle wins, Google loses in copyright ruling on Java APIs >>

* Smartphone App Could Flag Mood Swings in People With Bipolar Disorder >>
* Virtual Human Body Could Be Used to Test New Treatments >>
* Lasers That Detect Neurological Disease >>

* Swapped DNA turns receptors from cold to hot >>
* Wave and Tidal Power Hit First in Remote Communities >>
* What Is Vertigo? >>

* World’s Largest Solar Array Set to Crank Out 290 Megawatts of Sunshine Power >>
* As AI Advances into ‘Deep Learning,’ are Robot Butlers on the Horizon? (Op-Ed) >>
* Apple buying Beats makes sense >>

* A New Technology Lets The Disabled Control Their Phones Just By Nodding Their Heads >>
* Which TV Shows Have Been Renewed, Which Have Been Canceled, And Which Ones Are We Waiting To Hear About? >>
* Samsung’s next Android tablet looks like a supersized Galaxy S5 >>

* Weekly Space Hangout – May 9, 2014 >>
* A Working Prototype Of Cyclops’s Eye Lasers >>
* ‘Square’ Hole In Sun Blows High-Speed Solar Wind | Video >>

* Teaching robots right from wrong >>
* Medical News Today: Implantable device ‘lowers blood pressure’ through electrical brain pulses >>
* Life created with two synthetic bases for 6 DNA letters with Original Four G, T, C, A and now X and Y and this expands amino acids from 20 to 172 >>

* Planetary Resources will focus on mining asteroids for water and supplying space fuel depots >>
* This Shirt Is (Really) Sensitive >>
* Rotational X-ray tracking uncovers hidden motion at the nanoscale >>

* Prototype: Can’t Find It at the Mall? Make It Yourself >>
* How VPN Services Responded to Heartbleed >>
* Google wants your help making cheaper, tinier solar power systems >>

* Beats Talks May Foretell Apple Shift >>
* U.S. FDA approves ‘Star Wars’ robotic arm for amputees >>
* Milky Way Galaxy Shimmers Over New Zealand Pool in Stunning Amateur Photo >>

* Do our thoughts exist in the physical world? >>
* Exploring the magnetism of a single atom >>
* Unlimited heat conduction in graphene >>

* Metamaterial Antenna Lens will allow a flat lens to act like a curved lens >>
* Algorithm Fixes Weather Radar Images Distorted by Wi-Fi >>
* CNN turns Google Glass owners into citizen journalists >>

* News Of Junk DNA’s Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated >>
* Scientists reveal sneezes are more dangerous than people think >>
* For 20 Days, This App Connects Two Strangers Who Will Never Meet >>

* Travel to the Brink of The Wall in Game of Thrones Oculus Rift >>
* Are Religious Beliefs Going To Screw Up First Contact? >>
* These new skyscraper tilting windows are designed to freak you out >>

* Set a date >>
* A Glimpse Of How We’ll Use Our Land In 2051 >>
* Scientists Discover Nickel-Eating Plant Species >>

* How The Smartphone Ecosystem Model Will Disrupt Business Everywhere >>
* Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Lately, Coding >>
* Google hangs up on Internet calls for many Voice users >>

* Best new tech to help aging parents >>
* Electrical stimulation of brain alters dreams: Study >>
* The FAA Vs Drone: A Struggle To Control Air Traffic >>

* Video: Plane crash lands with help of parachute >>
* Hillary Clinton Faces A Humongous Challenge For Winning In 2016 >>
* Google Is Testing A Radical Gmail Redesign >>
* Video Friday: 3D-Printing Drones, Telepresence Robots at Home, and Baxter Does Magic >>

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