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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 May 2014

* 3D Print Your Own Makeup >>
* Umbrella Sensor Sends Rain Data to the Cloud >>
* Drones to start US railroad patrols >>

* Google Maps 8.0 offers lane guidance and Uber support >>
* Sparse Arrays Cut Costs for Terahertz Imaging >>
* This Robot’s Been Programmed to Look You in the Eye at Just the Right Times >>

* 3D shape of genome could diagnose leukaemia type >>
* Project could reduce energy costs by 10x change the world – Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Crowdfunding Effort Launched >>
* Obamacare Meets Wearable Technology >>

* Intelligent vehicle can detect pedestrians at nighttime >>
* How Anybody Can Measure Your Computer’s Wi-Fi Fingerprint >>

* Stem cells from teeth can make neuron-like cells and networks >>
* How to change the crystal structure of graphene from metal to semiconductor >>
* Engineers Build Space Fuel Tank Simulators with 3D Printing (Video) >>

* Undetectable Extraterrestrial Signals –Advanced Civilizations Could Be Using Ghostly Neutrinos or Gravitational Waves >>
* Proxima Centauri Transit Search to Begin >>
* Ep. 343: The Universe is Trying To Kill You >>

* DARPA is developing autonomous flying drones that will collaborate to survive >>
* Game of Thrones Makes History With 200,000 Strong Torrent Swarm >>
* Oculus Rift is Helping the Norwegian Army Drive Its Tanks >>

* New Computer Algorithms Buck The Energy Barrier >>
* A Social Brain Is a Smarter Brain >>
* World’s Smallest Endocardial Pacemaker Getting Implanted in Initial Set of Patients >>

* Airport scanner spots bomb ingredients in carry-on liquids to speed up security checks >>
* Mozilla Proposes Third Way On Net Neutrality >>
* Oculus wants to build a one billion person MMO on Facebook’s network >>

* The $279 ‘Xbarks’ games console for DOGS teaches your pet to solve puzzles for food >>
* Can you tell a person’s gender by their video game avatar? >>
* Are we ready for contact with extraterrestrial intelligence? >>

* A cup of coffee a day may keep retinal damage away >>
* World’s first DISPOSABLE ‘coffee machine’ lets you brew on the move >>
* Google Maps App Gets Lane Guidance, Offline Mode and Other Substantial Features >>

* Genome scientist Craig Venter in deal to make humanized pig organs >>
* Would YOU have sex with a robot? Prostitutes, police and cleaners revealed to be just some the jobs that droids could take over by 2025 >>
* Predicting the Future with Big Data >>

* Dangling Dextre Digs out Docked Dragon Depot prior to Station Departure >>
* Dinosaurs Avoided Total Extinction By Getting Smaller And Smaller >>
* These Robots Are Poised To Make Your Science Fiction Dreams A Reality >>

* Robot TED Talk Will Make You Believe in Magic >>
* Surgeons Try Cold Cutting For Critically Injured >>

* This $100 kit will make your toilet touchless >>
* VIDEO: Big changes in the smallest room >>
* What’s Special, Or Not, About Human Brain Anatomy >>

* Singularity 1 on 1: Let’s Bring Engineers into Studying the Brain >>
* Can you tell a person’s gender by their video game avatar? >>
* Your Nanorobotics Future >>

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