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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 May 2014

* Researchers Are Making an ATM that Spews Hot Acid at Thieves >>
* Monitoring Nuclear Fuel With Sound >>
* Polar Bear Evolution Was Fast and Furious >>

* World’s First Covert Communications System with Camouflage Guaranteed >>
* The app that detects skin cancer – and could be more accurate than a DOCTOR >>
* Dish aims to launch Web TV service by year’s end >>

* Scientists May Have Decoded One of the Secrets to Superconductors >>
* What Happens When a Neurosurgeon Removes Your Hippocampus >>
* NASA discovers star clusters like Orion may have formed from the outside in >>

* Doctors Use Patient’s Immune Cells to Shrink Cancer Tumors >>
* Brain noise found to nurture synapses >>
* Forget carjacking, the next big threat is carHACKING >>

* Fifty dollar 150X stick on magnifying lens for any smartphone 5 megapixel+ >>
* More people are using ‘smart drugs’ >>
* VIDEO: Body cameras to be worn by police >>

* VIDEO: What can a $200 smart vest do? >>
* Cats 24/7 Is a TV Channel That Gives You What You Really Want >>
* Adobe introduces new video app Voices >>

* Implantable device to beat high blood pressure >>
* First Transistors Made Of 2-D Materials >>
* This Is What A Speck Of Space Dust Actually Looks Like >>

* 2060 And Lights Out: How Will America Survive Without Oil >>
* Why Wearable Fitness Trackers Are Just A Fad That’s Going To Die >>
* Machine Learning: The Move Toward Computing That Reads Your Mind >>

* NASA investigates how to keep crew healthy during deep space missions >>
* Astronomers create first realistic virtual universe, using simulation >>

* This is how you drink powdered alcohol >>
* Uber and Google are just getting started >>
* Slow-Motion Tattoo Video Could Cure a Fear of Needles >>

* This smartphone app can detect skin cancer >>
* Tesla Plans to Start Building Its Gigafactory Next Month >>
* The Death of Dark Matter’s #1 Competitor (Synopsis) >>

* The First Lifeform Capable Of Passing Down A Juiced-Up Version Of DNA >>
* A Stunning Shot Of Our Pale Blue Dot Rising Over The Lunar Horizon >>
* How Aspirin Prevents Heart Attacks >>

* Cartwheeling Spider Robots Conquer Sand Dunes >>
* Google picks up cloud monitoring service Stackdriver >>
* Bang & Olufsen’s $8,000 4K TV Follows You Around the Room >>

* Super-thin sensor adds digital camera-style optical zoom to mobiles >>
* Fly like a BIRD: Flapping Oculus Rift machine makes humans feel like they’re soaring across the sky >>
* Gorgeous Images of Earth From a New Vegetation-Mapping Minisatellite >>

* ‘Pinocchio Rex’: T. Rex’s Long-Snouted Cousin Discovered >>
* Plunging Through Titan’s Atmosphere >>
* Great white shark chews and nearly sinks inflatable boat >>

* Interview Mink CEO Grace Choi, Taking On Beauty Industry With 3D Makeup Printer >>
* Yes, we’re in a tech bubble. Here’s how I know it >>
* Are Sundays Dying? >>

* OMsignal unveils ‘biometric smartwear’ T-shirts >>
* Urban composting farms are the future >>
* Drones overhead, see everything, latest acquisitions >>

* Microsoft’s Project Sage: A cloud-based recommendation service >>
* Slow-Motion Tattoo Video Could Cure a Fear of Needles >>

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